Sex and the City 2 movie review.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Warning. If you haven't seen SATC and plan to see it, you should skip this post!!

I finally saw Sex and the City! It wasn't a good movie by any means, but it was a decent "episode" of SATC. The more I think about it, the more I realize how awful this movie really was when compared to the brilliance of the show.

I have a theory about both SATC movies. Ready for it?
If we were not as crazy about these girls as we are, the movies would suck.

Great theory, right? But really -- because we love these girls, we cannot possibly not enjoy spending another 2 hours with them. Even when the story line is a cheesy, some of them {you know who} are getting a little too old for their antics, and we have to watch a painfully long singalong. The show was amazing. Why that cannot translate to the big screen is beyond me. Sometimes, I think that I just enjoy the excitement of seeing everyone again.

But on some level, I loved the movie. But maybe it was just seeing the girls. Way to mess with my head Michael Patrick King.

Things I did not like about the film
The fact that Miley Cyrus made an appearance. She annoys me.
The crown that Carrie wore to Stanford's wedding. What was that?
The singing/dancing scenes were way too long.
Sam sleeping with the guy at the wedding. She's old now. It isn't funny anymore.
Sam isn't really Sam anymore.
Miley Cyrus played herself yet Penelope Cruz played someone else. Didn't sit right with me.
Liza's rendition of Single Ladies. She is WAY too old to sing that song.
Charlotte's nanny. Who hires a 20 something girl that doesn't wear a bra?
Sam being berated in the market. Too much.
Sam getting arrested and the girls getting kicked out of the hotel.
There were some ridiculously over the top outfits.

Carrie looks a little fabulous. The other girls look like they got dressed at an 80s circus.

My least favorite thing
This poster. Where is Kim Cattrall? Way to go crazy in Photoshop.

Favorite things about the film
Aidan. I love him. Wasn't crazy about the story line there, but I do love Aidan.
Stanford's big gay wedding. So ridiculous that I couldn't not love it.
Carrie and Big's apartment. Kind of fabulous.
The big black ring.
The flashbacks at the beginning.
Carrie's closet.

And my absolute favorite thing
Max Ryan aka Rikard {Samantha's second love interest}. He is so handsome that I could barely look at him. I think he is better looking than George Clooney. And he has an accent.

There is talk of a third film. This time, in London. In the words of Tim Gunn...this worries me.

In the end, I loved seeing the girls, but didn't really love either movie. They should really consider going back to the basics. We fell in love with the girls in NY. I didn't need the fanciness of Abu Dhabi {which was actually Morocco made to look like Abu Dhabi} in this film, or Mexico in the first one. Just give me an episode of SATC, throw in something funny, maybe a little drama, and I'm good. But no singalongs please. No one enjoys a singalong.


  1. Spot on.

    I also didn't appreciate that they changed Aidan's character. In the series he would never do what he did in the film :(

  2. I wasn't a big fan of the movie, but I'd go see it again because it is SATC2. You know what I mean. Hated Carrie's crowns, too, and so glad you mentioned the Kim Cattrel photoshop, WTF?!

  3. I have to agree! I went and saw this at a Crybabies matinee for moms and new babies, so I missed small parts when I was taking care of my little one, but I don't think I missed much. I absolutely loved the experience of going to the movie with my baby and spending time with friends, and seeing the girls again! I actually normally like singalongs, but this one was just awkward. I recommend this movie for anyone who love SATC, but nobody else!

  4. I did not love the movie....the first one was way better....I agree, if you do not LOVE SATC, I wouldn't recommend it.

  5. First off, I did not heed your advice. I have not seen SATC2 but I read your post anyway....and I'm very glad that I did.

    I cannot agree with you more. The shows were amazing...I grew up (college years) with the ladies, and I can't get enough of the show. Hello, have all six seasons on DVD!!!

    The first movie was ok, but I found myself enjoyng the very beginning the best...when it shows little Braden growng up in Brooklyn, etc.

    I haven't heard many good things about SATC2 so I might just wait until it hits DVD...**GASP** I know...and I call myself a fan.

    I appreciate your honest review. Keep the girls in sustained a show for six seasons. I'm sure it can sustain another "episode" movie.

    Funniest part of your post: "In the words of Tim Gunn...this worries me." HYSTERICAL!!!

  6. I haven't seen it - and I wasn't planning on it. Seriously, I saw the previews/trailers and really - it just seemed contrived.

    So, now I suppose I'm justified in deeming it contrived.
    I feel better now. :)

    but... I agree -- Rikard is pretty darn handsome. Wow.

  7. I think you're right, I only watched the first because I need to see them again. I havent seen this movie yet & I'm a little hesitant because I dont want it to ruin the love I have for them, haha. Maybe I'll wait til it's out on dvd :)

  8. I'm scared to see this movie...i'm afraid that it will sour my love for the show! I DID enjoy the first movie and thought it was a pleasant way to END the entire series. No need to keep dragging it on ya know? I think i might pass on this one...i'm just afraid it will make me dislike it all and i don't want that to happen! :) My friend said that what annoyed her the most in the movie that the boom mic was visible much of the time? Did anyone else notice that? Weird!

  9. I completely agree with this review! I've said pretty much those same words when people have asked if I liked the movie, "It's cheesy but if you're a TRUE fan you'll love it!"

  10. You really have me excited about seeing this movie!