Sledding with C.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Growing up in LA, I never had the opportunity to go sledding.
Unless you count sledding down a mini hill of fake snow at Knott's Berry Farm.
Yeah. I don't think that counts, either.

But now that I live in Chicago, it was time I made it happen.
Because in case you hadn't heard, we get a little snow here in Chicago.

Last week, my friend C shipped not one but three sleds to my apartment.
Thanks, C! You really are the best.

And very early on Sunday morning, I woke up to lots of snow.

So C came over & agreed to go sledding with me.
I told C that I wanted to go sledding every single day for the past week.
And I may have tweeted about it a dozen times, too.

So we went sledding.
I even got to throw myself off a sled to avoid hitting a tree. True story.

Which might explain why my entire head was covered in snow.

Am I the only one that had never been sledding?
It's so fun. Can't wait to do it again!


  1. i love it!!!!! i'm only kind of jealous though, because as i've said before, it looks mighty cold!

    the photos are adorable sissy!

  2. Great job . . . it is good to enjoy some of the benefits of the beautiful white stuff.


  3. So happy you finally got to go! Isn't it the best? The only thing better than sledding is sledding & having hot cocoa after ;) Awesome pics!

  4. Sledding looks so much fun! I'm curious where you went - I haven't really played in the snow since living here. Well not like i used to when I was younger (maybe it's my fear of inevitable injury?). Doesn't seem like there's many places to sled around here but I feel like I should know considering it's been 5 years! Glad you had fun!

  5. you girls are so cute! this looks like so much fun!! :)

  6. these picts are so rad! love that you guys went sledding! so much fun~ happy monday!

  7. Hilarious.... my entire life I have lived with inches upon inches of snow for half the year. I do believe I'm jaded, I just cannot muster the energy to go sledding again.

    But seriously, if I could look as cute as you girls sledding... I just might give it another whirl!

  8. that looks so fun & cold - glad you had a great time!

  9. I want to go sledding right now! ...it's better than skiing or snowboarding = no ski lifts!

    Such great photos!

  10. Wheeee! Looks like SO MUCH fun!

  11. i love to go sledding! makes you feel like a kid again!