My new friend Crystal and I went to the Oprah show today. Sadly, cameras are not allowed inside, so I cannot share any photos of the studio or fabulous guests with you. But let me tell you...it was awesome!

The studio.

Ready for this?! There were 370 people in the audience. 12 of those people were in the front row. I'm talking touching the stage 4 feet away from Oprah kind of front row. Do you see where I'm going with this?

Yes. I was one of them.

I sat in the front row. I may have gotten a little light headed when Oprah came out, because she was literally just a few feet away from me and I couldn't believe I was really at the Oprah show! I am still dying over it. And if that wasn't good enough, the audience got free cell phones with 60 days of service AND Roger Ebert's book with ratings of every movie he has reviewed. Awesome!

So this Tuesday, when you watch Oprah to {her} left, you'll see me in a green cardigan. I was right behind her when she interviewed Morgan Freeman via satellite, so I wonder if you can see me!

For anyone interested, here is the rundown. We got there at just after 10:00 and checked our coats. They searched our bags and took our cameras and cell phones. We were then directed to a room where we sat down until almost 12:00. It was actually really nice because Crystal and I got a chance to get to know each other. I really like her, and it turns out that we have a lot in common.

Anyway! We finally get to go in. To Oprah's studio. I'm not sure what happened, but we followed the girls in front of us and I ended up in the front row. Crystal sat right behind me, so she was right up there, too.

The staff was pretty nice {aside from the disgruntled lady that searched my bag}. They played some music, and talked to the audience. One of the girls on staff asked if anyone had an interesting story. Since I was right there, I raised my hand. I told her I moved to Chicago 3 weeks ago. When I said I was from LA, she {like everyone else} asked why I came now. I told her that my car lease ended and it was just a great time for me to come. I think she thought I was a little crazy. If she didn't already think that, I'm sure she did when she asked if I came with a friend and I pointed to Crystal, sharing that we met on Twitter two days ago. Ha.

There was dancing, clapping, music, and free popcorn. It was a pre-Oscar special, after all. I love the Oscars, so this was really perfect for me. Short of Jack Nicholson as a guest or being a guest for the favorite things show, I cannot think of a way this could have been more perfect.

Then, the big moment. Oprah comes out. OPRAH.

First, she interviewed Gene Siskel. What an amazing story. His relationship with his wife is a testament to true love. You need to watch this interview. I had no idea that he had gone through so much!

After that, Oprah had a satellite interview with Morgan Freeman. He was really funny, and well...he's Morgan Freeman. Enough said.

And then, Colin Firth. He is soooo handsome in person. And he smiled at me. ;) During the break, Colin and Oprah were talking. Since I was right there, I overheard Colin saying that when he took the film, he was hoping he'd get a free suit out of it.

Then the big moment. The Tom Ford. Tom freaking Ford! I was DYING. He is so so so handsome and brilliant. I love him. As Colin said, everything he touches turns to gold. So, so true. I was not so secretly hoping for some Tom Ford sunglasses. That would have been fabulous. Yes, I have a pair already, but getting a pair on the Oprah show would have been pretty awesome.

After the interviews, Tom and Colin left pretty abruptly. It was a little sad. But they were right in front of me, and it was just such a fun and surreal experience.

About Oprah. She is really sweet and funny! She joked about wearing spanx, and asked who else had them on. She also invited two girls up on stage to take pics with her. I was not one of those girls, but come on! I got tickets after 3 weeks and got to sit in the front row. You can't have it all! Oprah joked around quite a bit, and at the end after the taping she {sincerely} thanked everyone for coming. She said that she knew what we all went through to get there {because some people try for years to get tickets} and talked about how thankful she was. It was very sweet.

I have always wanted to go to the Oprah show and truthfully, I never thought I'd actually go. It was really fun, exciting, and surreal to be there. Definitely a highlight of my Chicago experience so far.


...and better.

I just got home from attending a screening of The Single Man, starring Colin Firth {courtesy of Oprah}. Thanks, O! And no, she wasn't there. But she does know how to treat her audience. Free popcorn and drinks for everyone! Very classy.

I was really looking forward to seeing this movie. I love Colin Firth, but was beyond excited to see Tom Ford's directorial debut. You know Tom Ford, don't you? Creative director of Gucci and YSL. He single-handedly saved Gucci and designed a pair of my favorite sunglasses.

