Sequins during the day? Yes, please.

My friend Jess flew in on Saturday {with baby Jude} & stayed through yesterday afternoon. The weather was perfect for their last day in Chicago, so we ventured out for a nice long walk through the city. To celebrate this beautiful day, I did what any girl would do. I wore sequins.

And because I had Jess with me, I was finally able to have a much needed photo shoot.

Oh, how I love the fall. And sequins. And that giant noodle. Mac & cheese, anyone?

So unlike me to pose this way, but we had fun!

Top - Urban Outfitters, Skirt & ring - J. Crew, Watch - Michael Kors, Sunglasses - Kate Spade,
Bag - Gucci {gift from mom}, Boots - Loeffler Randall {40% off last year}

Tomorrow marks 2 months in Chicago! Can you believe it?


J. Crew goes couture.

It's no secret that I have a thing for J. Crew. While I have purchased a few great pieces from the crew over the past few months {my silk motorcycle jacket & sequined skirt are my faves}, there is always something new that I love. What I have been really surprised by are the higher end pieces that one would never expect to find at J. Crew.

Someone just tell me when and how this happened? In the words of Rachel Zoe...this line is uh-mazing. And Ba-na-nas.

And as a little side note, I will not be purchasing any of these pieces. They are just a touch {understatement of the year} out of my price range.


l.o.v.e the vest on the left



Am I the only one with a thing for ponchos?

all images via J. Crew


As promised...the new me.

I definitely showed you part of my new do, and then the whole thing in a dark setting {current profile photo} but not a real photo. And because I always keep a promise {even if it takes a few months}, I thought I would finally get some real pics up on the blog.

{From left to right} Fallon, yours truly, Crystal, Jess, Cathy


See? It's SHORT. And thanks to my amazing new stylist, it is even shorter than it was when I first cut it. And once she got a hold of it, I actually started to like it.

So there you have it. Two real photos of my very short hair.



Train fair to O'Hare: $2.50.
Arriving at O'Hare & realizing that your friend is at the airport across town: Sucks.

Walking to Giordanos "near Millennium Park" to meet Gussy for dinner: 20 minute walk.
Getting a text message from Gussy & realizing that she's at the Giordano's one mile away but still in close proximity to Millennium Park: Another 20 minute walk.

Beautiful day in Chicago with old & new friends: Priceless.


Jayson Home & Garden. {part deux}

I started my birthday morning with some home made whole grain waffles. Anne picked me up after breakfast & we headed to Jayson Home & Garden. She picked up a few things for her window box {which looks amazing!} and I picked up a few things as well.

I couldn't resist taking a few more photos. Enjoy!

Outside {left} and inside {right}. Love the contrast.



Hello, fall!

My pumpkins & plants.


We're gonna party like it's your birthday.

Yes, it's my birthday. I am 28 today.


I feel so lucky to be able to celebrate 28 in the beautiful city of Chicago. I feel a little like Grace Adler in the episode of W&G where she realizes she's full of herself just like her mother. Dear diary, tonight was really my night...but this past year really was my year. I have a list of things I want to accomplish this coming year, and am excited to get started. I have a fun girls night planned tonight with a few of my favorite Chicago girls. And I'm taking the day off work today! I have lunch plans with a friend and need to get ready for the weekend. I have my first house guest arriving tonight!

Next month I will be checking something very big off my things to do before I turn 30 list. I cannot wait to share it with you!

Happy birthday to me!



All the wrong men.

It is no secret that I love Chicago with all my heart. I never pass up a chance to go to a new bar or restaurant in this town {especially when there is a rooftop involved}. I don't know what it is, but wherever I go I seem to meet some pretty cheesy guys, and if they aren't cheesy, they are 20 years too young.

How about a little recap?

Exhibit A
I am at Benchmark with my friend Michelle and her friend from out of town. This very Napoleon Dynamite-ish guy comes up to us. It went a little something like this.

Napoleon - Hi girls. Can I join your conversation?
Michelle - I don't think you'd like it.
Napoleon - Are you talking about periods? Because if you're talking about periods I'm out of here.
Me - That's exactly what we're talking about.

He walks away.

Exhibit B
I'm walking the aisles of Whole Foods and a mom is walking by with her very cute little boys. One was in the way of my cart so she grabbed his hand.

The mom - I'm sorry.
Me - Don't worry about it. {pause} They're really cute.
Little boy who was maybe 6 years old - You're really cute!

I laughed and said thank you.

