Falling for fall.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I have always loved the idea of a real fall. Orange leaves, pumpkins, cider, & a crisp autumn breeze. Each year I anticipate the fall lines and it seems that the 2010 lines will not disappoint. Now that I will get to experience a real fall, I cannot help but want to dress for it.

It really is such a shame that I had to spend all my money on furniture. Sometimes I think I would have been better off sitting on boxes in a new pair of boots & a trench. Or maybe a cape & a wedge? Or maybe some sequins & a clog. If only I believed in credit card debt. The fun I would have...

Since I have been so impressed with J.Crew (recent posts here & here), let's start with a few favorites from the Crew.


There's that vest again.

I'll really want Malin's skirt. So sad that it sold out.

All images via J.Crew

I have really fallen for all the sequins coming out this fall. I recently picked up this little number in black and am waiting for the perfect event so It can make its debut. It is so much cuter in person. Trust me.

What is on your must have list for fall?


  1. I love Fall clothes...to bad most of mine are too small for my big preggo belly!!! Without buying all new ones that is. Luckily non maternity cardigans are way better than the (matronly) preggo ones!!!

  2. The fall fashion this season is amazing. I checked out the J.Crew site the other day and I fell in love with the cardigans. So glad you get to experience the greatest of fall in Chi-Town style!

  3. Fall. Oh how I love it - my favorite season. (but... I wish the leaves turned colors here) :(
    ...fall clothing is my fave too.

    I agree. J. Crew is pretty much amazing right now.

    I'd love a new trench- in a different, fun color ... like a plum.

  4. J. Crew is dangerous. Almost everything currently on the website is amazing.

  5. LOVE fall clothes!!
    Clogs are on my list for sure!! I am loving the Ugg clogs right now!
    and...I love how the denim shirt is carrying over into fall...love it with sequins!!

  6. Good lord you're posting a lot these days!!! The bloomers are super cute, and I'd definitely take either of those dresses in that last pic! Too bad I have to lose 10 more lbs of baby weight before I can justify shopping again...