beauty advice!!

I am seriously considering cutting ALL my hair off in the morning. I'm talking Michelle Willia*ms, Katie Ho*lmes, Victoria Beck*ham short.

So far, a few people have said I can pull it off. Thing is, I have to decide TONIGHT because my appointment is tomorrow.

Know any other celebs with super short hair that might inspire me?

Really need your advice. Help!


Preparing for winter. In Los Angeles??

I have been preparing for the winter weather. Living in LA, my collection of winter attire is not too impressive, because we don't have much of a winter here.

I ordered these gloves {or "glittens"} in a mustard yellow & in black, too. This way, I can pop the top off and access my iPhone. Wouldn't {and couldn't} have it any other way. How else will I talk on the phone, check my email, or find directions?
I also ordered a pair of Hunter Wellies in black, and plan on picking up a pair of Bogs. Hopefully they'll keep my feet nice and dry in rain and snow.

Yes, I just said snow. I know you must be wondering why I would need all of this winter attire in Los Angeles. And I am sure you are wondering why I am preparing for snow, because while we have been experiencing some rain, we are definitely not expecting any snow.

I need these things because I am going back to Chicago. I booked one way ticket there, and will be subleasing an apartment for at least one month. And I leave in 2 weeks.

I should probably pick up a few more long sleeve t-shirts, too. I hear it's pretty cold there.


More Aunt Rose-isms

I was on the phone with Great Aunt Rose the other night {who turned 91 in August}. She started saying some pretty entertaining things, so I typed them out while she rambled on and on. You can see what she said in bold, with my comments below.

...the average person that looks for a job -- it's usually a sit down job for females.

Females are getting to a point where they are beginning to do a lot of jobs only men used to do.

Women are very strong now. Very powerful.
Maybe it's all those sit down jobs that helped us gain so much strength.

Look at Hilary Clinton. She's a woman. Look how far she's gone.
For a woman, she's done a great job. ;)


Stating the obvious is fun.

I am co-writing this with my sister Jessica {on my new laptop!!}.

Our mom has been dating a guy for the past few years. We'll call him "Joe". "Joe" is a nice guy. He really is. He is nice to all of us, and treats my mom very well. But on occasion almost every single day, he astounds us with his ability to state the obvious & ask the most ridiculous of questions. We often have no choice but to reply with creative responses. It livens things up a little. And we're all about bringing a little life in to the most dull of situations.

I'd like to start by letting you know that my mom does not have an interest in reading either of our blogs, and even if she did, we joke about this all the time.

Here we go.

Scenario #1 {Jessica's favorite}
Let's start with Thanksgiving morning, 2008. We woke up early to bake our first pie. "Joe" walks in to the kitchen {it was about 8:30 am}. The conversation went as follows...

"Joe": Oh. Are you awake?
Jessica: No, we're zombies.

Scenario #2
At some point over the last year, I was standing outside with the pup. It had just started to rain, and Joe pulled up. He gets out of the car, and is just standing there.

"Joe": It's raining.
Me: I just stood there with a completely blank expression on my face. What do you say to that one?

Scenario #3 {my favorite!}
At my mom's birthday dinner last week, I was showing Jessica some video footage of the kitties on my iPhone while we were at the restaurant. I know. So rude. "Joe" sees that we're watching a movie.

"Joe": Is that live?
Me: Yes. The cats are on the table.

I couldn't resist.

Apparently, he assumed I set up a nanny cam in my room so I could watch my cats on my phone. Really?! Maybe that's not so much of a stretch for me. I am a little neurotic, and I do love my cats.

Scenario #4
A few years ago, my mom and "Joe" rescued their dog, Sophie. She is sort of scruffly {I know that isn't a word, but it feels friendlier than scruffy since she is a lady}. Anyway, "Joe" constantly refers to Sophie as a he. I'm talking all the time. He also always refers to Dexter as a she. It's really not that hard.

Scenario #5
At a family dinner {I never go to these}, Jessica witnessed the following:
"Joe": Laptops are outselling PCs.

Maybe he meant that Macs are outselling PCs {which isn't true} or maybe he meant that laptops are outselling desktops.

Scenario #6
We are sitting in the kitchen with my mom, eating sushi. I don't actually eat fish, so I was enjoying some delicious vegetable tempura rolls. Anyway...Joe walks in.

"Joe": Are you eating dinner this late?
Me: No, we ate two hours ago. {said as we all continue eating}.

I couldn't help myself. Can you blame me? Anyway, he's used to it, everyone seems to enjoy our sassy responses.

Scenario #7
"Joe" walks in to the kitchen to find Shelby there by herself.

