The red carpet. {2010}.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's that time again & I could not be more ready. Actually, I have not seen a few of the nominated movies that I wanted to see so I could not be less ready. But -- I cannot wait for the red carpet.

In anticipation of the 83rd annual Academy Awards, I thought I would do a little fashion recap from last year's red carpet.

Anne always looks so chic, and Cameron's dress was stunning.
Both were dressed by Rachel Zoe. I am obviously a fan. 

I love SJP. And while I do not love Miley, I thought she looked gorgeous.

While I clearly have a thing for muted colors, I loved Penelope's dress.
And Demi -- gorgeous! Another stunning number chosen by RZ.

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Who are you looking forward to seeing on the red carpet this year?


  1. I'm glad someone else blogs about the red carpets like I do! I've written a post for each award red carpet this season with my best and worst pics. After I started watching Rachel Zoe's show, it got me thinking about their outfits in a totally different way - so I'm really into it now. I'm also excited about seeing Anne and I'm looking forward to seeing Natalie Portman too...she'll probably be about to pop!

  2. I am not a Miley fan but I thought she looked beyond stunning- adored adored her dress. I'm looking forward to the entire fashion parade.

  3. i agree with christine, i loved miley's dress -- if it was a little looser on her (she looks like she can barely breathe). can't wait til the oscars this year!! xoxo jcd ps stop by! im doing a BLOG CRAWL: A TOAST TO THE OSCARS all week :: cornflake dreams

  4. I cant wait either! I love that Anne Hathaway & James Franco are hosting this year. The commercials they made to promote it crack me up every time, they're so funny.

  5. I agree on your Miley statement 100%! Love all your choices!

    I am excited to see it all, bc I'm alaways amazed at the designers talent - the gowns are stunning! I really want to see Natalie Portman - she has been looking beyond horrible with her pregger belly - hopefully this time she look gorg bc I love her!

  6. i love all your choices and totally agree about miley. i LOVED sjp's dress but then again, i usually love everything she wears. and i am SUCH a big rachel zoe fan!!

  7. Anne and Miley are my favorites in these images I cant wait to see her host! Are you watching in the movie room?

  8. The zoe can do no wrong. i loved anne, and Demi looked amazing. Mileys dress was redonkulous--but she urks me like no other. i can't wait to see the fab fashion coming up!!

  9. I ADORE muted-color-tone dresses ... and I hope to see more this year! {oh RZ -- you really do amaze.}