go green.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I have always cared about our environment but once I moved to Chicago I took it to a whole new level. Hopefully I won't come across as overly preachy. And if I do, maybe it means that you need to kick it up a notch. Go green.

Here we go.

I use reusable grocery bags. This bag is my favorite since is both cute & practical. I have 2 by this brand and keep them in my purse at all times. These hold tons of groceries, are very light, & fit anywhere. I use these at the grocery store, drug store, pet store etc...


When I go shopping I always ask that my clothes are not wrapped in tissue paper. It is unnecessary and wasteful.

When I am able, I give gifts in gift bags since they can be reused. As much as I love wrapping paper, I have tried to cut back. I am not saying that I will never use wrapping paper again. I just try to use gift bags when I can.

I gave up meat again. I cannot wait for my copy of The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone. While I am not vegan, I believe so much in what she practices. I do not usually buy into what celebs are doing because but in this case, I want to hear what she has to say.

I use organic cleaner. I love anything by Seventh Generation, Shaklee, or Method. I have never been disappointed by any of their products. I cannot support companies that test on animals when these brands have fantastic, chemical free, & cruelty free products that I love.

I always buy cage free & vegetarian fed eggs/egg whites. Chickens that are not cage free have less than a single sheet of paper {of space} on which to live out their entire lives. Definitely worth spending a little extra if you ask me.

St. Ives oatmeal body wash and apricot scrub are both great products & I love St. Ives because they do not test on animals! The apricot scrub is fantastic!


I use Bobbi Brown's skin care line. Her makeup and brushes are all cruelty free! I was the first in my family to start using this line. My mom and sis both use it now as well.
Here is a list of companies that do not test on animals.

I rarely use paper towels. It took 3 weeks to use one roll, and I have a feeling having my mom here for a week had something to do with that. I have some very inexpensive white cloths that I use for rags & simply wash them when they're dirty.

I have not gone this far and think it's a little gross, but here is a whole other way to go green. Makes me cringe just a little bit.

Instead of using a Swiffer sweeper I use a microfiber duster & wash the cloth once a week with my rags.

I use cloth napkins. Prettier than paper, & they're good for the planet. Win-win.

I never buy water bottles. They are a waste of money & resources. I loved my Klean Kanteen, but it somehow disappeared. It wasn't that practical to carry around since it was sort of large & heavy. I recently purchased the move collective bobble water bottle, and love it. It is half the cost of a Klean Kanteen, very lightweight, BPA free, & easy to carry.

I try to remember to unplug kitchen appliances when not in use.

When my car lease was up last January, I did not get another car. I happen to live in a city with great public transportation, which was actually one of the reasons I moved here. I understand that not everyone has this option. Had I still been in LA I would have to have a car. Nobody walks in LA! If you do have to have a car, you can always carpool or walk when you are able.

When one of my best friends declared that she would be using cloth diapers, I thought she was a little crazy. I figured she could only use them at home but after spending lots of time around baby Logan I realized that cloth diapers are pretty amazing. When you look at the pros/cons, these win. Hands down. Jess wrote a great post about cloth diapers here.
And I'm sorry, but regular diapers just don't look this cute.

So tell me. What are you doing to go green? Has anything I have written about inspired you?


  1. I have 5 of those envirosax - one for my purse, one for my work bag, one for my husband's bag, and 2 for extras. I've also been line-drying most of our clothes these days :-) Every little bit helps, right?!

  2. LOVE this post!!

    I always take my bags to the grocery store.
    I have a Chicobag in my purse that I got for free when I bought the book Gorgeously Green...which I LOVE!
    I usually use Mrs.Myers cleaners and soap, but I just ordered some shaklee and can't wait to give it a try!
    We only use cloth napkins here at home....rarely paper towels, but we do have them.
    No more water bottles at our house...everyone has a stainless steel water bottle now.
    So far that is how I have gone green!

