{even more} golden globes

Monday, January 17, 2011

 Best & worst cleavage. I normally love the Zoe but this is not good.
What do you think of Hayden's dress? I love it!

Helena Bonham Carter always looks crazy but this takes crazy to a whole new level.
1 red shoe + 1 green shoe = ?

Annette Bening looks like she stuck her finger in an electric outlet.
Love her but the hair is awful.

Best neutrals. Natalie looks beautiful. Much better than her gown for the show.
And Leighton? Fabulous.

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  1. LOVE everything about Hayden's dress!

  2. o wow. i wish natalie portman would have just kept that dress on...
    xoxo jcd

  3. i always love leighton--fabulous! i am with you on Zoe's dress, but i really want to see the baby bump!