"Joe": Hello, everyone.
Shelby: Are you calling me fat?

And don't even get us started on the incessant chatter.

I hope this doesn't seem mean. We will tease my mom about these things and even she laughs. Like I said, "Joe" is a nice guy. And we joke around with "Joe" too. He just tends to ask really ridiculous questions and has a knack for stating the obvious. And walking around rambling to himself. Or anyone within earshot.


Tacky Tuesday.

The snuggie. Let's face it. It's tacky and I love it. This leopard snuggie {my leopard snuggie} is being worn by Ally. We decided to have a Tacky Tuesday photo shoot around Christmas, and I have received more than one comment on facebook asking where this post is.

I purchased my wonderfully tacky snuggie at a drug store in San Antonio with Jill. She was so nice to take me on a late night leopard snuggie hunt.

Ally is also sporting a very stylish Santa hat, and my new aviators.


Top 10 {beginning of the year edition}

I didn't mean to start off 2010 without blogging. The start of this year has been insanely busy and I just haven't had a spare moment to do much of anything. Here is my top 10 for the beginning of 2010.

Also, I needed to take Christmas down, so I just threw this banner up there. I am hoping for something a little more winter{ish}, but just don't have time. And really -- it's always 70 degrees and sunny in LA anyway, so I guess this is fitting, for now...

10. At the beginning of last week, I was told that I could open up shop at Scrap Matters. I didn't want to wait, and stayed up very, very late working on previews, uploading my files to the site FTP, and setting up my shop {you need to upload previews and set up your shopping cart}.

It involved staying up until 4 or 5 am a few times, but so worth it! Between this and blog design, I have been extremely busy. Everyone at SM has been so sweet to me. So, you can now find me at Polka Dot Plum and Scrap Matters!

9. On New Year's Day, my sister and Angela came over to J's. We played Apples to Apples, they all talked about football, and I made a delicious pasta salad.

Here is the recipe.

1 (1lb) box of pasta. I prefer whole wheat (no surprise there) but the 3 color curly one looks prettier, so I used that.
1 cup Newman's Italian dressing
1 container fresh mozzarella balls
Spinach leaves
Chopped celery

Boil pasta, and let it cool down.
Add 1 cup dressing, mozzarella, some spinach leaves, and chopped celery. That's really it. Very, very easy, and a nice, light meal. It was recommended that you let it marinate for a bit, although I only let it sit an hour or two before everyone at it. I loved it, and made it again last week.

8. On January 6th, we celebrated my mom's birthday.

7. I started project 365. If you don't know what this is, I'll explain. You take one photograph every day for one year. Lots of people are doing a blog post every day to document each photo.

You can click the image below to visit my 365 blog. It has been really fun so far, so let's hope I can keep up with it. Is anyone else doing project 365?

6. I redesigned my site, and have been working on my wait list. This look is very clean/simple and graphic. I think I love it.

5. I started physical therapy for the car accident that I was in before I left for my big trip. I've been so busy that I hadn't had a chance to go until last week.

4. I've been working out. I went Saturday-Tuesday, then had a hair appointment Wednesday, and spent all of Thurs-Friday working on my shop at SM. Still -- I am very serious about my workouts. I cannot wait to get the ok to go back to spinning, rowing, and yoga!

3. I spent Saturday with J's parents and his sister {and her family}. We had a great time. The kids are so sweet. I especially love his niece {she's 4}. We discussed lots of girly things, & looked at photos and played on my iPhone. She wants me to bring my cat to her house. ;)

2. Brothers and Sisters & Housewives came back, and Big Love comes back tonight! Can't wait. But if you know me at all, you know that I really can't wait for Weeds. The only clue we have is that it returns in 2010. I am hopeful it will be back by this summer, but hopefully sooner.

Remember -- I watch quite a bit of TV, but Weeds is my favorite show. I think the fact that I speak so highly of Weeds means that you should all be watching it. You'll thank me. I promise.

1. I am bringing back Fab Fridays, only now, they'll be hosted on my design blog. If you have any great Fab Friday topics, please let me know!

And if everything else hasn't kept me busy enough, these four monsters sure do take up a lot of time. ;)

And because you can't really see his face in the photo above, I need to share the cuteness that is my kitten. He is such a love and fits in so well with his new friends, but really is a little monster. ;) Every time the front door opens, he tries to run outside. He has gotten out at least 5x. Fortunately, he is very easy to catch.

He has also not lost his obsession with licking my face in the middle of the night. Such a creepy little weirdo. That's what I get for naming him after a serial killer ;)