Happy holidays. To you.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

While I love Christmas, there are so many other wonderful holidays to celebrate in December. According to Seventh Generation, it is national hand washing awareness week. F-U-N. Danny Tanner would be all over this one.

I like to think that you all wash your hands on a regular basis. If not -- that's just gross. There are so many lovely varieties of soap out there so there's really no excuse. Here are a few of my favorite natural soaps. As you know...I like things as close to nature as possible. No harsh chemicals. Also gross.

But not as gross as not washing your hands.

Clockwise, from top left.
Method {sweet water is my favorite}

What's your favorite hand soap?


  1. Method Soap is my fave, the green one. And the special edition Sweet Currant, it's red. :)

  2. I love sweet water too. It smells so clean!

  3. Method is my favorite too! I started using the brand when I had my baby girl and I love it!