Books, magazines, a bench, & Jennifer Garner.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Between work & life, I have so little time to read. When I do have down time, I am usually watching one of my many favorite TV shows, cleaning, cooking, running errands, out with friends, working out, searching for art/furniture/accessories for the apartment, playing with the pup, etc... The list goes on.

When do you people find time to sit down and read? I tried to read Eat. Pray. Love. on my iPad {because I convinced myself I'd make time to read if it was on an iPad}. I got bored.


I did a little shopping over the past few days. First, I ordered subscriptions to a few of my favorite magazines. A little housewarming gift to myself. Vogue, InStyle, and Elle Decor. The perfect way to get in some reading time.

I also ordered a few books. Because I do read. I'm just selective. It was after reading this post that I was inspired to order One Special Summer. I cannot wait until it arrives! I ordered one of Elle Decor's books as well. I wanted both but figured I should wait. I have a birthday coming up so maybe I can ask my sister for the other one.

I finally ordered a copy of 13 Going on 30 for $7.

I am most excited about the bench in the collage above. I purchased this bench {in black with a white cushion} from Ballard Designs. I also purchased my coffee table & TV stand from Ballard. I keep buying basic pieces with hopes that I'll accessorize them with a little color. That's the plan, so let's hope I make it happen. Chances are that for the most part, I'll stick to a simple palette.

Any favorite places to purchase throw pillows or fabric?

Meg Ryan's beach house via Elle Decor. One of my favorites. So clean & chic.

I need to bring some life into my home. What plants can I buy that won't die after 4 days? I have been searching for the perfect orchid, and would love something similar to what Meg Ryan has on her coffee table. Any plant connoisseurs want to help me out?


  1. Definitely let me know what you find out about the plants - I'm having a similar predicament myself!

  2. i've decided unless it's a "book on tape" i will never finish a book again! i am so behind on the latest technology so i don't know...but can the ipad read it to you??? does that miss the whole point??? ha!!i listen to books in the car, but sitting down and reading...just can't do it these days. eat, pray, love is sitting on my nightstand right now. i can't get beyond page 25...i'll just watch the movie!

  3. Can I please have Meg Ryan's beach house?! If not forever maybe for a week or two or maybe three?! Love this.
    Ha, at least your plants lasted 4 days...mine usually die after 2! Whoops. ;(

    Have a good weekend girl. :D

  4. I read before bed. It's the only me time I usually get. I read Eat, Pray, Love last year and it is one of my favorite books. I highly recommend the Poison Wood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver. It's one of the greatest books I've ever read!

  5. Love your new bench!!!
    Velvet and Linen just showed a post of a clients home and on the coffee table they put a cool basket with a few different ferns in it...check it out!

    Love my In Style..this month's (Sept) is HUGE!

    I could not get through Eat Pray Love...just sayin :)
    I loved The Help, and now am reading 3 Cups of Tea (great) and Little Bee (great again!)

  6. I love the idea of a housewarming gift to yourself. Magazines are a great idea!

  7. Ha, I have all these as well (except In Style)and just earlier today sat out on my porch trying to catch up before the next months come! Although it can be challenging at times, I do LOVE to sit and look through my magz :)