The film was breathtaking. It was one of the most beautifully crafted films I have ever seen. Colin Firth was phenomenal, but more than anything, the film {like a Tom Ford dress} was simply gorgeous. The use of color was unlike anything I have ever seen. I loved it.

I figured that Colin would be a guest on the show, so when I found out that he would be joined by Roger Ebert and this brilliant man...

I was just a little excited. When I told my sister I'd be seeing the Tom Ford, she sent the following text: If I could kill you, steal your identity and go I would.

I love my sister. Let's just say that we have a thing for this brilliant, brilliant man. If you have ever had an interest in fashion, chances are that you do as well. After all, he did design one of my favorite pairs of sunglasses and one of the most beautiful films I have ever seen.

I will be going to Oprah with Crystal. We met via twitter the day before I found out I might have tickets. Way to choose the right day to introduce yourself to me! Talk about timing. I asked if she wanted to come {of course she said yes} and I put her name down as a guest.

She couldn't make it to the screening, so I did something I have been thinking of doing for years. I went to the movie by myself. I cannot believe I was worried about seeing a movie alone! I actually really enjoyed it. Stepping outside your comfort zone can be such a wonderful thing. I have learned that I am a lot more independent than I thought I was.

I also met a woman at the theater who got last minute tickets. She was shocked when I told her I haven't even been here a month. She has been trying to get Oprah tickets for TEN YEARS. I cannot wait. I am so, so excited!

It just keeps getting better.

I cannot believe this. I got an email this morning. Anyone want to guess what I got tickets to?

And the roommate emailed me. She is really excited for me to move in, and to go out on Saturday night.

It really just keeps getting better. Looking back at where I've been the past few years, I cannot believe that this is where I am today. But it was all a part of the journey that got me here, and I wouldn't trade that for anything in the world. I am so excited for what else is in store.

some exciting news {and a big thank you}

Wow. Thank you all for your comments on my last post. I cannot believe how many of you are at a crossroads, trying to figure out what to do next. Your words of encouragement & support mean more to me than you can possibly imagine. I want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. It is so hard to convey how much love I feel for all of you, but I do.

If I can inspire just one person to take a leap of faith and follow their heart, that would be incredible. Some of you used words like strong, brave, and proud. Well let me tell you something. I am no stronger than you. A year ago, I wouldn't have gotten on a plane and today I am living in Chicago. It took me such a long time to get where I am today. I have struggled so much the past few years and have gone through periods where I have been downright miserable.

I am just going to put it out there and share what is going on. I do not have plans to leave Chicago. I was going to wait and share the exciting news with you once it was official, but last night I met up with a girl that is looking for a roommate. She's adorable, sweet, and I really liked her. Assuming things work out the way we discussed, I will be moving in to her place next week and signing a 6 month lease. So for those of you who were wondering if I planned to stay, the answer is yes. Definitely.

I am such an insecure person. That is something that I really struggle with. I am sitting here wondering if she will realize that she doesn't want me to move in. She invited me to come out with her and her friends Saturday night and told me I could start moving in my things whenever I'm ready. I still need to work on a little thing called confidence. Nothing is signed, and this feels too good to be true. In my life when things have felt that way, they have been. It's almost as if I feel that I do not deserve this, and that is crazy.

I wrote this when I turned 26, and this when I turned 27. For years {literally} I sat in my room at my mom's house convinced that this was it for me. I thought I needed to get married and have babies to be happy. I am so glad that things didn't turn out how I thought I wanted them to turn out. I am so glad that I am not married with children {not that there is anything wrong with that}. In my early 20s, I thought I had to be married by 28 and that I had to be a mom by 30. I'd like to have kids in my 30s, but I am not counting down the days, and I am not worried about it anymore. At 27, things changed. I changed.

This experience has been amazing. Unreal, scary, wonderful, perfect and amazing. I have had to step outside the box in every way possible. There have been quite a few lonely days and nights, and I imagine there will be a few more. Remember, I work from home, so I really have to make an effort to get out there and meet people.

The blog world has been an amazing resource when it comes to making friends. I met one blogger who invited me to an event where I met three great girls. I have plans with two of them over the next few days. Today, this blogger tweeted to me and asked if I'd like to get together. I {of course} said yes! Turns out, we may be seeing Oprah together this week! I got an email from the Oprah show about my last minute tickets, so I really hope we get to go!

