In the kitchen: vegan peanut butter cups.

Monday, August 23, 2010

First, she brought Cher Horowitz into our lives. Can you imagine life without Clueless? As if! Actress, activist, and vegan Alicia Silverstone has written The Kind Diet -- which shares her passion and reasoning for living a vegan lifestyle.

Making home made vegan peanut butter cups is an experience that no one should miss out on. Organic crunchy peanut butter, dairy free chocolate chips, organic sugar, organic graham crackers, and some sliced almonds. That's it. No additives. Pure, simple, and delicious.

You can see the recipe here.

Just a note that the recipe called for paper liners for the cupcake pan but I didn't have any & had no desire to make a trip to the store to pick them up. So...these probably could have been a little prettier. Still so, so good.

"I just took a look at my dog and said, 'If I'm not willing to eat you, how can I continue to eat these other creatures that have the same desire to live, are just as funny, just as cute as my dogs?'" - Alicia Silverstone


  1. awww Danielle, this is a sweet post. Love Alicia's quote. I feel the same way.

    and these look delicious, have you decided not to post the recipes?

  2. Because these are from her book & are online I linked to the recipe. I am not 100% sure what the rules are, but so far everything I have posted has been my own.

  3. I love Alicia Silverstone and that quote you posted really makes a lot of sense. I do eat meat and feel kind of like a hypocrite sometimes since I’m a huge animal lover. On a lighter note, those peanut butter cups look and sound so natural and delicious. I also agree that life without Clueless would be a sad world ;)

  4. Those look delicious! My roommate is working on becoming a vegan, so I'll have to pass along this recipe :)