Exhibit C
Was at Rockit with my friend Christine. We ran in to some of her clients who were out with friends. I was talking to them, and...well...here you go.

Guy - What do you do?
Me - Graphic design.
Guy - You're too pretty for that. You should be a model.
Me - Hahaha. No.
Then Christine walks back over to the table.
Guy - What do you do?
Christine - Insurance.
Guy - You're too pretty for that.
Me - So you say that to all the ladies?
Guy - No. I told you you should be a model.
Me - Hahaha. No.

What's the worst pick up line/conversation starter someone has used on you?



Well, I caved & ordered a pair of suede over the knee boots tonight. I got the last pair in a size 8 which may have made me feel like I had to grab them before they vanished. I still legitimately need a pair of black leather boots that fall below the knee. I have only been searching for the perfect pair for 2 years so I won't be holding my breath.


I ordered these from Shopbop. Free 3 day shipping {they are due to arrive Thursday!} and free return shipping if they don't work out.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the over the knee boot?


The most epic of birthday gifts.

When my first birthday present arrived late last week, I tweeted that I planned to wait until my actual birthday to open it. My sis wrote on my wall on Facebook this morning and told me that she really wanted me to open my gift today. I would never want to hurt her feelings, so being the nice big sister that I am, I opened it.

OPI Suzy Skis in the Pyrenees, a necklace, mini baking/ice cube tray and reusable snack bag.

Halloween decor, knee high fuzzy socks, birthday rubber ducky, starbucks gift card, & gummy frogs.

Buddy is sitting in the last part of my gift.

I saw a purple zipped pouch and was going to {jokingly} ask if she got me a my little pony bed tent. Apparently I know my sister that well, because she did.

Never thought I'd see the day.

When I was a little girl I had one of these and Jess & I used to play in there. I always talked about wishing I still had it, and now I do. Only Jessica would do this & only I would appreciate this gesture. Thanks, Jess! I love you & miss you so much!

Like I said, the most epic of birthday gifts & such a wonderful start to my week! A My Little Pony bed tent & Gossip Girl. Happy birthday week to me!


A little redecorating.

The past few weeks I found myself feeling progressively dissatisfied with my apartment. Starting with nothing {no art, no furniture etc.} is definitely a challenge. I knew I needed a change so I brought the dresser from my entry into the living room to serve its new purpose as a TV stand. It is my favorite piece of furniture & I absolutely love having it in my living room.

Loving my plant from Jayson Home & Garden.
And you can see the pup playing with his beloved squeaky tennis ball

My desk always felt out of place in front of a window & in my living room, and the bench that I purchased for extra seating wasn't really serving its purpose outside of my living area. So what did I do? I switched their locations yesterday. At 1:00 am, of course. So glad I knew myself well enough to place sliders on the white dresser the day it was delivered. I now have a work space separate from my living space, extra seating in my living room, and a place to lean my pin board now that my desk is no longer against a window.

I would store everything in mason jars if I could.

And now I can display things on my pin board, like this card from my friend Ashley.
She gave it to me months ago & it still makes me smile.

All this shuffling of furniture left me without anything in the entry so I ended up ordering a piece of furniture that I had fallen for months ago. This will ideally end up as a little mini-bar someday. Until then, it will provide lots of storage and a place to throw my keys. Now I just need to find the perfect finishing touches.


Disclaimer - the "bar" above is not mine. I bought that piece but that is a photo from Wisteria's website.

I am already loving my place so much more, and am so excited to continue making it feel like home. Next on the list...art for these very blank walls! And throw pillows. And a throw blanket. And some candles, a pretty tray to hold said candles, & a few other things. The list never ends!

I have decided not to paint after all. I would rather spend the money on the mile long list I just typed out.


The perfect bar stool {revisited}

If you are not new to my blog, you know all about my love of the industrial bar stool. If you are new to my blog, let me fill you in.

I really love industrial bar stools. All caught up? Great!

I wrote a post about what I thought was the perfect bar stool & then I sat on it. Not so perfect after all. Cute & affordable? Yes. Comfortable? No. I had found one I loved, but at $450 per stool, this stool was taken off the list as quickly as it went on. So I did what any resourceful girl would do. I called my friend Crystal and asked her where to go. She sent me to Andersonville, and I found the perfect bar stools at Brimfield.

Hello, lover.

They are exactly what I wanted. Beautiful, comfortable, and unique. I am on the hunt to find the perfect fabric to have cushions made. I can already see the cushions in my head. A cute striped fabric with a little tufting on top. They will be very thick & plush. These cushions will tie to all four legs, and will be amazing.

