The Top 10

Sunday, March 21, 2010

10. I have come very close to finalizing the design for my new website. I am in between modern/bold colors, and a more subdued palette {similar to this blog}. I'm sure you haven't noticed, but I'm a little fickle. What are your favorite color schemes? Any suggestions?

9. I saw Alice in Wonderland with my sister. My favorite thing about the film was Helena Bonham Carter's ginormous head. As always, Tim Burton did a wonderful job.

8. I went on a 3 mile walk with the pup, who is really only used to walking in residential areas. I never walk in LA, because nobody walks in LA. It's a proven theory {I know you've heard the song}. We met my friend at her office, and the 3 of us walked to lunch. It was not as nice as walking through Chicago, but what can you do?

{here he is sporting his new harness, making sure I was still behind him}

He was so cute. Every minute or so he would turn around as if he was checking to make sure I didn't leave him. He was definitely a little nervous {he will walk as far around a bike, bus, or person as possible}. His awkwardness is rather endearing. I love him. And now I think I want to bring him with me again. I told you. I'm fickle.

For anyone that's interested, his leash and collar were made by Lucky Fiona. Shannon makes the best dog collars & leashes. They are adorable, and the quality is amazing! I wash his collars in the machine every so often and they come out looking brand new. I love them. And this print is to die for. We even have a matching kitty collar.

7. Saturday was the first day of spring! The weather in LA has been really nice. Had I not moved away, I never would have been able to appreciate it. I am really enjoying all the brightly colored flowers.

6. I managed to experience an earthquake my first week back in LA. Nice. I have not and will never get used to those. They are {in my opinion} the worst natural disaster because you don't get any warning at all, and you never know how big they will be.

5. The lovely Jules at Chic n' Pink gave me the sunshine award. She obviously chose me as a recipient because visiting my blog is like a ray of sunshine. Or maybe she was just trying to be nice. Yeah. That's probably it. Haha. Thanks, Jules! You're the best! I am breaking the rules and giving this to all of my readers who have not yet received this, because you are all amazing!

4. On Friday night, my mom and I spent over 3 hours at the vet. The pup needed his vaccines and Dex is sick. Again. He is still eating and walking around, but he just seemed off. I could tell something wasn't right. Glad I followed my instincts. I can usually tell if something is wrong with one of my pets. I'm very neurotic observant.

{poor lil' Dexter pants}

3. My blog got a new name, new look, and new URL. You like?

2. I have decided that I am going to go a lot more hard core with my diet & exercise plan. I do not like the idea of "diets" but try to just lead a healthy lifestyle and want to eat things as close to nature as possible. I made a trip to Whole Foods after the gym on Saturday and picked up lots of healthy food & drinks, too! I will write a post on that soon and would love it if you all shared your healthy snacks and recipes.

I don't know if any of you remember Stake It {my workout blog}. I deleted it, but was thinking of either starting it up again, or devoting a day a week to workout/diet/health stuff on this blog. I would like to do that and have guest bloggers share diet/workout tips, and I'll share mine, too. What do you think?

{my fiber mix with orange juice}

1. Saturday night, I had a lovely {spontaneous} sleepover with Ally. We are working on getting a blog started for her {again!}. So excited! We ordered sushi, talked, watched The Holiday starring Cameron Diaz, and then watched some Will & Grace.

Have a great week!



  1. All of your fickleness reminds me of myself! Sometimes I wish other people would just make decisions for me! I do enjoy the soft colors on your blog now, but with spring right around the corner, bright colors help you get excited for warm weather!!

  2. I think I am as fickle as you are! It's impossible for me to make a decision sometimes.
    I really do like your new blog name, and I vote for bright spring colors! I am sooooo excited for spring and all of the pretty flowers!
    If you do decide to start up your fitness blog again, I would definitely be interested in reading it! Have a great week! :)

    PS - Keep us updated on Dexter - I hope he feels better soon!!

  3. The kitty is just too darn adorable! I hope he feels better soon!

  4. I love bright colors! I also think it would be great if you posted diet/workout stuff. I'm trying to lose weight, so I would totally be interested.

  5. Sounds like a great time in LA. I really like the new blog name and design. Um...that fiber mix looks scary to me, haha! I think the once a week fitness tips would be great, I love hearing about what works for people!

    Thanks for being my 400th follower!;)

  6. Bright colors, definitely! I like the idea of diet/fitness tips and I say just do it on your blog rather than start a new one, that way we can read all the fabulousness (is thata word?) in one place.

    Must. Get. Image. Of. Fiber. Drink. Out. Of. My. Head.

  7. Love the pictures!!! Yay for Alice in Wonderland! Yay for Spring! Yay for adorable kitties!!

  8. I just saw Alice in Wonderland and really liked it! (I didn't think I would.) Also, what is your fiber drink? Does it taste good? I'm trying to lose weight... Am doing well with the work out part but haven't found a food plan that really works...

  9. There are plenty of people who walk around here-just go to Santa Monica or Venice (Silverlake, West Hollywood, I could go on ;). My sister's new house is actually on a walk street in Venice :)

    I hope your pets are doing ok!

  10. My friend's dad is a doctor who created this mix. She shared the recipe with me but I cannot share it.

    I HIGHLY recommend that you get more fiber in your diet. I am going to do a blog post about this soon.

  11. Ok...I really think you should take your dog. You are home alot since you work from home, so he wont be lonely...Chicago is such a great city for walking your dog...AND you already have a dog friendly place lined up! Just do it!