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Guess I'm going home.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

In my last post was titled "go bold or go home," I showed you a pretty bold paint choice for an old dresser.

one of my inspiration photos, via Domino

As much as I can appreciate the photo above, I realize that a) the color I chose is very different b) my dresser is not nearly as lovely as this one & c) it just isn't very me. While I love the idea of going bold, I think I should focus on a bold move to Chicago rather than bold furniture choices. And if I do go bold, I would much rather have a fun faux bamboo chair or throw pillow. I could even consider a blanket. But a dresser? Too difficult to undo that boldness.

I spray painted the handles, which were a little gold for me.

When I think of what I envision for this space, I imagine the Something's Gotta Give house mixed with the house from The Holiday with a touch of color here & there. Something a bit younger with my own little twist. White sofa & jute rug in the living room. Blue/cream striped rug in the entry hall. Industrial bar stools. Very chic, clean, and lovely.


But this? Not so much. I chose the wrong blue & also realized that I don't like this dresser very much. I am so tempted to scrap the entire project, but want to give gray or even a gray/blue {the colors I initially wanted} a chance.

If it comes down to going bold or going home, you may just find me sitting at home with my pup, watching some good TV. You know how much I love TV.

I think this means I have to prime the dresser again. Do I have to sand it down, too?


  1. NOOO!! The dresser looks awesome! Leave it Leave it Leave it

  2. I reckon it looks ok!
    maybe you just need to see it in the space with say, a lmap & a stck of books etc on it?! some thing slook pretty average untill you 'style' them up!
    Sal x

  3. I think the color is fine... add a glaze maybe to soften a bit... or distress it a bit... and a must is changing that antiquated hardware... old even if it is painted black...

    But I do like the bold ... going for that pop of color is a good thing... and I think with the correct items on top, this will look great in an entry way.

  4. I am not a fan of this blue, but maybe it's just me. I also think that you may want to try some new hardware before srapping the project, since the dresser has is still in good shape. I say paint it again, and get some knobs that you love and try again. You may have to fill those holes and drill a new one, depending on how the knobs are attached. But, don't get discouraged. Crafting and painting for your home is all about trial and error, you aren't going to LOVE everything you try. So, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again....until you LOVE it! :-)

  5. I LOVE it. I think it looks great (but blue and black are also my favorite colors). You need to try it out in the space and see what it looks like.

  6. i agree with you that it's not working as-is, but i think it's salvageable with a new choice of hardware. I'd go for hardware in either gold or a lighter shade of blue. The current hardware is too heavy and dark, which is making the piece look dense and heavy itself.
    Anthropologie has alot of great options online. Here are just a couple that I liked.
    this in aqua: http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=973922&catId=HOME-HARDWARE&pushId=HOME-HARDWARE&popId=HOME-HARDWARE&sortProperties=&navCount=45&navAction=top&fromCategoryPage=true&selectedProductSize=&selectedProductSize1=&color=041&colorName=Aqua&isProduct=true&isBigImage=&templateType=&subCategoryId=HOME-HARDWARE-FINISH
    this in lilac

  7. I actually love it! It would look good in a room with white walls :) But you should definitely repaint it if it isn't "you"

  8. Danielle, try using a gloss finish, and changing up the hardware. I'm sure you know about the fab knobs and drawer pulls that Anthro sells. I think the blue is great, but the hardware and finish don't really complement the color well.

    PS I tried a Cinnamon Dolce today after hearing you talk about it all the time. Um... Hello, lover.

  9. Change the drawer pulls!! New/ more modern knobs will transform the dresser. Maybe a lighter gray/blue and modern glass or white drawer pulls? I think you can save this crafty project!

  10. I hope you see this! I follow you on twitter, but I'm private and you don't follow me so I can't tweet you. ANYWAY, I think it's the handles that are throwing you. If you used something like these that I found I think the blue will look really great!


    And if you're still unsure, maybe distress it? I just LOVE the blue.

  11. I'm sorry the dresser didn't turn out the way you wanted it to :-( All your hard work! I think a gray/blue would look great, and agree with the others about finding some different drawer pulls. Let us know what you decide!

  12. I have been following the saga of this dresser on Twitter and can't wait to see what happens :) I think it looks good, but when you describe the total look you're going for I agree it's a little too...primary colors? Seems like you're looking for a more subtle color, not that I'd be any help in locating that, but don't give up! :)

  13. omg! it is brilliant!