I feel like there is still so much I want to say. So much I need to say. But it is late, this post is long enough, and I should really get off the computer.

I {of course} have one more thing to say.

If you left a comment and feel like you want to talk to me about this experience or if you have any questions for me, please email me or leave a comment. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Ok. One more, but that's it. I promise.

I wrote this when my good friend Jill moved from Houston to San Antonio: I know people move all the time, but I think it takes a really brave person to just pick up and move new city.

So that brings me to one final point. Why do we see the good in others but not in ourselves? I picked up and moved from LA to Chicago! A year ago, I wouldn't have boarded a plane. I need to give myself some credit, and chances are, you need to do the same.


starting over. this is going to be a long one.

It is almost 3:oo am but I felt like I had to sit down and write. I know how to spell and try to compose sentences that make sense, but I cannot promise anything right now.

Moving halfway across country by yourself to a new city where you don't know anyone isn't easy. I didn't expect easy. In fact, I expected that this would be really hard. I knew I'd be lonely. I knew I'd be really confused and wonder what I was doing. I knew I'd have moments where I thought to myself "how did I get here?" And I was right. I still have no idea how any of this happened.

I do know that I love Chicago. The people are wonderful, the buildings are beautiful, the snow is magical, and the city is alive. But being all alone 2,000 miles away from everything and everyone I know is very, very hard. This isn't like going away to college. I am not in a dorm. I am not going to class every day. I am on my own in a city where everyone around me has their own circle of friends. Their own lives. Their own routines. And here I am, smack in the middle of it all.

I have met a handful of wonderful people. For three weeks in a new town, that's not so bad. I grabbed lunch with a friend who took me to my sister's friend's place to get my things back {from the spirits}. I have lunch plans Thursday & Friday. I was just invited out for Saturday night by a girl that I met today. I have a feeling she will play a very big role in my life, so I'll have to tell you more about her later. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday plans. Big improvement from going to lunch last Saturday and spending the rest of the weekend by myself. But I know more of those weekends will occur. And I am ok with some alone time. But when you work at home, you can go days without any human interaction, and that isn't good for you. A day or two can be nice. 3-4 days? Not great. While I can see being good friends with some of the people I have met, for now they are really great people that I am getting to know. Thankfully, I've had my lil' kitten. He has been a good friend to me.

I know it will take some time to find my place, make friends, and form relationships with people. It will take time to have a life here, feel like I belong, and form a routine. Is this making me stronger? Absolutely. Am I enjoying how difficult this is? A little bit. As lonely as I may be, I am happier than I have been in a while. I do believe that if you struggle, you will end up happier in the end. Having everything handed to you doesn't give you any time to long for something. As a result, I believe that you cannot really really appreciate all the little things.

I miss my people. I miss my cats. I miss my pup. I miss him so much. We video chatted tonight {with my sister} and I just wanted to cry. He did cry. And that broke my heart. The first time I saw him on video I cried too. I am going to plan a trip to LA some time this March or early April, and cannot wait to see him.

To completely disclose what was going on before I left, I feel like I should tell you {even though you may have figured it out} that J and I were seeing each other again before I left. It's complicated and I just cannot go in to 7.5 years of a relationship, but there is so much there. I am not 100% sure of what we were or what we are, but we were and are definitely something. It feels as if we always will be. I just don't know what any of it means right now. I do know that he's in LA and I'm in Chicago. I know that I cannot go back to LA.

I was so unhappy the past few years. Even when I was happy I was unhappy. Have you heard "Happy" by Leona Lewis? I could swear that she wrote this song for me. These words describe how I felt the past few years, waiting for my life to begin. I just wasn't where I was supposed to be. I didn't belong.

I could stand by the side.
Watch this life pass me by.
So unhappy, but safe as could be.
So what if it hurts me?
So what it I break down?
So what if this world just throws me off the edge,
My feet run out of ground
I gotta find my place
I wanna hear my sound
Don’t care about all the pain in front of me
I'm just trying to be happy.

Other than wanting to hear my sound {no one wants that since I sing like a dying cat}, those lyrics describe where I was and where I am so perfectly. I am on this mission to be happy, and even though things are hard, I really am happy. Right now, I feel like this is where I am supposed to be. I know it is. I am scared, alone, confused, and happy. Half the time, I still have no idea how I got here, how I'll make it, or what I'm doing. But it's all part of the adventure. Part of the journey.

