J. Crew goes {even more} glam.

Last month, I wrote this post about J. Crew. It is officially my favorite time of year. The fall lines are making their way into all the stores, and it looks like J. Crew will not disappoint. Here are some images from the 2010 fall lookbook.

If only I didn't have to worry about rent & furnishing an apartment.








Chicago update

Cable & internet have been set up.
Movers dropped off my dresser, headboard, & boxes this morning.
New mattress arrives on Saturday.

Lease has been signed. There is an apartment in Chicago that belongs to me. This year, I will experience a real fall and a white Christmas.

I am so excited, terrified, anxious, happy, sad, etc... You name it, I'm feeling it. This experience has been beyond surreal. I still cannot believe that I am moving to Chicago in a matter of days.

Yes. Days.

Food Should Taste Good.

If you have been reading my blog for a little while now, you know that I am sort of health conscious. If you are a new reader, this post will fill you in. I try to avoid processed foods, sugar, & dairy.

Not to say that I never indulge or get a little lazy. Because I do.

I wanted to share a new favorite {natural} snack. Food Should Taste Good has a great line of natural chips. I love them. They have no MSG, are low in sodium, and are gluten, lactose, cholesterol and preservative free! They come in a variety of delicious flavors, and they are good.

I have found only one flaw. They are so good that eating one serving can be a little challenging. I could easily eat the entire bag 2 servings. So be sure to take the 10-12 chips {1 serving} out of the bag, step away from the bag, have someone hide the bag until you are allowed to have more, and enjoy.
I have tried the sweet potato and cheddar. These are my fave.

Food should taste good. And thanks to Food Should Taste Good, it does.


stalk much?

When the stalkers start flowing in a girl has to protect herself. ;) Now that I am moving to a new city {by myself} I just felt better changing things up. I also think that after a breakup it is best knowing that the person you have ended a relationship with does not have access to your life. I did keep {most of} my blog posts because they are a part of who I am & I wouldn't want to lose everything that got me here. I could end up changing the name {you saw that coming...right?}. One thing you can always count on is my indecisiveness.

So here is what happened. This "girl" {I use quotes because "she" does not have any photos on "her" blog, and could very well be a very creepy 57 year old man}. Let's call this person creeper {or just "C"}. Creeper used to reply to all of my tweets on twitter. If I was getting my nails done, C wanted to know what color. Eating a quinoa cake? C wanted to know what quinoa tasted like. Posted a photo of Chicago, and C asked where that was or would {creepily} post saying "she" knew where the photo was taken.

I wanted to be nice and replied to creepers tweets for a bit. But it got too uncomfortable, so I started ignoring "her". Well, that didn't stop good old C. "She" kept on tweeting, even without any reply from me. When I got tweets 2-3 nights in a row asking if I liked my hair {and numerous tweets throughout the day} and a blog comment on my blog 3 seconds after I posted a photo of my hair, I was done. On 7/3, I blocked C on twitter.

I got an email 2-5 minutes later. C wanted to know if something was wrong with twitter because "she" was blocked. I did not reply. Got another email. C apologized for seeming stalkerish and said that "she" loved my hair {the hair was brought up so many times it was just uncomfortable}, and wanted to "start doing graphic design without copying me", and deserved an explanation for being "unfairly blocked". I don't know about you, but if there was someone on twitter that never tweeted to me, I would not continue to tweet to them. I would also never take the time to email someone for blocking me. If you block me, peace out.

I never replied to C's emails, and was shocked when I got another email last Friday. It just got worse at this point. C insisted on getting an explanation and said if it was because "she" followed my friends on twitter that she stopped following them out of respect for me {WEIRD}. There was also another comment about the hair, and lots of rambling So strange...

I decided to be nice and email back. It was a short email, and I just stated that all the tweets made me very uncomfortable, and because I could not see who this person was it made me even more uncomfortable. I also told "her" that sending 3 emails for being blocked on twitter only made me that much more uncomfortable, and that "she" should consider how she approaches communication with strangers. I said it all felt a little stalker{ish} and this is where it got ugly. Let us remember it was good old Creepy that dropped the S word first, shall we? In my reply back, C sent me a photo of a black girl {even though her profile is of a white girl} saying that was her and asking if we could start over.

Umm...no. No we cannot.

