Crate and Barrel Finds.

Friday, May 28, 2010

So much better than a boring black BBQ.

Really enjoying these trays.

I love these barstools.

I think these rice bowls are really fun!

I might like this sleeper sofa. I have decided that I really need one, because I know I'll have quite a few visitors. I have searched every sight I know and Crate and Barrel {next to Ikea} had the best prices. I like that this is a queen, and that slipcover is machine washable. Kind of perfect for me!

Loving the table in a bag & picnic chair! Perfect for all those fun summer outings!

I also came across the "snow pup" doormat, for only $12.95. In May.

There are tons of great deals in the outlet.


  1. Great Finds!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

  2. I was JUST on their site! That grill is amazing! So cute.

    Checking out the outlet site now - didn't know that existed! Have a great weekend.


  3. Crate & Barrel - I spend hours in that store... there and Restoration Hardware & Pottery Barn.

    I've decided that once I have my own home -- I think I should just contact all three of those stores - and ask if they'd like to "sponsor my house" (a.k.a decorate/furnish it for free), and I'd host a yearly "open house" for everyone in the community to come see... heck! I'd even put up their logos on those days or something. LOL! j/k

    ...a girl can dream right? (but seriously, that *would* be awesome though)

  4. I want every single thing here, despite the fact I can't go outside or use half of them. But they're cute, and isn't that all that matters?