Girls who inspire: Jo of Lifestyle Bohemia.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

This week's girl is Jo from Lifestyle Bohemia. I met Jo when I redesigned her blog and quickly became a fan of her blog & jewelry line.

name & age:
My name is Joanna, although my family and friends all call me Jo. I recently turned 30.

she loves photography

Brooklyn, NY

current home:
Brooklyn, NY

meaning behind my blog name:

I started my blog, Lifestyle Bohemia, in 2009 when I was making a big career change. I stopped working in the corporate world and started my own jewelry line, BrooklynThread. I wanted my blog title to reflect the feeling of freedom and possibility I was suddenly feeling.

current job:
Owner and designer at BrooklynThread.

dream job:
I am so fortunate that my current job IS my dream job.

if i could travel anywhere...:
I would love to explore India, Morocco and Thailand. Many of the jewelry components I use come from these countries, so I would love to visit for inspiration.

something unique about me:
I am super organized, especially when it comes to my business. I keep lists, folders and a strict calendar. There's no shortage of glass jars, baskets and plastic containers in my studio.

i like to:
My hobbies include photography, interior design, blogging, reading, baking, hunting for vintage jewelry components and vintage home decor.

she loves baking

i watch:
My favorite television shows are Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men, Party Down, Weeds, The Office, 30 Rock and Modern Family.

My favorite movies are The Departed, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Lost in Translation, Juno, Traffic and No Country for Old Men.

listening to:
Whether I am working, blogging, cleaning or just hanging out, I always have music playing. My play-list is very diverse and includes Lykke Li, Little People, Santogold, Jay-Z, M.I.A., Eminem, Civil Twilight, Regina Spektor, Sia and La Roux.

crushing on:
I don't have any celeb "crushes," but I do love to follow the trends and styles worn by Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie, Erin Wasson and Ashlee Simpson.

5 things that inspire me:
Interior design, Brooklyn's architecture, vintage pieces, textiles & fabrics, the coast.

favorite nail polish color:
Peacock by American Apparel

favorite perfume:
Pink Sugar by Aquolina

she is inspired by brooklyn architecture. i can see why.

when did you start brooklyn thread?
I’ve always loved crafting and making things with my hands and have been especially drawn to jewelry and accessories. I started BrooklynThread as an Etsy shop in March of 2009. I had a lot of design ideas in my head and once I started making the pieces, I couldn’t stop. After receiving many kind comments and positive feedback from customers, I decided to take it more seriously. I then developed my website and turned BrooklynThread into my full-time job. Most people around me have corporate jobs so I never thought I could make a living while living creatively.

is there a brooklyn thread piece you always wear?
There isn't one specific piece that I always wear, but I do always wear new BrooklynThread designs before adding them to the website. This gives me a chance to test out new designs, see how they hold up and get feedback. Lately I've been wearing a wrap bracelet/necklace that I designed in the Fall. The version that I wear is made of brass beads and olive green thread (inspired by the military trend). I love that it can be worn as either a necklace or a bracelet that wraps around the wrist 5 times. I plan to include it in this Spring's collection in a variety of color options.

bracelet she is currently wearing

For more inspiration, visit Lifestyle Bohemia.


  1. lovely interview! im going to check out her blog now :) xoxo jcd

  2. what a great interview! thank you for sharing and introducing me to a new blog!

    (& Jo in a month i'm moving to India for 1 year - if you make it there in 2011 drop me a line and we'll have a cup of chai and so some shopping!)