At this point, C goes on twitter and starts tweeting about how I am only friends with people with photos for their profile photos, and how I called her a stalker. Then 3-4 other accounts get it on it. I am 99% certain that these were all C's accounts. There were two tweets that upset me. One stated that I didn't know what it was like to have a real job. Try being me for 5 minutes. My job is real, thank you. Sometimes I wish that I worked for someone else because my job would end at the end of the day. But -- then my amazing boss {that's me, if you're a little slow} gives me a day off or lets me run an errand and I remember that this isn't so bad after all.

Anyway! I blocked everyone involved on Twitter, stopped getting emails from crazy, and that was that. And in case you went there, I am pretty certain that crazy is not Mandy {the girl I almost subleased from who stole a bunch of my clothes}. This person had been following me on twitter for a while, so it wouldn't add up. But you never know...

So that's whatt happened. Good times. And if you're here, welcome. I am excited to share this new journey with all of you!


Because Americans don't eat enough processed food.

I give you the candwich. And yes, it's exactly what it sounds like. A canned sandwich. The candwich will be available in 3 flavors. Peanut butter & grape jelly, peanut butter & strawberry jelly and BBQ chicken. Just thinking about them makes me want to throw up.

If you think this is a good idea, I feel sorry for you. And if you are so busy that a sandwich in a can sounds like a good plan, please slow down!

I'm sure things like this won't contribute to that "obesity" thing that's going around in the US.


$40 CSN Gift Certificate Giveaway!

I am teaming up with CSN Stores to give one of you $40 credit to any of their 200+ stores! From table lamps to things for your pets, CSN has you covered.

I will be ordering this Dash and Albert rug from CSN. It will be perfect in my entry hall! CSN has an amazing rug selection!

To enter, stop by my design blog.

In case you missed the memo, I'm moving to Chicago.

I have been writing all these posts about furniture & how excited I am to decorate my apartment, and have completely skipped over the fact that I have been a not so hot hot mess. The idea of this move has become increasingly real, and with that reality comes fear.

I don't know if this makes any sense, but until recently this was all just a crazy idea I had. I talked about leaving LA for years, and in all honesty never thought it would actually happen. Somehow, it is happening. I feel like I don't quite know how I got here. Like this can't be my life. And sometimes, I feel like I don't want this to be my life. Not a good feeling. This is not a "poor me" post. I am not in debt. I am healthy. I have a mom that is willing to spend a week in Chicago with me to help me get settled. I have friends that will come visit. I have friends & sisters to video chat with when I'm lonely. I have the world's sweetest pup. He's my best friend & I could not do this without him. If only he knew what he meant to me. This little guy will be there to greet me when I come home. Because of him, I'll have someone to come home to. I love my boy.

My mom asked if I found myself feeling lonely when I was in Chicago from Feb 1 - March 10. Looking back, I wasn't lonely and did not miss LA at all. There was one weekend where I didn't have plans and really wanted to do something. I was a little lonely then. But other than that, I found my new normal and adjusted pretty quickly. I am looking for an instant best friend that will do a TV/movie night with me once a week. One that wants to do the occasional workout & maybe mani/pedi every so often. Any applicants?

The reality that I will be spending most of my time alone {with the pup, of course} is sinking in. And that is the scariest thing of all. Next to finances, of course. And spending the rest of my life alone. But let's not go there, shall we?

I debated posting this because I figured that I would get the typical "you will be ok, you are so brave" comments, and that is not what I am looking for. Your words of encouragement mean more to me than you could ever know. This move happened because I have a blog. Had I not started designing blogs, Kelsey never would have contacted me for a new design, I wouldn't have started reading her blog, we never would have planned a trip for me to come visit her, and we certainly never would have taken a road trip to Chicago. That is when it all happened. So my blog friend turned real life friend was there the moment my entire life changed. I believe she saw it happen. I broke down my final day in Indiana because I knew that my life would soon change forever.

There are ultimately two reasons why I decided to write this post.

1. I want to document these feelings. What I am about to do is one of the biggest things that I will ever do in my lifetime. I want to look back on this in a few months and see how far I've come. Let's hope that's the case.

2. Someone may be going through what I am going through, and may find strength in what I am doing. Just know this. I am no stronger than you. I am not brave. I am just a girl who hit a breaking point and needed a change. A year ago, I never would have had it in me to do this. I honestly don't feel like I have it in me now. It took being completely miserable to get here. So my advice to you is to change your life if you are unhappy. Do not sit it out. Do not waste another moment.

