Live from the red carpet.

Monday, February 28, 2011

The 2011 Academy Awards have come & gone. I was so disappointed when Colin Firth did not win for A Single Man {which is the most beautiful film I have ever seen} last year & was thrilled that he won this year.

On to what we really love. The fashion & my recap of the red carpet.

My favorites. Mila in Eli Saab, Anne in Valentino & Michelle in Chanel. Gorgeous!

Not in love with Scarlet's dress, but I do like it. I think she looked beautiful.
How long until my hair reaches that length??
There was something special about Florence's Valentino.
Loved Hilary's Gucci. So chic.

Marisa, Mandy & Nicole. What were they thinking?

I love sparkles, but Amy's dress wasn't working for me.

The next two dresses are horrible & I have a lot to say about them.

I really love Natalie Portman but the girl does not know how to choose an outfit for an awards show while pregnant. Her Golden Globes dress was a disaster and tonight was not any better. The dress wasn't working & the matching tassel earrings were awful. So sad!

Melissa Leo looked like she was wearing aluminum foil wrapped in a doily. Minus winning the Oscar for best supporting actress, it just wasn't her night. She wore that ugly dress & gave a horribly awkward acceptance speech.

Didn't love Halle's dress but she looked so beautiful.
Penelope Cruz had a baby in January. Hate the dress but she looks phenomenal!

I know that everyone thought Reese looked boring, but I think she looked very chic. She may have slightly resembled award ceremony Barbie, but she's so beautiful that she can keep it simple & still look gorgeous. Love her.

Who made your best & worst dressed list?

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  1. Worst dress for me, was Nicole Kidman and Cate Blanchett. Couldn't stand these. There are a few more but these two kinda got me.
    Loved Reese's and yes I heard a lot thought it was boring, but exactly that is the key...it's simple and elegant. Just perfect for an event like this one!
    But to be honest, this year I didn't really have a Favorite Dress to name. Nothing really captures my attention as much as last year. :( Oh well.

    And yay for Colin. Finally!!!! :)


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  3. mila kunis stole the show in that lilac number. other than that, i liked paltrow's dress, but minus the odd pin placement at her hip. justin timberlake was easily the best dressed guy in tom ford. i thought the actual show was pretty ho-hum. i found anne hathaway to be annoying most of the time and i think everyone can agree that james franco was on something. it makes me miss the "real" hollywood experience with stars like billy crystal, tom hanks, and steve martin. it just didn't do it for me this year.

  4. Mandy Moore was my favorite! She looked stunning & glamorous. Then of course, Mila, Anne, Hillary & Gwyneth. I didn't watch much of the show, just had it on in the background, but found myself laughing from what I heard from time to time.

  5. mila was unquestionably my favorite this year. that dress was phenomenal. and hilary swank. absolutely gorgeous!

  6. lovely post! mila was my favorite, and michelle williams. i really disliked amy adams entire look. happy monday! xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  7. Mila was definitely my fave! I wasn't overly impressed with the fashion this year--such a bummer when the expectations are so high!

  8. We had a lot of the same opinions on the fashion. I loved Mila’s lavender gown and Anne looked stunning in Valentino. Nicole Kidman’s dress was a total miss for me too. I also didn’t like Marisa’s either.

    I said the same thing about Melissa Leo and that she looked like bad doily. Ha!

    Reese was my favorite!

  9. totally agree with you on hoping colin would win for a single man. i was so pumped to see him and the king's speech take home oscars last night! well deserved.

    i loved gwyneth paltrow's + jennifer lawrence's calvin klein gowns. statement dresses that remain unfussy, which can be hard to do.


  10. I agree with you 100% on all of these dresses -- except for Mandy Moore's, I really liked her dress.

  11. i am so with you on natalie portman--the dresses she has worn lately have been pretty terrible...Especially taht pink number with the big red flower--ahhh! I did love the mila's--but wasn't a fan of the booby section on it...looked weird to me. I loveed Michelle! Oh how i wish i could pull of that hair cut!

  12. Oh no!! Looks like we do NOT agree about Natalie Portman :)

  13. I hated Melissa Leo and Nicole Kidman's dresses. Blech! LOVED Anne Hathaway and Michelle Williams!