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What I've been up to...

Friday, April 23, 2010

It's been 10 days since I have written a real blog post. Yes, I love a Tacky Tuesday, but that just doesn't count {even though this week was especially tacky}.

I don't have an update on anything right now, but should have some news for your soon{ish}. I promise that I am not trying to be all secretive. I just need to be ready to share what's going on, and I'm not ready right now. I hope you understand.

So here is what I've been up to.

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday in Vegas. Played a few games, and even got a massage! It was fabulous. So fabulous that I may have fallen asleep during said massage. Not entirely sure, but I think I did. It was lovely.

I have literally had at least one person added to my wait list every. single. day. I am not complaining. I am definitely a little overwhelmed, but am so glad that I have orders coming in. I also received two rush orders {and another request for a third yesterday} and may have a website project soon. I have been working nonstop. I even worked on the drive up to Vegas, and at the hotel.

I will be holding a giveaway with Uncooked Cards soon. I have raved about these cards for years and after I wrote a post about them, Nat & Armand contacted me, sent me some amazing samples, and offered to hold an amazing giveaway with SEVEN winners. I am so excited. The post will go up on my design blog today or first thing next week. Their cards are hilarious. And even more exciting -- they want to talk to me about designing their blog. I would die.

I have been hanging out with my best pal, pictured below. He has come out with me to run a few errands, and even joined me {and one of my oldest friends} for lunch, where I ran in to my friend Kate. I love him.

I have been working on my scrapbook line. Here is some of what I have done this month. The yellow kit is a part of my Color Your World collection, available at Scrap Matters. So far, I have 7 kits in this collection, and plan on adding a few other colors as well. These kits are each designed using one color, and can be used for monochromatic layouts, or can be mixed and matched. Very fun. Spring has Sprung {top right} came out today. I love it.

And as you can see, I have been having lots of fun with felt.


This is a big one, so I want to share it and see what you all think. One of my oldest friends {I think we have been friends 21-22 years now?} is quite the world traveler and has invited me to Iceland and London in a few months. Now that I have conquered my fear of flying, I could potentially go. I would have to make some sacrifices, but I could make it happen.

The other day, I proclaimed that I want to see NY in 2010, and Paris & London by the time I am 30. That's the goal.

So here's the catch. This is my life, so you know there had to be a catch, right? I have never been to Europe and always told myself I'd have to see Paris if I made it all the way to London, but she isn't sure that we can squeeze it in, and says that we need more than 1-2 days there. I agree, but I'll take 1 day vs. 0. She wants us to plan a trip next to New York and Paris next May, so I think we could squeeze London in, and I'd pass up this trip.

The thought of missing this opportunity is so awful, but Iceland isn't even on my list {although I am not opposed to seeing it}, and it will kill me to be in London and not see Paris. And I'd really rather not die over not seeing Paris, because that may actually happen.

So do I just go, or do I wait until I can plan the trip the way I want it? It's not like I can take this trip and then afford to go any time again soon. And I am all about just going for it these days. Whatever "it" is. What would you do?? It's just such a big deal and costs so much money, so I am tempted to wait and do it right.

I lead a complicated life. I really do.


  1. I made it to London, but not to Paris. Paris wasn't really a good idea when I was in London because it was around my birthday which just happens to be France's Bastille Day (sort of like our 4th of July). It would have been madness! The trip would definitely be fun and once you get to Europe, everything is just a train ride away!

  2. I say go for it, even if you don't end up being able to see Paris at least you will be in Europe! The only place out of the country that I have been is Mexico, so do it!

    And congrats on all of the work, so happy for you.

  3. Lucky girl, I'm so jealous you went to Las Vegas. The hubs & I have been meaning to take a trip out there but have to save up the $.

    As for your London/Iceland trip, I'd wait til I could see all the places I wanted to see. If you want to see Paris but it's not on your friends agenda, maybe you could sweet talk your way into seeing it, if not then wait it out :)

  4. Oh my goodness those cards are too funny (thanks for sharing!).

  5. ooohhh, i don't know. i'd say go anyway, you may love iceland and london. could be a fun trip. but i know it would be expensive too and you could put that money towards your dream trip. so???????? i'm not helping!

  6. I'd say to really try to squeeze Paris in there if you can, but if not, I don't think you should pass up going to England and Iceland. You never know when you may have the opportunity to go to Europe again!

  7. You HAVE to do Paris. I love Paris. We spent a long Easter Weekend there last year and even with a 18 month old it was AMAZING. I cannot wait to go back with no child! :) There is a TON you can do in 2 days and you can always go back! I love London as well..it is amazing. :) Iceland is on my list but only because I have travelled so many other places already! You will love it!

  8. Oh, that's a tough one. From someone who's BTDT, I'd say wait it out and plan the trip of your dreams. :) Europe is AWESOME, and you really want to do it all when you go!!

  9. hmmmmm.. that's a tough one.. hahaha just realized the person before me said the same thing. lol

    I think you should go for it BUT make time for Paris!!! I have friends who live in London who seem to always be in Paris because the Eurail ride is so short!! do it, do it, do it. If you can't make it to Paris, then I think you should wait and plan the trip of your dreams.