Chicago update

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cable & internet have been set up.
Movers dropped off my dresser, headboard, & boxes this morning.
New mattress arrives on Saturday.

Lease has been signed. There is an apartment in Chicago that belongs to me. This year, I will experience a real fall and a white Christmas.

I am so excited, terrified, anxious, happy, sad, etc... You name it, I'm feeling it. This experience has been beyond surreal. I still cannot believe that I am moving to Chicago in a matter of days.

Yes. Days.


  1. congratulations!! i cannot wait to be able to say the same :)

  2. In my "other life" I would totally be a city girl. Best of luck! And Ghiradelli's has the best hot chocolate in the winter time!

  3. Big congratulations to you Love. You must be so excited. Reminds me of my journey last year, I can't believe it's already been one year

  4. Ahhhhh, you're really doing this. So excited for you!!!! And I know I tell you that over and over again, but I am!!!! :) Love ya girl!

  5. I'm super excited for you. I know how you must me. :) So glad though you're doing this. Chicago will be such an terrific place!! Jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Congrats and good luck with the move! It's so much fun to start over in a new city.

  7. wow wow wow...I cannot believe it is oh so close!!
    You have so much to look forward too!
    I hope you live there when the day finally comes for me to take Lucy to the American Girl store...we will want to give you a hug in person !!