The Golden Globes {red carpet}.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Let's start with Olivia Wilde & Anne Hathaway. As you may know I am all about the sparkle. Olivia's Marchesa gown was stunning {and my personal favorite}. And Anne looked stunning in Armani. As the Zoe would say. Per-fec-tion.

Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous.

It's all about the details.

Claire Danes looked lovely as always. {in Calvin Klein}

Eva Longoria & Lea Michele. Beautiful.

On to the bad. 

Maybe it's just me, but I wasn't loving Jennifer Love Hewitt's dress. At all.
January's Versace. I have no words.

I love Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams but these just weren't working for me.

And the boys men.
Aww. The Biebs wore patent leather platform tennis shoes.
And Zac Efron. He's pretty.

Who made your best {and worst} dressed list?

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  1. big disappointment from natalie Portman and Michelle Williams, I so agree with you Danielle. What were they thinking? LOVED Angelina and Anne hatahway and Lea Michele!

  2. Angelina was hideous as was Julianne Moore.

  3. I loved most of the Glee group...loved Kevin McHale and Heather Morris most!


    did not like the tails/fins/whatever they are called on all the dresses!

    Really liked J-Lo, too!

  4. you are most definitely my sister. olivia and anne were my two favorites. however, i liked anne more. one, cam diaz wore a similar (but different and armani) dress awhile back. and two, anne's dress was amazing from the sleeves to the bodice. rz did a fabulous job as always. it was a complete 'i die' moment.

    and zac efron....18 pounds of muscle has done him good. so so good.

  5. I was sooo disappointed in JLH. I adore her and she definitely let me down. I did not care for Anne's dress. From what I've read people either love it or hate it. I' m on the hate it. It reminds me of a robot!! haha I did love all the sparkle on Olivia's!!

  6. claire danes hands down! loved her bright dress. also loved emily stone's pink dress :) xoxo jcd

  7. Remember Natalie is pregnant...the dress was not bad....but the rose could have gone

  8. I too love Olivia Wilde! I did not love or even like Halle Barry and Sandra Bullock.

  9. Loved your recap! Thanks! I agree with all 100%!! ;)

  10. My faves were Olivia, Anne, Clair, Emma and Angelina- gorgeous! And I'm with you on all your nots.

  11. Thought Lea was beautiful & I love Michelle Williams hair though!

  12. i was loVing miss olivia's! so fabulous~

  13. I agree all around. Olivia Wilde looks amazing as always. I would have liked to have seen Natalie Portman in something that was fitted on her baby bump, not something so loose.

  14. Who lets these celebrities leave the house not looking good? Justin Bieber... ick! Zac Efron - YUM! Natalie Portman... so sad , she looks horrible for such a pretty girl. Oy!

  15. my best (not including halle cause she always looks perfect in my book and could wear a potato sac for all i care and still look gorgeous) were Anne Hathaway, Eva Longoria, and Jane Fonda.

    Loved Olivia's gown but it seemed more wedding-ish for me...or The Oscars.

    Didn't see Jolie standing but I love her in green.

    Michelle William's face/hair were diving but it's too bad about the dress.

  16. anne hathaway and olivia wilde are my favorites. And Angelina Jolie looked lovely in the green dress. Very elegant!! These were my three favorites.

  17. Eva always looks amazing because she chooses dresses that go with her curves. I like Anne's choice-super sexy to see the back! I would agree with you on Jennifer Love Hewitt and Natalie Portman... the dresses make them look large in the tummy.

  18. I want to paint Olivia's dress onto my nails. Oh, the sparkles!!

    I liked Anne's dress but when I first saw it on the red carpet I felt like it wasn't tailored as well as it could have been. Is the bunching at her waist a design element?

  19. Michelle Williams = what WAS that?!

    P.S. Just stumbled on your blog, happy to 'meet' you. I'm in Chicago too!

  20. maybe it's just me, but i actually didn't mind nataile portman's dress that much. but i totally agree with you about olivia wilde's dress. GORGEOUS. and i also adore lea michele's, too. ♥