She embraced the 80s.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Looking at these photos, I learned a few things about myself.
1. My awkwardness in front of a camera started at a very young age.
2. My mother has a terrible sense of fashion or she absolutely hated me & enjoyed making me look stupid.
3. I really wasn't that cute.

*Update. My mom read this post and felt that it needed an update. She doesn't want "the whole world" {she obviously doesn't know how unpopular this blog is, but I appreciate the vote of confidence} thinking that she dressed me badly {although she totally did -- sorry mom!}, and asked that I update this post.

Velour sweatsuits made a comeback, you know.
My grandmother picked this one out. I am at her house here.

Dress? Check. Patent leather party shoes? Check. Sweatbands? Check.
I'm so glad this photo doesn't look forced. I obviously loved my sister.
I obviously added the sweatbands but am supposed to mention that they were not her sweatbands. Happy, mom?

See? I loved her so much that I wore wallpaper? MOM! Come on!!
My grandmother supposedly picked this one out, but she is not alive to dispute that claim. This outfit also closely resembles my mom's kitchen wallpaper at the time this was taken. I don't know what to say.

Socks over my pants with velcro shoes. And then there's the sweater. Good lord.
I dressed myself here. But mom -- you bought the sweater! Just saying...


  1. I think you were adorable!!! That's just the way things were...normal...I guess!! :)

  2. Ha Ha... Love these! I still can't get over how curly your hair was back in the day.

    Jessica, your comment is awesome... SO YOU & FUNNY!

  3. Patent leather shoes outfit looks like you're trying be little orphan Annie at the end of the play!

    This last pic is reminiscent of Rainbow Bright. :)