Girls who inspire: Ashley of Live. Laugh. Photograph.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

This week's girl is Ashley of Live. Laugh. Photograph. Ashley started her own photography business which I find very inspiring. She takes great photos and is very talented!

name & age:
Hello there, my name is Ashley Swallow and I’m 23 years old!

Wylie, TX

current home:
Dallas, TX

this is ashley

meaning behind my blog name:
Live. Laugh. PHOTOGRAPH. is a name that I came up with for my business that I felt was a solid representation of who I was and my mission in life. To live, to laugh, and to photograph describes the life I want to live in just three words it also helped that the name was legally available for use! ;)

what inspired you to start blogging?
I was inspired to start blogging as a way to connect with family and friends on a new level. My old blog: became an outlet for me to share life as a navy wife while my husband was on deployment in Afghanistan. I credit blogging for sparking my interest in photography. As I started sharing more photos, I wanted to improve on the quality and actually learn what my camera could do outside of the “auto” mode.

current job:
Work from home Mommy of two little girls and Owner/Photographer at Live Laugh PHOTOGRAPH, LLC based in Dallas, TX

dream job:
I can honestly say that being a photographer is my dream job. I feel so blessed to have found something that I am so passionate about and most of all makes me happy. I have set my goals high and I’m enjoying the climb getting there!

if i could travel anywhere...:
My top choices would be Sydney, Australia, Rome, Italy (again), and who wouldn’t want to explore the Egyptian Pyramids?

something unique about me:
No two snowflakes are alike! I believe that everyone is born with unique traits and that life is all about discovering them. Something that makes me unique is my ability to connect with people in a way that makes them feel comfortable in front of the camera, which then allows me to capture real emotions with a creative flair. 

i like to:
take lots and lots of photos to document my children growing up. Meet new people, connect with family and friends on facebook, read blogs, go shopping and love love getting my hair and nails done as a special treat. I’m obsessed with art from Z Gallerie and browsing through unique finds on etsy. I especially like spending time with my husband and family. We love to go out, hang out and are total Netflix junkies! Seriously, if you don’t have the watch instantly feature, you should check it out! I also like to challenge myself to take on new goals. For example, I trained and ran a half marathon last year in just 1 month! There’s nothing better than the feeling of accomplishment and overcoming fears.

i watch:
My favorite television shows are Ellen, Oprah, Nate, Glee (probably my fav), Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Weeds, Dexter, True Blood, oh and you can’t forget all of the reality goodness like American Idol and The Real Housewives. J

My favorite movies are The Social Network, Twilight, Elizabethtown, Eat Pray Love, Garden State, Knocked Up, The Proposal, and I’m not going to lie.. I still tear up at the end of Pretty Woman!
listening to:
Music inspires me each and everyday. I almost always have music playing in the background as I work. I’m currently into The Bird and the Bee, Death Cab for Cutie, Matt and Kim, Jayme Dee, Ingrid Michaelson, Kings of Leon, Jimmy Eat World, Desperation Band, The Postal Service, Taylor Swift, and I workout to music like The Black Eyed Peas. J Can you tell I like variety when it comes to music?

crushing on:
My husband of course! He’s pretty hot if you ask me.

5 things that inspire me:
1. music
2. art
3. magazines
4. blogs
5. Addison + Lillian {my children}

favorite nail polish color:
I just saw that O.P.I. is coming out with a Texas inspired nail polish line this spring. Being that I’m a Texas girl, I’m pretty excited about testing out Guy Meets Gal-veston, Y’all Come Back Ya Hear, Austin-tations Turquoise, and Houston We have a Purple!

favorite perfume:
Issey Miyake

when did you start Live. Laugh. PHOTOGRAPH?
I purchased my very first DSLR camera in July of 2009 without any knowledge of photography at all! I didn’t even know what an f stop was! From the moment I clicked the shutter button and took my first photo I fell in love. I jumped into photography and was determined to learn as much as I could. Just 9 months later, I started my business Live Laugh PHOTOGRAPH, LLC in March of last year. I’m now approaching my 1 year anniversary and am floored at how much I have learned and how much happiness photography brings me. It’s only the beginning and that excites me.

Danielle – Thank you so much for allowing me to have this opportunity to share on your blog. From the moment I found The Design Girl and worked with you on The Navy Wife blog, I have always been inspired by you and the way you share your life with others through blogging. If I’m ever in Chicago, we just might have to meet in person and have lunch! Until then, keep on being awesome…

For more inspiration, visit Live. Laugh. PHOTOGRAPH.


  1. This series is so inspiring- this interview was no different- fabulous! Being a photographer does indeed sound like such a dreamy career and I loved learning more about this very talented lady. Happy weekend to you both!

  2. i LOVE these pictures! sooooo talented. I love this! just found your blog, i'll be back :)

  3. What a small world!! I live in Wylie, TX's a small town! Great pictures!

  4. Love those photos! I hope to get better and maybe be as good someday... HA! fat chance, but it's still fun to play!

    I love her dress in that first photo, wonder where she got it!??