My sister just shared these videos with me. I haven't seen them all, but love this one, so thought I'd share it with you. They are ridiculous/stupid/hilarious and I enjoy them.

Very Mary-Kate: Moving Day from Mary-Kate Olsen on Vimeo.



I am teaming up with Nat and Armand of Uncooked Cards {my favorite greeting cards!!!} for a fantastic giveaway on my design blog. Here are some reasons why you should enter:

Nat & Armand recently came out with Uncooked Animated Cards, which I would have to call the greatest ecards to exist since the dawn of time. You can purchase one card for just .99 or {this is the coolest thing ever} for just $8.99, you can have unlimited access to the entire line for one year! I am giving away FIVE subscriptions on my design blog. I am also giving two winners 10 cards each. Yes. That would make for a grand total of 7 winners.


I Love 9 by Design

Before I get to this post, I wanted to let you all know that I am holding a giveaway on my design blog. I am really excited about this one for two reasons.

1. I am giving away one of my favorite things.
2. There will be a total of seven winners. Yes, s-e-v-e-n.

And now, on to my post.

Have you all seen 9 by Design on Bravo? I love, love, love this show.

Bob and Cortney Novogratz are two very brilliant, creative, self taught designers. They started buying, renovating, and reselling properties in NY, and have designed some of the most remarkable homes that I have ever seen. Their style is completely different from what I thought I loved, and they have completely made me rethink what I'd like to do in my own space. Yes. They are that good.

And for the record, I still want need an English roll arm sofa.


The husband and wife duo started Sixx Design, after their six {very fortunate} children - Wolfgang, twins Tallulah & Bellamy, Breaker, and twins Five {yes, he is their 5th child} & Holleder . Yes, that's 2 sets of twins. Bob and Cortney have since added child #7, Major. I have always preferred traditional names, but I actually like their kids' names. Maybe I think these names are cool because the family is so cool. That's probably it. As far as I'm concerned, they can do no wrong.


Along with their 7 uniquely named children, Bob and Cortney have a fabulous book, hit TV show {I am assuming it's a hit -- it has to be!} and wildly successful business. They recently listed their newest home for $18 million. A home that was purchased for $1.5 million back in 2004. Amazing.

This may very well be the coolest family in the US. If they're looking to adopt a girl in her mid 20s {I like to consider 27 mid 20s - just go with it} I'm in. I love kids, am very clean, and love all aspects of design. I would even consider taking a position as their nanny.

Their country home.

In case you need a little more eye candy, I must share some of the brilliant work of Sixx Design. I love Tallulah and Bellamy's room {top left}. Their house {top right} is the one they started out in on the first episode. They have since relocated twice {to a rental and then to their new home}, and currently have both homes for sale. Love it. The giant blob thing {bottom right} is actually a desk. I am not so much a fan but can appreciate its uniqueness, and love the rest of the room.


If you haven't watched 9 by Design, tune in to Bravo every Tuesday night at 10:00 ET/PT.


Yoga etiquette.

A few weeks ago, my yoga instructor was out and had a sub fill in. While we were doing a run through of a few poses, the sub said something about loud music. I didn't give it much thought, and thought I misunderstood him. So you can bet that I was just a little surprised when he pulled out one of these.

Yes, an accordion. During yoga. To be played during yoga class. Yoga. Not band. And if that wasn't bad enough, he started singing/chanting, too. It was absolutely horrifying. I can still here it now. The sound of his accordion and chanting will haunt me forever and ever.

At the end of the class we were lying on our backs, breathing with our eyes closed. This past year, I really embraced yoga and got to a place where I can completely relax and think about nothing. I love it. This has actually become my favorite part of class. I usually end up so relaxed that I come close to falling asleep. I had gotten past his horrendous accordion, and was in my wonderful zen place where I don't have a care in the world.

