A little redecorating.

Friday, September 10, 2010

The past few weeks I found myself feeling progressively dissatisfied with my apartment. Starting with nothing {no art, no furniture etc.} is definitely a challenge. I knew I needed a change so I brought the dresser from my entry into the living room to serve its new purpose as a TV stand. It is my favorite piece of furniture & I absolutely love having it in my living room.

Loving my plant from Jayson Home & Garden.
And you can see the pup playing with his beloved squeaky tennis ball

My desk always felt out of place in front of a window & in my living room, and the bench that I purchased for extra seating wasn't really serving its purpose outside of my living area. So what did I do? I switched their locations yesterday. At 1:00 am, of course. So glad I knew myself well enough to place sliders on the white dresser the day it was delivered. I now have a work space separate from my living space, extra seating in my living room, and a place to lean my pin board now that my desk is no longer against a window.

I would store everything in mason jars if I could.

And now I can display things on my pin board, like this card from my friend Ashley.
She gave it to me months ago & it still makes me smile.

All this shuffling of furniture left me without anything in the entry so I ended up ordering a piece of furniture that I had fallen for months ago. This will ideally end up as a little mini-bar someday. Until then, it will provide lots of storage and a place to throw my keys. Now I just need to find the perfect finishing touches.


Disclaimer - the "bar" above is not mine. I bought that piece but that is a photo from Wisteria's website.

I am already loving my place so much more, and am so excited to continue making it feel like home. Next on the list...art for these very blank walls! And throw pillows. And a throw blanket. And some candles, a pretty tray to hold said candles, & a few other things. The list never ends!

I have decided not to paint after all. I would rather spend the money on the mile long list I just typed out.

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  1. Your place is looking soooooooo cute!!!!!! :)

  2. l-o-v-e!!!

    the photos you take are so beautiful!


  3. loving it sissy!

    and i really like that super cute snow & graham paper cube on your desk. i wonder who would be amazing enough to get that for you...

  4. um i'm jealous of how cute it is. seriously.

  5. for your first place (and even if it isn't) it is so well pulled together! everything looks awesome. really great job.

    i know the perfect tray you should get - i'll send you the link when i get home! only thing is it's so pretty you won't want to put too many things on it to cover it up! catch 22!

    & yes that plant is perfect.

  6. I'm at a loss as to how you could manage a mostly white apartment, but I'm clumsy and messy as all get-out. I love that dresser, though. I think it does look better as a TV stand, but where is your DVR/Cable Box, DVDs and everything else? In the drawers?

  7. It is so NICE !!! I love your style in more ways then one !! :)

  8. The setting looks beautiful!

    Just came across your blog! :)


  9. your place is coming along great;) i love that card your friend gave you! it cracked me up!

  10. The dresser looks great under the TV! That's such an awesome piece.

  11. I really love this arrangement...and I LOVE little bars!!! So Chic!!

  12. can't wait to see the finished project. just remember (says the girl who has completed dozens of moves and goes overboard each time) you don't have to have it all done immediately. decorating is a process!