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Sunday, June 20, 2010

I finally got out for a little bit today after one of the worst colds I have ever had. I had something very important to do.

I bought this sofa, in a fantastic white linen {fabulously textured} fabric.

It is slipcovered & machine washable. And it's white, so I can bleach it. I have a feeling I'll be doing a lot of that. It isn't an English roll arm or a sleeper sofa but it is half the cost of both, so go with it.

I had this sofa shipped to my new apartment.

In Chicago.


  1. Love it! We have an off white couch and I despise it!! It was very smart of you to get one that you can take off the covers and wash them. Great choice!

  2. SO exciting! it kind of looks like michelle adams, lonny mag editor, sofa in her well as the sofa in the most recent issue of lonny mag on page 144-145...yeah, i'm weird like that lol. needless to say, it's a great sofa.

    hope you post pics when it arrives!

  3. Just checked Lonny and you're right. It is pretty similar!

    Funny, because in the mag she has the desk I am going to get, but I was planning on getting it in white. There used to be this amazing silvery/gold color. I wish West Elm still carried it.

    I will definitely post photos of the apartment when it is all put together. Will be a while, I'm sure.

  4. BEAUTIFUL couch! Wow, way nicer than anything I've EVER had! haha. You go girl!

  5. YAY! I am so proud of you and I think that sofa will look just lovely in your new pad. Beautiful choice!

  6. congratulation! your first major furniture purchase for the new place. doesn't it feel good??

  7. I love it! The style is just gorgeous. I just bought my first "big girl" couch and chair this past weekend, so I get the changes thing. :)

  8. eeehh!! congrats! so sleek and crisp! I love it! congrats to you on your new couch and on moving to chicago!
    ps-i have the miserable cold. oh it is wretched!

  9. I love the sofa!!
    We have the Ikea Ektorp sofas and the removable covers are a God send!

    Yay for Chicago!!


  10. Great choice of couch! I have something similar in my home office and it really brightens up the room. I say put some fun pillows on it!