And then it happened. He started playing his stupid accordion. My eyes popped open and I was so annoyed that my heart started to race. I know that sound dramatic, but I take so little time for myself and really wanted to enjoy the class. I was there with a friend, and she wasn't a fan either. Hands down, the worst yoga experience of my life.

Now tell me this. What on earth led this "yoga instructor" to believe that people would find this stupid instrument relaxing?! If you play the accordion, I'm sorry. It really is a stupid instrument, and it's a little uncool. And you know it. Get a guitar. Guitars are cool. Or play the piano. Everyone loves the piano. The worst part about this yoga idiot and his instrument of death is that everyone is probably so surprised by it that no one says anything. The complete and utter shock is mistaken for enjoyment, so he keeps doing it again and again, destroying yoga classes for innocent people all over the city. You'd think he would realize that maybe this is the reason he's a sub.

If you are a yoga instructor and have been thinking about playing the accordion for your class, do. not. do. it. And if you are the yoga instructor that destroyed my class, please light your accordion on fire.


What I've been up to...

It's been 10 days since I have written a real blog post. Yes, I love a Tacky Tuesday, but that just doesn't count {even though this week was especially tacky}.

I don't have an update on anything right now, but should have some news for your soon{ish}. I promise that I am not trying to be all secretive. I just need to be ready to share what's going on, and I'm not ready right now. I hope you understand.

So here is what I've been up to.

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday in Vegas. Played a few games, and even got a massage! It was fabulous. So fabulous that I may have fallen asleep during said massage. Not entirely sure, but I think I did. It was lovely.

I have literally had at least one person added to my wait list every. single. day. I am not complaining. I am definitely a little overwhelmed, but am so glad that I have orders coming in. I also received two rush orders {and another request for a third yesterday} and may have a website project soon. I have been working nonstop. I even worked on the drive up to Vegas, and at the hotel.

I will be holding a giveaway with Uncooked Cards soon. I have raved about these cards for years and after I wrote a post about them, Nat & Armand contacted me, sent me some amazing samples, and offered to hold an amazing giveaway with SEVEN winners. I am so excited. The post will go up on my design blog today or first thing next week. Their cards are hilarious. And even more exciting -- they want to talk to me about designing their blog. I would die.

I have been hanging out with my best pal, pictured below. He has come out with me to run a few errands, and even joined me {and one of my oldest friends} for lunch, where I ran in to my friend Kate. I love him.

I have been working on my scrapbook line. Here is some of what I have done this month. The yellow kit is a part of my Color Your World collection, available at Scrap Matters. So far, I have 7 kits in this collection, and plan on adding a few other colors as well. These kits are each designed using one color, and can be used for monochromatic layouts, or can be mixed and matched. Very fun. Spring has Sprung {top right} came out today. I love it.

And as you can see, I have been having lots of fun with felt.


This is a big one, so I want to share it and see what you all think. One of my oldest friends {I think we have been friends 21-22 years now?} is quite the world traveler and has invited me to Iceland and London in a few months. Now that I have conquered my fear of flying, I could potentially go. I would have to make some sacrifices, but I could make it happen.

The other day, I proclaimed that I want to see NY in 2010, and Paris & London by the time I am 30. That's the goal.

So here's the catch. This is my life, so you know there had to be a catch, right? I have never been to Europe and always told myself I'd have to see Paris if I made it all the way to London, but she isn't sure that we can squeeze it in, and says that we need more than 1-2 days there. I agree, but I'll take 1 day vs. 0. She wants us to plan a trip next to New York and Paris next May, so I think we could squeeze London in, and I'd pass up this trip.

The thought of missing this opportunity is so awful, but Iceland isn't even on my list {although I am not opposed to seeing it}, and it will kill me to be in London and not see Paris. And I'd really rather not die over not seeing Paris, because that may actually happen.

So do I just go, or do I wait until I can plan the trip the way I want it? It's not like I can take this trip and then afford to go any time again soon. And I am all about just going for it these days. Whatever "it" is. What would you do?? It's just such a big deal and costs so much money, so I am tempted to wait and do it right.

