One night. 8 dresses.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Anne Hathaway arrived in a stunning Valentino. Rachel Zoe did not disappoint with her red carpet look or the s-e-v-e-n other looks throughout the Oscars.

 from left to right
Custom Lanvin tux. Love it.
Vivienne Westwood. Beautiful.

 from left to right
Gorgeous beaded Oscar de la Renta. Love this one!
Another favorite by Atelier Versace.
Armani. My least favorite.
Hello, Tom Ford! 

Which dress of Anne's was your favorite?

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  1. the givenchy or the valentino. she looked gorgeous!

  2. I loved the Vivienne Westwood or the Atelier Versace. Agree that the blue Armani number was my least favorite - she looked so uncomfortable in it!

  3. The Givenchy or Vivienne Westwood are definitely the winners for me. I want to love the Valentino, but take away the color and you can see that the top isn't flattering and the bottom over exaggerated. The blue Armani is so 80s!

  4. the oscar de la renta was amazing, especially with the wavy hair.

  5. my favorite was the beaded oscar de la renta. i also really loved her in the lavin tux and the valentino and versace were pretty gorgeous. i agree with you about the blue armani..the fabric was out of control! xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  6. the Valentino -- which, for me, is saying a lot (I'm usually not a fan of red -- but, wow - this one is gorgeous!)

  7. She had so many costume changes I couldn't remember them (er, prolly the champagne). But I must say that merlot Atelier Versace takes my breath away!!