Project 365. Week 7.

Monday, February 21, 2011

I had a crazy weekend. If I never go out again, that will be fine.

Friday: RL Grill {where I spotted Oprah -- again!} , The Crossing & Boss Bar.
Boss Bar {technically} happened on Saturday morning.
Saturday: Green Door, Aja & The Wit.
Sunday: Lunch at Hub 51. One of my favorite places in Chicago. So good.  
Hours Slept: 10. That's over the course of the entire weekend.

2.20.11 | day 51 | camera: iPhone
life lesson. if your dog is really excited and you think he has to pee, do not pick him up. i should have learned my lesson when the sofa fell victim the other day, but no. i'm not that smart. in case you were wondering, the wall cleaned up very easily & my sofa has a machine washable slipcover. either way -- still gross.

2.19.11 | day 50 | camera: iPhone
drinks at the wit

2.18.11 | day 49 | camera: iPhone
temps in the 40s. heat wave! went for a run.

2.17.11 | day 48 | camera: camera: canon rebel
the pup loves sleeping in & enjoys a little lounging after he wakes up.

2.16.11 | day 47 | camera: canon rebel
making veggie chili. carmen {who just moved here from LA} came over for dinner.

2.15.11 | day 46 | camera: iPhone
had my jute rug cleaned today & this came out of it.
i swear that it didn't look dirty. so gross.

2.14.11 | day 45 | camera: iphone
valentine's flowers. i prefer peonies & hydrangeas to red roses.


  1. You saw Oprah? Again?? I've never seen her, that must really be something! I did see Dustin Hoffman at Frontera but that was like 6 years ago and my mom swears it wasn't him. Sounds like you had a pretty amazing weekend!

  2. Sounds like a fun, busy weekend :-) And how cool that you saw Oprah!

  3. I can't believe you saw O again! Crazy girl. Love the pee :)

  4. that's so cool you've seen oprah TWICE now! your dog is adorable, even if he did pee everywhere! haha

  5. that is coolio that you saw miss winfrey! and i will take peonies over any other flower, they are my favs!

  6. aaah... a girl after my own heart! my favorite flowers are hydrangeas & peonies too :)

  7. i'm loving the hair! do you plan to grow it out or leave it short?