I lead a complicated life. I really do.


Tacky Tuesday.


Man. Shorty shorts. Leg warmers. Spaghetti strap button down tank.

Happy {tacky} Tuesday.


Fab Friday {fab photos}

Be sure to read through the bottom of the post to find out next week's topic!

This week's Fab Friday is fab photos! Just go through your last year of photos and choose some of your favorites. Maybe even share a little bit about each one! I think it'll be fun. I will probably share way too many photos, but the plus behind this is there is no cap, so just have fun and share the ones you love.

It's a little blurry, but I love these girls. {From L to R Angela, Nautical Kate, Jill, my sissy, and me}

At Disneyland with Kate, Angela, and my sis. I love my sister and love how happy we both look here.

11 years and counting...

This was amazing. Jaclyn {left} fell down the stairs at h.wood. Jodee {right} did what any good friend would do. She laughed at her. Haha.

Vegas with J. Taken when we checked in to the Bellagio. Love that ceiling!

One of my favorite pics of my pup.

I have the most amazing cats. If you have cats I know you probably feel the same way, but I actually have the most amazing cats in the whole world. I really do.

Rode this roller coaster with Jill 3x! We had so much fun, except for the time we sat in the front seat and thought that it was going to fall off the track. A little scary.

My first time touching a dolphin!!

Love this photo taken on the Riverwalk in San Antonio.

The first time I saw the bean. I love the bean.

I love this one. I set my camera to quickly take a few photos with Kelsey, but the awkwardness of the moment had us laughing hysterically. We did get a good one.

My apple pie was fierce.

I love this photo, and these girls.

A cute pup and a cozy/tacky snuggie. What more could a girl ever want?!

Had a fantastic night with J and Ally, which included a photo session by a giant Christmas tree.


While waiting for the electrical parade to start {at Disney} I went on a hunt for a snack. I didn't want to eat pizza or anything too horrible {although I'm not sure a giant loaf of bread is a great late night snack}. Anyway, I came back to Jessica with a giant loaf of bread shaped like a snowman. You know I can't resist holiday themed food. Come on.

Disney with Jess.

Snow on Michigan Avenue. My first day in Chicago.

My mom took me to North face for a new hat and coat. There is something about winter attire in a fantastic city that feels very authentic. It was about 30 that day. So, so cold, but so, so wonderful.

A snow covered bean. Love it.

The most beautiful sunset.

Taken on the day I walked the streets for 3 hours. Such a perfect day.

Can't wait to see your favorite photos! Have a fabulous Friday!!



The top 10 {Happy Easter}

10. I finally started working on my digital scrapbook line after a 2 month break! I made some cute felt shapes, and released a new scrapbook kit with my friend Tara. It feels great to be designing again! Hoping I'll get another kit done this week.


{I love these little felt shapes. Can't believe I made them!}

9. I was a total rock star, and worked out twice last Monday. I did 45 min of cardio, and then went back to the gym 2 hours later for a yoga class. I was so sore on Tuesday {and my back sort of went out, too} that I didn't work out again until Saturday. I did manage to squeeze in two workouts this weekend. I am thinking that I will go with one workout a day until I am no longer in physical therapy. That probably would have been common sense to most people, but I am {obviously} not most people. Lesson learned.

8. Is it just me, or as Gossip Girl been absolutely amazing this season?! I am loving it! That Jack Bass is a monster. Can't wait for tomorrow night.


7. I have two new songs of the week. I am loving All The Right Moves and Secrets by OneRepublic. Have you heard these songs? Do you love them? And am I the only one that finds a new song and listens to it over and over and over again?

6. I discovered two of the most amazing iPhone apps. Hipstamatic is a fantastic camera app with multiple types of film and lenses. You should expect to see lot more photos that look like this:

ShakeItPhoto turns any pre-existing photograph into a polaroid. I think I'm a little late in the game with this one, but I love it.



