iPhone 4.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

When I first held iPhone 4, I wasn't sure how I felt about it. I loved the body of my iPhone 3Gs. Then I put all my apps in folders and saw my organized screen. And I noticed how bright & shiny the screen was. I started to like iPhone 4. And that like quickly turned to love.


Before we discuss what this lovely little thing can do, let's look at how nice and organized all my apps are. You know that I loved creating these little folders, right? Because I did. I would like to point out that these folders are available to anyone that updates their iPhone software, so one of my favorite features isn't even exclusive to this phone. But the folders look better on iPhone 4's dynamic screen. So there you go.


Don't you love how organized everything is? I do.

You can now resize photos sent via email. Love that. And rather than check multiple email accounts {I have 4 gmail accounts and a .mac account} you can click on "all inboxes" and see all your new emails in one place. Nice.

Apps open at a speed unlike anything I have ever seen. It is pretty incredible.

The camera is fantastic. It has a flash & zoom and you can choose to take a photo of yourself or whatever is in front of you because there are cameras on both sides of the phone. You can also shoot in HD video. So I can shoot a video of myself {in HD, of course} and post it to my blog. I don't know that I will actually do that, but I can if I want to.

One of my favorite features is the fact that you can multitask with this phone. By double clicking the home button you can quickly switch between apps, and pick up where you left off without having to close each app. So, so smart.

The video chatting feature is fun, but there is one downfall. You must be connected to wifi to video chat. My sis and I tried it out, and it was pretty cool. If I didn't already have 2 mac computers to video chat on, I'm sure I would find this feature a lot more remarkable. For someone that has an iPhone and doesn't have a mac computer, this is a great feature. Because I need to be connected to wifi, I cannot imagine using this when I can use my laptop or desktop.

AT&T really needs to set up video chatting through 3G. It is a service thing and not a phone issue {I asked at the Apple store}. Get with it, AT&T.

My photography folder.

I have not played with the iMovie app, but I did purchase it. The idea of having iMovie on my phone for $4 just seemed too good to pass up. I love that you can shoot a video in HD, edit the video on your iPhone, and then upload to youtube. Amazing. I have no idea when I will actually find the time or energy to do this, but I can. And that's what matters.

When it comes down to it iPhone 4 is a faster, prettier, streamlined version of 3Gs, and I definitely recommend it.

And it's cooler than Droid or any other touch screen wanna be iPhone.

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  1. Seriously, they NEED to pay you for this, haha!!!! I seriously am thinking of going to iphone when my BB contract is up!!!

  2. more reasons I NEED it.... just trying to wait til my other contract is up...but not sure if i can!

  3. Apple should be sending you a paycheck. Between the phone and the ipad, you've just sold me 2 products ;)

  4. Thanks for the review and this new phone sounds great. My Verizon contract is up in August and I'm hoping to make the switch at that time. I really like the idea of all the folders. Keeping things organized is a must for me. The HD video is another nice feature.

  5. Ahhh I am so excited to get mine! Did you download your own background??

  6. oh goodness -- i would so enjoy one of those crazy things!! i'm a sprint girl and am gonna hold out for another year... or at least try.

    i'm new to your blog - loving it!!!


  7. p.s. i'm your newest follower!!! :)

  8. so I can't even read this because I will just cry green tears of envy. the pictures just make me drool. i wish verizon would let me FREE!


  9. I just got one yesterday, but i haven't sat down to try to figure it out yet.

  10. I am getting so excited to get one. My old one is just begging to be replaced. I am loving your review and can't wait to get my hands on one and test it out. I am really hoping to get mine ordered this week.

  11. ugh. i kinda really want this phone but it isn't available in canada until the end of the month...even then i don't know if i'll switch (from my 3g) right away.

    btw - i don't know if my screen is just really detailed or my eyesight is just really good but i can see the info for you personal account (it's really faded but i can see it nonetheless.) thought i would let you know just in case you wanted to black bar it or something! (don't worry. i wont email you!!)

  12. Hey there!
    Did you know that your personal e-mail account names are visible in the screenshot of your iphone in this post? (Just checking.)

    Hope to see you next week!!!

  13. Those aren't my personal email account names. They are my business ones that anyone can access so I didn't cover them up. The ones you can't see are my personal ones, but thanks for having my back! I appreciate it.

    Would love to see you! Let's plan something!