This past Monday marked 3 weeks in Chicago. That means that this coming Monday up will mark one month here.

As scary as this is, I am so glad that I did this. I don't want to look back with any regrets. My mom has told me at least a few times that if she could go back and do it all over, she would have left LA. She said it again tonight. She always wanted to leave and never did. I was so afraid that I was going to be that girl, and am so glad that isn't my story. I love that one day when I have a daughter {or son} I can tell her {or him} how I just picked up by myself {with the kitten, of course} and moved 2,000 miles away.

If there is something you have been wanting to do but you aren't sure if you should, please go for it. Out of everyone I know, I would be the one person least likely to pick up and take off by themself, and here I am. Leaving LA was something I talked about for years. Sometimes you may need to step outside your tiny little box. As cheesy as this may sound, figure out what it is you want, and follow your dream. It will be scary but in the end, you will find your place. You might even end up happy.


the top 10

10. This was my first official week back to work. Because I have internet access.

9. On Monday, I had the pleasure of {finally} meeting my blog friend Ashley. Already knew I loved her because we have spent countless hours chatting away. It was so nice to finally meet!

8. I saw the most beautiful sunset this week. This photo doesn't do it justice. The sky was so pink. It was gorgeous.

7. On Wednesday, I walked 2.5 miles {round trip} to Trader Joe's. Yes, that means that I carried my groceries home. I actually love not having a car. First, I am reducing my carbon footprint {awesome, right?}, no car insurance, no car payment, no gas... So it's a great city that enables me to be a little more green. Amazing.

Passed this while I was out walking this week.

Chicago is still so new and exciting. I get a rush every time I walk through the city. I absolutely love it here. I think I may have mentioned that once or twice.

6. On Thursday night, I attended Crave Chicago's Blissful Blogette Party. I met some fabulous Chicago bloggers, and had dinner afterward with this blogger, this one, and this one, too. I met another girl from CA, and we are planning on meeting up soon. I really like the girls I've met so far, and actually met up with this one again on Saturday for lunch. The people here are so nice. 1000x better than the people in LA.

5. I designed the mock-up for my new website {that link is clearly not my design, but the "coming soon" is pretty exciting}. I think I want to go in a completely different direction with the design. I cannot believe that I met someone to collaborate with just a few days after arriving in Chicago. This is going to be amazing. We already have some interest in web design! I also redid tdg for now, because the vday banner had to come down.

4. Brothers and Sisters & Housewives were new tonight. Brothers & Sisters was sad, but good. I love that show.

3. I did some online shopping this weekend. That's what happens when I am left to my own devices. I sort of did something irrational and purchased the watch in my "love it. hate it." post. This way I can tell what time it is without having to look at my phone. And it's really cute. I also got these shoes 70% off! They will look so cute with skinny jeans. Hopefully I can walk in them without making a complete fool of myself. I have some serious heel issues. I love them,but am not the best at walking in them.

2. I checked Oprah's website to see if she had any availabilities to see the show and she did. I had to write a letter saying why I'd like to be in the audience. I explained how I've always talked about going to Chicago {but was not a traveler and was sure I'd never make it here} and how I'm here now so I just have to go to Oprah. I also told the story of how I saw her at the grocery store in Montecito. Not counting on getting selected, but it would be amazing.

1. The kitten has learned that he can access the fridge from the kitchen counter, and then climbs the walls. Literally. I'm in a loft and the walls don't go up to the ceiling. So he climbs to the top and hangs out up there. It completely freaks me out. He spends the rest of his time napping on the fridge.


love it. hate it.

I'm going to play a little game I like to call "love it. hate it."

Love it.

Hate it. But if I join the circus I'll be all over it.

Really hate it.

Thought I loved it {not the shoes}. My sister hates it. Realized I'm not a fan either.
What do you think?

Love it. Love it. Love it. Want it. Now.

But not getting it. Don't need it. It's sold out, so I couldn't get it if I want to.
Which I do. But I don't need it. This could go on all day long...

Hate it. Sparkly pants and a conductor jacket.
Someone got dressed in the dark, and that someone looks a little angry.

Love it. Want it.

Hate it. What's with the creepy sleeves this week?

{Image source}


Plastic surgery.

It doesn't always have to be scary. And in the end, everyone doesn't have to come out looking like this.