Boxes have been packed. My sofa & mattress have been ordered. Movers have been scheduled. This is happening, and it's happening soon.

The last time I lived in Chicago, the ground was covered in snow, and there was an average temp of 25-35 degrees. It was freezing, and was the time of year that most people despise. But I fell in love with the windy city, and it is my belief that if you can fall in love with something when it's at its worst, it just might be true love.


Farewell, LC.

I may have stopped watching The Hills a few years ago, but somehow found myself watching the highly anticipated finale last week. I thought I'd give you one last look at the ladies from The Hills like you've never seen them before.


black or red

Thank you all for the feedback on my dresser. To those of you that can appreciate the bold color, good for you! It is just not me & must be repainted. I also plan want to switch out the hardware.

As far as paint choices go, I think it has come down to black or red. I may be considering a gray/blue, but I am really feeling black & red. When looking for inspiration, I turned to the home that has been my favorite source of inspiration since I first saw it back in 2003.

Yes, the beach house in Something's Gotta Give. You saw that coming, didn't you? It really is so, so me. Of course I do not plan to copy this home {although I wouldn't mind that}. I do plan on a similar striped runner in the entry hall, and will have a jute rug & white sofa in my living room.


I actually did not remember that the piece in the entry hall was red. After seeing this photo, I kind of love the idea of painting it red. What do you think?


I love these wicker chairs. These chairs at Ballard Designs are the closest I've seen.

Obsessed with this chair. Unfortunately, $800 is just a touch way out of my price range.

Back to the dresser. Black or Red?


Guess I'm going home.

In my last post was titled "go bold or go home," I showed you a pretty bold paint choice for an old dresser.

one of my inspiration photos, via Domino

As much as I can appreciate the photo above, I realize that a) the color I chose is very different b) my dresser is not nearly as lovely as this one & c) it just isn't very me. While I love the idea of going bold, I think I should focus on a bold move to Chicago rather than bold furniture choices. And if I do go bold, I would much rather have a fun faux bamboo chair or throw pillow. I could even consider a blanket. But a dresser? Too difficult to undo that boldness.

I spray painted the handles, which were a little gold for me.

When I think of what I envision for this space, I imagine the Something's Gotta Give house mixed with the house from The Holiday with a touch of color here & there. Something a bit younger with my own little twist. White sofa & jute rug in the living room. Blue/cream striped rug in the entry hall. Industrial bar stools. Very chic, clean, and lovely.


But this? Not so much. I chose the wrong blue & also realized that I don't like this dresser very much. I am so tempted to scrap the entire project, but want to give gray or even a gray/blue {the colors I initially wanted} a chance.

If it comes down to going bold or going home, you may just find me sitting at home with my pup, watching some good TV. You know how much I love TV.

I think this means I have to prime the dresser again. Do I have to sand it down, too?

Go bold or go home. {my 1st time painting furniture}

2010 has been a year of branching out for me. I subleased an apartment in Chicago for 5 weeks. A city where I knew no one. I cut all my hair off. I still haven't gotten used to the new haircut. I bought a one way ticket to Chicago & will be moving there very soon. I can hardly wrap my mind around that one. All this from a girl that has pretty much played it safe her entire life. I am a creature of habit. Or I was.


I have had this old dresser in storage for years & have had dreams of painting it. I decided that my entry hall to be would be the perfect spot for this dresser, and knew that I would have to overcome my fears and paint my first piece of furniture. I could paint it it my mom's yard in LA, or on my balcony in Chicago. I opted for the yard.

So I sanded the dresser. My first time sanding furniture.

And I applied a coat of primer. My first time doing that, too.

I thought about my typical color palette. A shade of gray, maybe a soft blue... But after reading endless design books & blogs, I thought about all those people that go bold with those fun pops of color. Could I pull it off?

I went to the hardware store yesterday and fell for a color that was a little bolder than I'd normally go. I was pretty much set on said color, but sent a text to my sister to confirm that it was a good choice. When I received the response of "oh hell yes" {I love my sister} I decided it was a go.

Yes. I chose this color. So not me. Or maybe it is me after all.

