stalk much?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

When the stalkers start flowing in a girl has to protect herself. ;) Now that I am moving to a new city {by myself} I just felt better changing things up. I also think that after a breakup it is best knowing that the person you have ended a relationship with does not have access to your life. I did keep {most of} my blog posts because they are a part of who I am & I wouldn't want to lose everything that got me here. I could end up changing the name {you saw that coming...right?}. One thing you can always count on is my indecisiveness.

So here is what happened. This "girl" {I use quotes because "she" does not have any photos on "her" blog, and could very well be a very creepy 57 year old man}. Let's call this person creeper {or just "C"}. Creeper used to reply to all of my tweets on twitter. If I was getting my nails done, C wanted to know what color. Eating a quinoa cake? C wanted to know what quinoa tasted like. Posted a photo of Chicago, and C asked where that was or would {creepily} post saying "she" knew where the photo was taken.

I wanted to be nice and replied to creepers tweets for a bit. But it got too uncomfortable, so I started ignoring "her". Well, that didn't stop good old C. "She" kept on tweeting, even without any reply from me. When I got tweets 2-3 nights in a row asking if I liked my hair {and numerous tweets throughout the day} and a blog comment on my blog 3 seconds after I posted a photo of my hair, I was done. On 7/3, I blocked C on twitter.

I got an email 2-5 minutes later. C wanted to know if something was wrong with twitter because "she" was blocked. I did not reply. Got another email. C apologized for seeming stalkerish and said that "she" loved my hair {the hair was brought up so many times it was just uncomfortable}, and wanted to "start doing graphic design without copying me", and deserved an explanation for being "unfairly blocked". I don't know about you, but if there was someone on twitter that never tweeted to me, I would not continue to tweet to them. I would also never take the time to email someone for blocking me. If you block me, peace out.

I never replied to C's emails, and was shocked when I got another email last Friday. It just got worse at this point. C insisted on getting an explanation and said if it was because "she" followed my friends on twitter that she stopped following them out of respect for me {WEIRD}. There was also another comment about the hair, and lots of rambling So strange...

I decided to be nice and email back. It was a short email, and I just stated that all the tweets made me very uncomfortable, and because I could not see who this person was it made me even more uncomfortable. I also told "her" that sending 3 emails for being blocked on twitter only made me that much more uncomfortable, and that "she" should consider how she approaches communication with strangers. I said it all felt a little stalker{ish} and this is where it got ugly. Let us remember it was good old Creepy that dropped the S word first, shall we? In my reply back, C sent me a photo of a black girl {even though her profile is of a white girl} saying that was her and asking if we could start over. No we cannot.

At this point, C goes on twitter and starts tweeting about how I am only friends with people with photos for their profile photos, and how I called her a stalker. Then 3-4 other accounts get it on it. I am 99% certain that these were all C's accounts. There were two tweets that upset me. One stated that I didn't know what it was like to have a real job. Try being me for 5 minutes. My job is real, thank you. Sometimes I wish that I worked for someone else because my job would end at the end of the day. But -- then my amazing boss {that's me, if you're a little slow} gives me a day off or lets me run an errand and I remember that this isn't so bad after all.

Anyway! I blocked everyone involved on Twitter, stopped getting emails from crazy, and that was that. And in case you went there, I am pretty certain that crazy is not Mandy {the girl I almost subleased from who stole a bunch of my clothes}. This person had been following me on twitter for a while, so it wouldn't add up. But you never know...

So that's whatt happened. Good times. And if you're here, welcome. I am excited to share this new journey with all of you!


  1. Umm, wow. I can NOT believe that this happened to you! HOW crazy. I can't even get the things I want to say out in this comment because I can't organize them properly to say how STUPID I think that is. I think you handled it perfectly! And I look forward to reading about your new journey to the Windy City!

    Oh, and thanks to this for you (even though it totally sucks) I made my twitter private. You just can't be too careful.

  2. Holy cow...that is super creepy! There are some serious weirdos out there.

  3. CREEPY!!!!! Glad you are being more private. This is some scary stuff!!!!

  4. Oof, what a mess! I think you handled it well too. Moving on and up!

  5. Holy cow! She sounds crazy. Glad you are starting over!

  6. Boo for crazies! Yay for blogging anyway!

  7. Ew! Reminds me of that one movie with the psycho roommate! Remember that?

    Well, it sounds more like a "her" than a creepy man, but you're right, you never know!!

    So weird!!!!!

    Glad to keep up with you on this blog (in a non-stalkerish way of course)

  8. I think I should start commenting on your blog so you can keep seeing my photo and thus be reassured I'm not a 57-year-old man ;P That's freaky, freaky behavior, and I'm sorry you got hit with it.

    YAY for fresh starts! :)

  9. THAT is creepy, and weird. I am guessing the person doesnt know anything about you that could be dangerous (ie. family members, address)...
    I have a similar person on my FB, unfortunately...

  10. ummmmmm SCARY! can you please make sure "she" is not following me. This creeps me out

  11. Oh good... I'm glad you left me a comment. I've been meaning to ask you to send me your new blog link!!! Is this the new blog name? :)

  12. I got your back girl!!!! and incase you didn't know the hubs is our 'BLACK'-up (if you catch my drift!!!) 'OUR' town welcomes you and we can't wait for you to get here!!!

  13. Dang so sorry this is what happened! This would have totally freaked me out, too and I would have done the same thing as well. Absolutely. :)

    She should not be following me...mine are "secured". I hope. haha. ;)

    Have a fab day. :D

  14. good grief! that is just plain bizarre. I'd be freaked out if I were you...

    hope you don't have any more issues with the Creepster!

  15. Talk about a looney toon! Sorry you had to go through that!