After 10 procedures in one day, Heidi Montag can hardly pass off as a real girl. And...she wants to go back for more. Word on the street {yes, I just said word on the street} is that Lisa Rinna made some comments about Heidi's surgery. Ummm...really? Lisa is in her mid 40s but all that work {in my humble opinion} makes her look over 50. Agreed?

What kind of a message are these women giving to young girls across the US? To women who are growing older and feeling insecure? Fortunately, no one cares about either of them very much. But here I am writing about it. So there you go.

I'm not sure what the deal is with people defacing their faces, but it makes me sad. Meg Ryan {one of my favorites} went a little too far. I'm sure you have all seen Nicole Kidman. And then there's everyone's fave, Joan Rivers. Why can't everyone be classy and fabulous like Meryl Streep? I think she looks amazing. I do think she could have had some minor work done but even if she has, you really can't tell. I love her.

Again -- I think a mini lift or a minor something here and there isn't such a bad thing {when done correctly}. There is a huge difference between "you look fabulous. did you go on vacation?" and "you look fabulous. what's your doctor's number." I just don't understand what happened to aging gracefully. Women today are doing everything they can not to age at all. It's weird, and I don't like it.

Would I ever have a mini lift if I felt I needed one? I think I'd consider it. I'm only 27, so it's not really on my mind. But I would not rule out doing something minor in a very, very, very long time. I'd do my research and make sure that no one could tell that I did anything. I would want to look rejuvenated and refreshed. Not nipped and tucked.

Tell me, would you ever have anything done to look younger? Botox? Face lift? What would/wouldn't you do?

I think that's enough rambling about plastic surgery. You're about to think I'm crazy, but the reason I was inspired to write this post is that I just had some work done myself. And it wasn't minor.

No, I didn't do anything to my face. I gave my blog a full on face lift. I'm talking a Heidi Montag you can't recognize me anymore face lift. I think it's classy and fabulous. It definitely looks like it had a little work done. If your blog needs any help, you can go here to get your own blog lift. I guess that would make me the surgeon. Fancy.

Have a great weekend!

Random thoughts.

  • Oasis won the Brit award for best album of the past 30 years for (What's the Story) Morning Glory. I have loved this album for over a decade. Since jr high to be exact. Well deserved. Liam Gallagher threw the award into the audience. Love it.
  • Men should not wear skinny jeans. And no one should wear Ed Hardy. I am not referring to anyone I have seen lately. I just wanted to throw that out there.
  • Last night I had dinner with 3 bloggers. This one, this one, and this one. I had a great time. It's really nice having someone to talk to other than Dexter. He's a lovely cat, but not much for conversation.
  • This is the first weekend that I do not have plans for Friday and Saturday night. I haven't even been here 3 weeks, so I guess I can't expect to have something to do every weekend. I just don't want to waste a Friday {or Saturday} night in this city. I can't imagine going out on the town by myself. Any ideas?
  • It seems that I may have Sunday plans, and that's better than nothing. So there.
  • Not having a DVR has been a little painful.
  • I feel like my blog has no direction. Maybe it's just this post. But I really do think it's my blog. And this post. Or maybe it's me.


It's about time.

I {finally} got a chance to meet my blog friend Ashley. She was in town for business, and took a very long cab ride to get here {just to see me for a few hours}. I loved meeting her, but was sad that we didn't have more time. Boo.

Ashley and I became friends when I designed her blog. I'm not sure when that was but it's been over a year, for sure. Since we met, Ashley became pregnant and now has two adorable little boys {Mason and Brody}. Love those names. :) We have video chatted quite a bit, and I just love her. She has been a great friend to me, so it was really nice to finally sit down with her. She is always sending sweet little notes and gifts and is just so incredibly honest, kind, thoughtful, and funny. She sends the best text messages.

Our visit may have been short, but we did manage to find enough time to play with photo booth!



Love this one.


Sad that Ashley has to go.

Loved finally meeting in you in person! Thanks for the chap stick {that's the key to my heart} and my sweet note and peppermint tea. And thank you for taking a very long cab ride just to see me.


Tacky Tuesday

I discretely took this photo while out to dinner my first week in Chicago. I know I've posted tackier ensembles, but these sleeves are {in my opinion} just wrong.

If you post something tacky on your blog today, leave me a comment so I can come take a look! I can do that now that I have internet access again!