5. I FINALLY came up with a design for my website. I just need to finalize the font, and decide on an image that will go up top next to the title/logo. I have always had a bird {love them} but birds are everywhere these days. Thinking about a flower or a pup, or cat since I love animals. Or maybe something design related. Any ideas?? I want something fun, different, and me.

4. Video of the week. It is hilarious. That little Justin Bieber is such a player. I love how Chelsea deals with that little nugget.

3. I got my nails done with my friend Ally and her dad Richard who is visiting LA for a few days. I cannot stand the color and am going to try to get in for a color change. Anyway, while we were walking to the nail place, 2 giant blobs of bird poop fell to the ground. one right in front of us, and one right behind us. Richard said it was amazing because life literally tried to crap all over us, but we were ok! It really was epic.

2. Tomorrow night. Christian Siriano. Bravo. Christian's special will air tomorrow night! I saw the preview for this special and got really excited, thinking it meant that he might get his own show. I am still convinced {and hopeful} that may happen. There have been rumors, so we will see. I love him and his fierceness. Will you be watching??

1. Today is Easter {Happy Easter, everyone!!} and my youngest sister's 18th birthday! Hope you all had a lovely Easter, and happy birthday, S! I cannot believe little S is 18. I was 9 when she was born. That makes me really, really old.


A little color wouldn't kill me.

First, thank you so much to all of you that commented on my latest rant. I am glad I have all of you to listen and support me. It's nice to just get all those fears and doubts out there. I know what I need to do. It's just a lot to take in.

Anyway, on to something a bit more fun. My friend Brown Girl wrote a post on being brown, and it got me thinking. Since I am on the completely opposite end of the spectrum, I thought I'd write a post on what it's like to be completely transparent white.

I have tried to embrace my pasty self, but the truth is -- I don't like my pale skin. At all. I am working on that, but at the end of the day, I cannot even throw on a pair of shorts to go to the gym. The risk of blinding people with my day glow white legs is far too high.

Everything looks better with a tan {and you know it} so please don't leave comments saying how nice paper white skin is. That would be a big lie. And listing pasty celebs doesn't help either. Aside from the fact that I will likely have less wrinkles and age spots as I age, being really really really white kind of sucks.

It's the legs. Those pasty, transparent, white as a sheet of paper legs. They kill me. And now you know why I love maxi dresses so much. I have decided that I really need some color.

Here is what I have done so far.

We all know I've spray tanned. For the most part, it was a great experience. {Until a girl named Tawni {with an i} sprayed me three times, and I looked like a dirty cave woman}. Not so fun.


Even when the tan looked great, there was all that spotting/splotching around my ankles and wrists. I looked like I had a CRAZY skin disorder after a few days of being sprayed. And the smell. I could barely stand showering with myself. And let's face it. There isn't really a way around that one. It was also pretty expensive. I would like something a bit more economical.

I tried tan towels a few years ago. I am convinced they smell like popcorn or cat pee. Not sure which, but they smell like something, and it isn't good. A few years ago, I was at the movies with J and he kept leaning over to ask me what that smell was. We were sure it was something in the theater, and tried to ignore it. Then we get in the car and he leans over and goes "it's you!!" and it was me. He thought it was hilarious. Me? Not so much.

I would really rather not smell, have splotching, or leave a tan stain everywhere I go. I haven't tried everything, but would like to declare the spring and summer of 2010 "the year of the economical tan". I would like an affordable tan this summer {please tell me that it's possible} and tanning beds are out. I would like to try to avoid skin cancer thank you very much.

So white girls, give me your best stuff. Bronzers, lotions, etc... I want to know all your tricks. I am not looking to be super tan. I would just like a little color. I'd even go for off white. But a light tan would be fabulous.

Come on. Help a girl out. Even though I looked diiiiiiirty, I was awfully happy to have some color!