  3. I have a grocery bag that's like that but it doesn't go as small! I think it's a great green idea :)

  4. Love the shout-out, thanks :) I can't believe how little Logan is there...wow it goes by fast! And this is maybe TMI, but I'm totally planning on going green in that "whole other way" once "it" returns! I have a couple friends who use it and swear by it. Like cloth diapers for women ;)

  5. Jess, Yes! I do not lie when I say that using the Diva, or a similar product, is really not as big a deal as it seems when first learning about it. I've been using one for 6 years (holy wow, where has the time gone!) and I've not only saved money but have been all the greener for it. You can get them on Amazon for under $25, which is less than what I spent 6 years ago. Oddly, it's life-changing, in a great way. I cannot recommend the Diva (or mooncup, or keeper) enough.

    I'm currently trying to cut plastics out of my life as much as possible. Plastic bags for food storage is currently a big one that we're trying to work around. It's tough! And, Danielle, thanks for the links for cosmetics-- I'm trying to go greener with those as well.

  6. Girl I am with you, trying to do my part!!! I use a re-usable water bottle and coffee mug everyday at work (although we do sometimes have bottled at home). I NEED to get some reuseable grocery bags - although I do get double use out of all the trader joes paper ones- they turn into trash bags, and the plastic groceries bags turn into dog poop bags - so not the greeniest - but I am trying to not just throw it away!

    I love my microfiber duster - i think i works better than my regular swifter, and I use rags all the time too!


  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Envirosax! I have had great luck with scoring 3 packs for cheap from babyhalfoff.com I get so many compliments on them, too!

    We always use our Envirosax when we shop. I no longer use paper towels (and save so much money!) We bought a big pack of white bar towels from Costco and keep them in a basket on the kitchen counter to use when we need to wipe something down.

    We ADORE Method products. We use their household cleaners and bath products.

    I take my SIGG everywhere with me, but I'm totally loving how chic that water bottle is! I just may have to get one!

    We also recycle weekly. Our trash can is only about a 1/4 of the way full each week. It's awesome!

  8. I have the same exact bag, ok, different color but same! :) I recycle a lot...from batteries, to glass (even make a difference in color), paper, carton, plastic, plastic bottles, leftovers like fruits and veggies. The plastic bottles hardly come together because, again, I reuse them until they just can't do their job anymore. I've had some of my bottle for more than a year. ;)

    And when it comes to make-up or such I try to stay as green as even possible. However, over here some brands aren't available and if they are available they're just super expensive :( Love Stila, for example...so sad I can't find it anymore here. :(

    Have a terrific day girl. :)

  9. growing up, my parents always taught (and lived by the fact) that we need to be good stewards of the world that God created for us. This, in essence is how I approach "being green" (I won't get into it... but... I'm not a fan of that phrase... it's just me - if anyone wants to use it, fine. ;) - it's just my little 'thing' I don't care for.)

    Being a good steward is my goal.
    I hate how being a good steward of what God has created has turned political in so many realms of society... which is sad.

    Of course, I think it is important to use items in your everyday life that are the best option when it comes to being a good steward. But, honestly: some people take it way too far. (and, again - I won't get into it. LOL. I can *really* get into it too.) and, Danielle - you are totally NOT one of those people (I admire what you promote & that you share it with us. You are *real*, know what I mean?)

    no, I'm not a vegetarian (but, does that mean that I think people that are [or are vegans] are wrong/weird for being such? absolutely not.)
    I'm all about health. And, actually - I find myself eating pretty much only fruits/vegetables/whole grains for meals... so, I could actually see myself becoming a vegetarian if I really wanted to. ha!

    Paper towels. I think we go through 1 roll a month. really, people. how hard is it to use a real towel?

    well, I could go on & on ... so... maybe I'll save it for a blog post someday :)

  10. What a great post Danielle. One of the reasons I love you dearly. We have so much in common and its funny because I have seriously been contemplating going 'green that whole other way' My aunt nancy who's very 'green' and VERY 'vegan' (www.healthlady.com) swears by it. She sends me emails sometimes asking me if I'm using it yet, so I might have to give it a try.. soon.. I'm kind of scared too but I hear its really not that big of a deal.

    PS. love all the cruelty free items you suggested:) Hope you're having a great weekend.