Top 10

Well, it's been a crazy almost 2 weeks in Chicago. Tomorrow marks 2 weeks here, so I guess we can call it two weeks. I've moved, dealt with a very, very sick cat, and have gone a full week without internet access. Even with all the drama, I absolutely love it here. Looking forward to things calming down {hopefully}

Here is this week's top 10.

10. Kelsey came to visit this weekend. It was really nice seeing her again. We are currently hanging out on the sofa with a fire going while watching The Holiday starring Cameron Diaz. Best. Movie. Ever. What I wouldn't give to have one of those houses. James Radin is amazing.

9. Yesterday, we saw Valentine's Day. If you see it, be sure to stay for the bloopers at the end. Once you see the last one, you'll understand why I asked you to stay. I love Ta*ylor Swift, but she was pretty awful. Other than that, it was cute. Not amazing, but definitely cute.

8. The kitten is back to his troublesome, crazy self. He was really, really sick, so it's nice to have him back, even though he is in to everything again. I have never met a cat that loves food like he does. If he hears plastic wrappers or anything that may resemble a bag of treats, he's on it. The guy loves to eat. Amazing that he's only 5.5 lbs. Wish I had his freakishly fast metabolism and boundless energy.

7. I survived my first snow storm, and absolutely loved it. I actually had to take the kitten to the vet during the storm. It was really pretty. I walked around a few days later, and there is just something so nice about walking in the snow {in Hunter wellies, of course}. I love it. Speaking of my wellies, I am sort of wishing I had the fuchsia. Or the turquoise. So, so cute.

6. This is really exciting. I met an amazing designer here in Chicago, and the two of us are going to be teaming up. You may wonder what that means. Well, it means that tdg will soon be offering WordPress, website design, and pre-made website templates. I am so, so excited about this venture. We are also working on a massive redesign for my site. It is going to be a real website. Very, very professional. Did I mention that I'm just a little excited? Because I am.

5. I am loving all the snow and ice. Watching the snow fall is so magical.

4. As you may have figured out...I HAVE INTERNET ACCESS. The router was supposed to come by Tuesday, but showed up Friday and didn't work {of course it didn't work}. A man from AT&*T came out on Saturday to set it up.

I feel like I'm back in the real world, now. I have so much catching up to do. I doubt I'll be seeing much of Chicago this week. I need to work.

3. I have met some great people here in Chicago. One new friend drove me to whole foods and even picked me {and the kitten} up at the vet's office, and another came over for dinner. I have loved my time here, but being completely alone during the week has taken some adjusting. I am used to seeing someone {other than my cat} every day. Don't get me wrong -- I love it. It's just a little strange not having any close friends nearby.

2. To keep the spirit of Valentine's Day, Kelsey and I had this for dinner.

1. I am in Chicago, I have internet access and I am not in an apartment with "spirits" that like to mess with me and my clothes. I still really want those back by the way.

While we were at Urban Outfitters today, I realized I was missing another shirt. Ugh. I want my stuff. But seriously. I'm in Chicago and am hoping this week will be drama free. Is that too much to ask? I hope not.


I wanted an adventure...

It's been a while, hasn't it? I wish I could say that I've been too busy to post, but that is not the case. My reason for not posting would be that I do STILL do have any Internet access at the new place.

While my iPhone connects me to email, Twitter, facebook, and *most* of the outside world, without an Internet connection I cannot download, upload, or really communicate with clients.

I love my iPhone, but it just doesn't do everything. I'm sure apple will get right on that.

I am seriously going to lose. my. mind. I cannot express the urgency here. It's not like I need it to play around online. I need to WORK. Starbu*cks only gives you 2 hours and I am typically in constant communication with clients. There isn't really a perfect solution around this.

I am hopeful this will be sorted out soon. If not, I don't know what I'll do.

I'd love to share some photos with you. I would also love to upload some 365 pics to my 365 blog. But I'd need Internet for that.

Anyway, if you aren't all caught up, my adventures in Chicago have been quite interesting.

I was supposed to sublease an apartment from my sister's childhood friend, but "spirits" stole my lululemon hoodie, 2 tanks, and a long sleeve shirt (realized those were missing later) so I realized I just couldn't stay there. You can read the posts below to get caught up. And yes, I just said spirits. As in dead people. And yes, I think it's a crazy lie. I will supposedly have everything back at the end of the month. Crazy girl is going to "get it back" (or bring it back) when she is in Chicago on the 24th. Fingers crossed.

