Girls who inspire: Helena of A Diary of Lovely.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This week I am featuring Helena from A Diary of Lovely. I love this girl. She is super chic, so sweet, and uses one of my favorite words in the title of her blog. And did I mention that she lives in London? Yeah. London. When can I come visit???

name & age:
Helena, 28

Barcelona, Spain

current home:
London, UK

meaning behind my blog name:
aaah none really, I always say it half embarrassed, but it is just what it says really, a collection of everything that makes me happy, everything lovely and beautiful

current job:
I'm an account manager at an affiliate network, whaaat you say? I look after some retailers in a very specific part of their online marketing strategy (more or less)

dream job:
Be a mom. But I have always had this dream of having a little boutique where I would sell everything that I would like to buy, from candles, to pretty floaty dresses, from delicate necklaces to fancy rings. A bit of everything, with pretty interiors wher eone could feel at home, where ladies could try clothes as if they were at home (aka not in a tiny bad lighted box) and gentlemen can find the perfect gift. All that in my hometown, in Barcelona. And travel around the world to find these beauties, or around the internet world nowadays.

if i could travel anywhere...:
I would LOVE to go on road trip through California. And to Turkey, New York, Morroco, Venice! South Africa, Cuba, so many places really!

something unique about me:
ok, that's a tricky one... I'm a multilingual, I speak 5 languages, was born in Barcelona, grew up between Barcelona and Athens and now live in London.

i like to:
discover new blogs, it's such a rush when I find someone new that excites me so much to follow I had it with Danielle, (no ass kissing (oops!) here, just the truth), I love going to the cinema and reading a good book (while writing this I'm reading One Day which I have been recommending all over!), I would love to say I love going to the gym but hey no, not a sporty girl here, but need to get on track! Shopping, lately online shopping, tv, I'm a big tv fan oh yes! I like cooking but I lack the imagination to be innovative, that's my boyfriend's work :) Who wouldn't want to be a Nigella Lawson?

i watch:
too much tv, hahahaha!
TV: Criminal Minds, The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Two Men and a Half, Glee, The Mentalist... and film wise: I'm a twihard, but I love many other films like the Godfather, King Arthur, It's Complicated, Two for the Road, The Client...

listening to:
mmmm, not much, I love everything that everyone loves really.

crushing on:
Edward but at the moment I'm between Clive Owen and Johnny Depp

5 things that inspire me:
Blogs, TV, London (anywhere you go there is something that will make me go "That is"), Anthropologie (yes they know how to reach my senses! Below the green wall in the London store) and not a thing but a person, my Mom of course

what inspired you to start blogging?
As many, I was inspired by all the other fabulous bloggers. I also wanted a place to store all the lovely things out there. And it has been such a fantastic creative outlet.

what is your favorite thing about blogging?
Getting to virtually know some fabulous people really and a some in real life too. This one is obvious of course, and pretty much everyone feels that way. I have also feel inspired to be a better person, there is so much kindness and kindred spirits that one feels kind of ashamed if not hahaha, lame, maybe but truth.

do you have a favorite go-to outfit?
A couple, but I'm pretty boring to be honest, it's usually jeans, top, cardigan, boots or skirt, top, cardigan, boots, see a trend here??

Thank you so much Danielle, I'm dearly honored. xo

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  1. Aww, love this interview with Helena! Great to learn / read more about her - she's such an inspiration ;)

  2. I love Helena... she is such a doll and truly has the best smile ever! This is such a great post. I didn't know she spoke 5 languages... how cool is that?! xo

  3. Great post! I love Helena's blog, so nice to see her here today! xx

  4. What a great series! I love Helena's blog. It's always nice to learn more about some of your fav. ladies behind the blogs! I have the same dream too, of owning my own boutique; filled full of stuff I'd too want to buy myself!