Now I just need to find the fabric & someone to execute this little dream. Any takers? I'm sure this won't be a challenge at all.

Too bad I didn't major in textile design. Or sewing. Or both. My life would be so much easier.


Going the extra mile.

On August 14th, I attended the Healthy Living Summit & was inspired to sign up for a 5k. But there was a catch. I couldn't even run half a mile. I love spinning & yoga, but have never been a runner. So I started training. I didn't really follow a program but started running around the beautiful city of Chicago.

Within the past week or two I had finally hit the 2 mile mark. I hadn't tried running more than 2 miles, but last night {just 24 days after HLS} I went the extra mile. I ran 3 miles in 37:17. I am sure those stats aren't too impressive, but I have to complete the 5k in less than 45 min so this means I can do it.

It also means that...
a. I ran for almost 40 min
b. I ran three miles!



fresh flowers {anyone know what these are called?}. new coffee table.

getting tweeted to, written about on fb & a comment on my blog from Jayson Home & Garden

watching mad men. i have seen the first 6 episodes & love it.

seeing this little face under my desk.

and of course, living in chicago.

and...knowing that my friend Taylor won my keep calm shop giveaway!

what's making you smile right now?


I love Chicago: Sweet Treats.

Mojitos followed by cupcakes from Molly's Cupcakes. A very sweet Sunday.

Coconut/pineapple mojito for me, and a peach mojito for my friend.

Apple Pie cupcake with apple pie filling. Best cupcake in the world.

Strawberry shortcake cupcake. Yum.

Molly's Cupcakes
2536 North Clark Street
(773) 883-7220


I love Chicago: Whole Foods.

After my trip to Jayson Home & Garden, I went to Whole Foods with Anne & Jack for dinner & some grocery shopping. . At 75,000 square feet, the Lincoln Park location is the third largest in the world {beat out by London & Austin, TX}.





Even a trip to Whole Foods is an adventure in this town. There's free wi-fi, a wine bar, the most impressive salad bar/hot food assortments I have ever seen, and little places to get pizza, sushi, & more. After we dinner we ordered 2 hot chocolates {with almond milk, of course} and did some shopping.

Next time, I'll be shopping with a glass of wine. Because you can do that here in Chicago.

Whole Foods
1550 N. Kingsbury Street
(312) 587-0648


Jayson Home & Garden.

My long weekend began a little early on this perfect pre-fall day. I woke up to find Chicago in the low 60s so I broke out my pea coat to take the pup for a walk. My pea coat, mocs, and skinny jeans were a welcome change from denim shorts & maxi dresses.
Anne offered to join me for a little jaunt to Jayson Home & Garden in the early evening. It got a little cooler outside so I added a Burberry scarf into the mix & I was off. We arrived 20 minutes before closing time and never felt rushed. Everyone was so sweet and engaging. I walked in and felt as if I had died & gone to heaven. I loved every single piece of furniture, every single accessory...everything. I spotted my plant in two seconds and was sold. Then we headed outside where Anne pointed out the pot she liked. Done. I don't know that I have ever made such a quick and easy decision, but when everything in front of you is so pretty there isn't much to think about.

Here is a little eye candy for you. These are actually some of my fave photos to date.

That's my plant on the left.


The letter D just happened to be on top. That's obviously some sort of sign.



There's my plant again.

The perfect patio table.

I need a patio.


After Jayson Home & Garden we headed to the 3rd largest Whole Foods in the world for dinner and a little shopping.

Happy Saturday! xoxo


Keep Calm Giveaway.

You may remember my recent post about these adorable keep calm prints. I ordered mine {in yellow} from Keep Calm Shop on Etsy, and could not be more pleased. I cannot wait to have it framed and really cannot wait to hang it up. I just need to get this wall painted first. Hoping to get the paint picked out early next week and have the painting done by the end of next week!

But back to this giveaway! Keep Calm Shop has graciously offered to give one of my winners an 8x10 print of her choice! I could say his or her choice, but let's face it...we're all girls here. While I went with the classic "Keep Calm & Carry On" you have a variety of prints to choose from.

Here are a few of my favorites.


And of course, let's not forget how these look when hung on a wall! Love that gray wall, don't you? ;)

via here, here, & here

To enter to win this giveaway, just become a follower of my blog & leave a comment.

And don't forget to visit Keep Calm Shop to browse through all these different prints. Be sure to leave a comment letting me know what print you'll choose if you win!

You have until the evening of September 6th to enter!