Going the extra mile.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

On August 14th, I attended the Healthy Living Summit & was inspired to sign up for a 5k. But there was a catch. I couldn't even run half a mile. I love spinning & yoga, but have never been a runner. So I started training. I didn't really follow a program but started running around the beautiful city of Chicago.

Within the past week or two I had finally hit the 2 mile mark. I hadn't tried running more than 2 miles, but last night {just 24 days after HLS} I went the extra mile. I ran 3 miles in 37:17. I am sure those stats aren't too impressive, but I have to complete the 5k in less than 45 min so this means I can do it.

It also means that...
a. I ran for almost 40 min
b. I ran three miles!


  1. It's a good feeling. Way to go!

  2. That's awesome! Keep up the good work! I know getting into running can be really hard sometimes, so that's great that you are doing so well. :)

  3. Sooooo proud of you, girl!!!!! :)

  4. Good for you! That is fantastic. I started Couch to 5K last week.

  5. I'm jealous. I too can NOT run for my life. You're inspiring me that I could actually do it. I need to get in gear and just do it.