Yoga etiquette.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A few weeks ago, my yoga instructor was out and had a sub fill in. While we were doing a run through of a few poses, the sub said something about loud music. I didn't give it much thought, and thought I misunderstood him. So you can bet that I was just a little surprised when he pulled out one of these.

Yes, an accordion. During yoga. To be played during yoga class. Yoga. Not band. And if that wasn't bad enough, he started singing/chanting, too. It was absolutely horrifying. I can still here it now. The sound of his accordion and chanting will haunt me forever and ever.

At the end of the class we were lying on our backs, breathing with our eyes closed. This past year, I really embraced yoga and got to a place where I can completely relax and think about nothing. I love it. This has actually become my favorite part of class. I usually end up so relaxed that I come close to falling asleep. I had gotten past his horrendous accordion, and was in my wonderful zen place where I don't have a care in the world.

And then it happened. He started playing his stupid accordion. My eyes popped open and I was so annoyed that my heart started to race. I know that sound dramatic, but I take so little time for myself and really wanted to enjoy the class. I was there with a friend, and she wasn't a fan either. Hands down, the worst yoga experience of my life.

Now tell me this. What on earth led this "yoga instructor" to believe that people would find this stupid instrument relaxing?! If you play the accordion, I'm sorry. It really is a stupid instrument, and it's a little uncool. And you know it. Get a guitar. Guitars are cool. Or play the piano. Everyone loves the piano. The worst part about this yoga idiot and his instrument of death is that everyone is probably so surprised by it that no one says anything. The complete and utter shock is mistaken for enjoyment, so he keeps doing it again and again, destroying yoga classes for innocent people all over the city. You'd think he would realize that maybe this is the reason he's a sub.

If you are a yoga instructor and have been thinking about playing the accordion for your class, do. not. do. it. And if you are the yoga instructor that destroyed my class, please light your accordion on fire.


  1. That is so funny! I would flip out if someone played that during yoga. I do P90X yoga at home and my dog drives me nuts during it.

  2. I don't meam to laugh, but OMG! Are you sure you weren't on some funny video show or some new version of punked? I would have been fuming!

    Hope your regular teacher comes back soon!

  3. It REALLY does sound like "Candid Camera" or the like...are you SURE it wasn't??? Can you complain to the gym management??? It might help you get past your PTYAS...Post Traumatic Yoga Accordian Syndrome...

    Any signatures yet???


  4. i think i would have died laughing! ha... :)

    glad you've embraced yoga.. it's lovely!


  5. I do play accordion and I have no interest in playing guitar instead, as a guitar cannot do what an accordion can do. I'm sorry you have such a negative opinion of my instrument.

    That said, I completely agree that it has no place in a yoga studio, and it does sounds a bit like a candid camera incident. Very strange.

    In an appropriate setting, it can be lovely and not at all "uncool."

    BTW, I do also play piano, as do most accordion players. You might notice a similarity on half of the instrument. :P

  6. LOL this sounds like it should be on a comedy sitcom!!!! I'm sorry it happened to you but I love how you wrote about it.

  7. This is hands down the finniest thing I've read all day!!!! Are you sure you signed up for yoga class??? haha!!

  8. That is totally weird and random. But you already knew that right?

  9. I certainly didn't mean to insult your instrument, Lorry. It was all in fun. I'm sure you know that.

    After this ordeal, I am REALLY not a fan of accordions. This was the first time I had heard an accordion live, and it was probably the worst possible way to be introduced to it.

    Accordions and yoga do NOT mix.

  10. This is hilarious! And I totally agree. Accordians are preposterous!

  11. I apologize for laughing, but that is just too funny. I am sorry that you didn't get to enjoy your class. Hope all else is well. Shoot me an email and let me know how your doing!

  12. Okay my mom plays the accordion and I could never ever imagine that being yoga music! What in the world, that is just wrong.

  13. OMG!!! an accordion? That's hilarious! I don't understand what he was thinking. Sounds crazy to me.