With the help of a new friend in Chicago, I found a fantastic condo. Or she found it, and I moved in. Anyway, it has been perfect. Except for the whole Internet thing.

So after all that drama, I notice that my little kitten is really off lady Saturday, but my mom tells me he doesn't need to go to the vet. You should always trust your instincts. I took the kitten in on Monday. He had a 105 degree fever and his white blood cell count was 30,000 (15,000 is normal). After a LONG and EXPENSIVE list including blood tests, an x ray, anti biotics, and an injection of saleme into his back (just under his skin. Not that scary) to bring down his temp, he is doing MUCH better. He went from laying there for 2 days to walking over to me, laying beside me, and purring. His fever broke that night and the spunky little monster I know and love came back to me.

Then the snow came. Everything was white (and still is) and I love it. It's COLD but beautiful. And the people of Chicago are wonderful. I really do love this city. If only it was December. I'd love to listen to a little winter wonderland or silver bells while sitting by the fire as the snow falls. Perfection. Did I mention that the new place has a fireplace?!

If only I had some Internet access. Clearly, I won't be getting over that.

A few more things.

Really excited that Kelsey will be here this weekend. And I get to meet my blog friend Ashley on Monday afternoon. I'd link them but I can't do that on my iPhone. I could do it on my laptop IF had internet access. Can you tell that I am just a little annoyed?! I just really need to work!!

Chicago has the largest whole foods in the country. It's like a mall. 2 floors, a bar...amazing. If it were only a little closer. I guess it's a good thing that it isn't easily accessible, because everything there is so expensive. And I'm all about prepared food, so I'm not sure I could resist.

I have some really exciting things coming up. I will be collaborating with a Chicago based designer and am so excited for our joint venture. Cannot wait!!

I did Jillian's 30 day shred yesterday. I think I liked it. I did follow up with 20 min of cardio. The workout wasn't easy but felt shorter than what I'm used to. Has anyone done it and seen results??

Let's hope that router shows up soon.



I will write more later, but here is a brief update. Kate linked me to this fabulous Chicago blogger {who I am sooooo taking to dinner as a thank you!}. I emailed her last night to tell her what was going on and asked if she knew anyone who may need to sublease an apartment.

She sweetly changed her FB status saying that a friend needed to sublease. A friend responded.

I emailed said friend, who called me.

I'm moving in to her AWESOME condo tonight.

It has a fireplace. And a plasma TV above it. And a gym in the building. And I'm in love.

This trip is officially so much better than it would have been had I been in this studio with suitcases and boxes all over the place.

So one bad thing happened and I was given something so, so much better. I am thankful. Very, very thankful.

An update. Advice needed.

Thank you all for your comments. It's really nice to know that you're all on my side. I am definitely way out of my element.

Anyway, here is the deal. She is willing to give me the spare key. The elevator key is electronic so she definitely cannot copy that one and the apartment key says "duplication prohibited." I told her I'd pay her on a weekly basis, and as long as things are ok each week, that I'd keep staying.

I also told her that she cannot come in to the unit while I am here, while Dexter is here, or while my things are here. I was very nice about it and explained it wasn't personal but that if all of this followed her I couldn't handle it. I need to know that we are both safe and that nothing else will go missing. She says that these "spirits" mess with her so I figure if she doesn't come over I'll be ok?! Ugh.

What do you think? Should I just stay here?

I found a place for $300 more without a washer/dryer in the unit and also found a hotel where I could afford to do 2 weeks, but that sounds like a horrible option.

My mom thinks I should just stay in this unit. I'd love your advice. Help!

Why can't things ever be EASY?!?!

I love Chicago. The city has been amazing. But...

This subleasing experience is quickly turning into a complete and utter nightmare, and I am so upset. I have been looking for other sublease options on Crai*gslist and am really hoping I can find something, because I am not ready to leave this city. There has been some crying, and it is currently 1:00 am and I can't sleep.

