Happy Birthday, Jess!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One of my dearest friends is celebrating her birthday today. Jess & I met back in 2006 and she has been the such a wonderful, sweet & supportive friend.


Jess was the first person to board a plane to come visit me in Chicago {less than a month after I arrived}, and just two months after welcoming baby Jude. And yeah. She brought him along.

Jess, thank you for always being there for me -- no matter what. Thank you for being such a sweet friend.


  1. YAY! Thank you!!! What a fun birthday surprise :) You're a wonderful friend, D & I love you! xox

  2. Thats SUCH a sweet post D! Jess IS a great girl- Hi Jess- Happy Birthday!

  3. ah! jess is the cutest! and what a great friend~