A little shopping.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

While running errands this week, I somehow ended up in a dressing room at Madewell. I bought this t shirt, and another tank that I couldn't find on their website. And let's face it. I am way too lazy to photograph the tank myself. It is bright orange/red. Kind of like Essie's Geranium.

I love this color. And I really love a slouchy pocket tee.

I wandered in to JCrew and ended up finding some pretty fantastic things! JCrew has some really cute scarves on sale right now. Normally priced at $52, and on sale for $20! I never find deals like that. I picked up 2 scarves. One pictured below, and the other is a navy tie-dye.

I wasn't really a hat person. Until now.


This shirt is so cute on. As I mentioned, I have a thing for slouchy pocket tees. I went one size up so it would be a little loose, and it is the perfect shirt. It is currently on sale for $24, so I got it in a few colors. Love it.

And my best find? A long nude colored tank from H&M to wear under a James Perse dress that I bought a year ago and couldn't wear because it is a little too sheer. I am so excited to finally be able to wear it!


  1. I'm so jealous of your shopping abilities. I can never find cute things! That t-shirt especially is just like what I'm looking for!!

  2. Cute, cute, stuff! love it all.
    Yesterday, I went shopping too - wasn't really meaning too - I just kinda found myself in the stores. ha!

    I must say, I can find the deals! I got 2 casual dresses - one was only $7 - and the other was only $20... amazing. I also got a new bag for only $10 (I couldn't believe it! It was from the Spring 2010 collection -- houndstooth. I've been wanting a houndstooth bag and saw this one and decided I'd buy it no matter how much it was -- and, ummm... only $20?! fabulous.) -- as well as some plain layering shirts (I actually got a few "slouchy pocket ts" :)

  3. Oh, I somehow found myself in Madewell on Monday. Bought many of those soft, casual tee's. Spending money comes veeery easy in that place. Especially since they're so accommodating. :)