Drawer pulls may need a coat of black paint {still debating that one}. I get to put the drawers in later today, and will post a photo once I have everything done. Or maybe I'll make you wait to see it once it's in my entry hall.


She's got a ticket to ride.


On July 9th, I booked a one way ticket to Chicago. I can't really explain how all of this feels right now without rambling on & on, so I'll keep it short. I am terrified, this feels very surreal & I question my sanity {& decision to move} on a daily basis. I honestly don't even know how all of this all happened. But for whatever reason, it did.

I cut off all my hair & now I'm moving to Chicago. Maybe I am crazy...


I {really} love James Radin.

When I saw Something's Gotta Give, I {like everyone else who saw it} fell in love with Erica Barry's home in the Hamptons. Everything about this home is perfection. This home, along with the homes in It's Complicated and The Holiday were designed by the talented {LA based designer} James Radin. Nancy Meyers knows how to set the stage for a beautiful film, and brought in her designer to create these beautiful spaces.

This is not the first time that I have written about Radin's work on my blog & it is most definitely not the first time I have referenced the SGG house. Now that I am looking at furniture for my own place, I cannot help but browse through websites, books, & design blogs for inspiration {and for fun}.

The kitchen from Something's Gotta Give. I need it.


I want that rug & those sofas & that tufted ottoman.

Amanda Woods' LA home in The Holiday was a bit more modern, but I still love it. The dark hardwood floors, jute rugs, and muted color palette really work for me. Definitely different look from the SGG house, but still gorgeous.




Jane Adler's Santa Barbara home in It's Complicated was so chic. My favorite room was {surprise surprise} the kitchen. One of the main story lines in the film involved Adler working with an architect to completely redeisgn her kitchen.

Would you redo this kitchen? I think not.

{almost} all images via James Radin


Bon Voyage!

I am taking another little trip this weekend! I return to LA on Monday and will post all about my trip when I return.


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend while I am away!


Vegas Wedding photos!!!

I didn't get married in Vegas, but my friend Taylor did. Did the title make you believe otherwise? Because that's what I was going for.

Taylor's BCBG dress was paired with a stunning pair of Christian Louboutins. And hubby's shoes? Gucci. These are some of the best wedding photos I have ever seen. Makes me want to get married in Vegas.









{all images via dott photography}


A little inspiration.

I love the TV stand in this room by Maria Killiam at Colour me Happy. She used 3 malm dressers from ikea to create this clean, chic, and very functional media console. I emailed her to ask her what she did with the DVD player & cable box. They were each placed in a drawer, and a wireless transmitter was used to send the signal through the dresser.



I also like this shelf {above, left} from Ballard Designs. It will be about $100 more than the ikea pieces, but would likely last longer. I would not be able to hide the DVD player & cable box, and I would also be losing some drawer space. The ikea dressers are sounding better & better.

I guess the TV will be on the floor for a while. Did I mention that I also need a TV?

The dresser {above, right} is an old piece that I plan to paint and use in the bedroom or entry hall. I have never painted furniture but am excited to give it a try. I love the idea of a pop of color {yellow, kelly green etc...} but I will probably go with robin's egg blue, gray, or a gray/blue because I tend to be a play it safe kind of girl. I'd rather go for a bright pillow. Easier to change out later.


Amanda Woods' house from The Holiday. Love, love, love this house. I love the dark floors, jute rug, and white sofas. My apartment has dark hardwood floors, I just so happen to have an 8x10 jute rug in my bedroom {which will reside in my living room at the new place}, and I ordered a white sofa {with machine washable slipcovers that can be bleached!}.

My 5,985th reference to the house from Something's Gotta Give. I love that rug & tufted ottoman. I also love Jack Nicholson.


Industrial bar stools. I can't help myself. I love them.

Have you painted any furniture? Is it as difficult as I imagine it will be?

Pretty sure great aunt Rose doesn't like my hair.

Monday night was the first time great aunt Rose saw my new haircut. She saw me and {sort of} jumped in her seat {as much as an almost 92 year old lady can jump}. I asked her what she thought. Her reply went a little something like this.

It's nice. You'll get used to it. It will grow out.

{Long pause}

It's nice.

That was way harsh aunt Rose.


A little getaway.

A few more photos from my getaway.



breakfast by the pool


{I have fat toes. Don't judge}

this is the life.