In short. {but not that short}
  • The girl I am subleasing from was best friends with my sis growing up. Figured I could trust her.
  • She has told a whole string of lies about how she was moving to Hawaii for work, didn't do that, went to SF, and is now going to Europe. First she was going to Europe for her job. It was supposedly a nonprofit company, which I was then told was a company that organized events for other companies. Now she's going to help a friend with something. And apparently, she doesn't even have a job.
  • I thought it was weird that she told me two dresses in the apartment were not hers, yet they were with her stuff.
  • She also told me she rented a truck and drove all her stuff to SF. Then that turned in to most of her stuff. I'm sorry, but all her stuff is still here. There is no way she did that.
  • I have NO tolerance for lies. I am such a tell it like it is person. I don't like liars. Obviously. Who does? Thought I should mention that.
  • Yesterday, my mom and I went out. We had a great time at the bean & after lunch, I hopped in a cab to go to TJ's for some groceries, then hopped in another cab to go back to the apartment. She said she had to leave because of allergies. She did appear to actually have allergies. I come back to find my $100 lululem*on hoodie missing. Let's not judge me for purchasing such an expensive hoodie. I work hard and live in this thing. I love it.
  • Apparently, she is a medium. I'm talking 6th sense, sees dead people medium. I am not one to judge. Do I believe in spirits? Yes. Do I believe that as she said the spirits were "messing with her" and took my hoodie, her iP*od, and her Uggs? NO. I do not.
  • Then there is her extensive lulule*mon collection. It just isn't adding up.
  • She also took the spare key. Since I don't trust that she's even going to Europe, I am completely uncomfortable with her having access to this unit. My cat and my things are here. My pets mean the world to me. I have to feel like my kitten is safe. I'd die if something happened to him. Things can be replaced. He can not.
  • She wasn't sure she was ok with me having both keys. She wanted one. But she wouldn't need it in Europe, would she?
  • The thing is, spirits don't take my things, and if this happens to her, how do I know that "they" won't take her key and come in here and mess with my things?
I just want this trip to be easy and fun. I love Chicago. I hope this one apt. that looks amazing is available. I love it. Great location and it looks fantastic. There also may be a sublease within this building.

Please think good thoughts for me. I do not want to leave but cannot stay in this unit. I have 2 days to sort this out. I do not trust her. At all. There shouldn't be any drama behind this situation, and all these things added up make me very, very nervous. Yes, I am neurotic, but there are just too many red flags.

I called J and he freaked out. He {of course} was worried about the kitten {loves animals like I do} and said he doesn't feel safe having me there once my mom leaves. He tends to balance things out when I freak out {which happens every so often}. I can overreact and tend to worry about every little thing. I'm fun like that. So knowing he is worried makes me even more uncomfortable.

This is not meant to be a "poor me" post. I am just really frustrated. I love this city and this is supposed to be an amazing experience. I am hoping it still will be. I just don't understand why things can't just be easy for once.


I love the bean.

My first trip to the bean was fantastic. I loved it. Really, really loved it. But seeing the bean with a little snow and ice was nothing short of magical. I love this town.



Well, I made it! I am in Chicago! My mom, the kitten, and I arrived yesterday afternoon.

Dex was a rockstar on the flight here. The wonderful Southwest flight attendants let me take him out of his travel case and keep him on my lap where he slept for the entire flight. He is such a sweet and laid back kitty. I love my kitten. And I also love Southwest.

My first night here, we ordered a pizza from the infamous Gino's East. For anyone that hasn't had Chicago pizza, it gives deep dish a whole new meaning. One small slice and you're full.

Today, I woke up to falling snow. It was magical. The temp was in the 30s, but when wearing a hat, coat, gloves, and boots, it felt perfect. It is definitely cold, but I love it. I haven't experienced 10 degree weather {or worse} so for now, I am enjoying myself.

We headed to Michigan Avenue to walk around and do some shopping. I love walking in this city. Back in LA, everything is so spread out. In Chicago, No.rth Face and Be.st Buy are two seconds from Nordstr.om, the drug store, or Bed Bath and Beyond. Everything is right there.

One of the highlights of my day was seeing "perfect" snowflakes. Maybe I'm a complete idiot, but I had no idea that these existed. They are so beautiful!

There is something about the snow that makes the city feel especially wonderful.

Tonight, we headed to a Bulls vs. Clippers game. For those of you {like me} that don't do sports, the Clippers are from LA. I think my mom was the only one cheering for them. I also think that I got a headache because I was so bored. My mom said it was ok for me to take off, so I hopped in a cab {all by myself!} and went back to the apartment.

I love Chicago.