The top 10. {pop culture edition}

Sunday, March 28, 2010

10. Katherine Heigl is leaving Grey's Anatomy. The story line they came up with for her maternity leave was horrible. With George, Izzie, Addison, and Burke all off the show, the writers need to think long and hard about how they can bring it back. I could barely watch the past two seasons. It hasn't been the same in a while. Agreed?

9. Did you all see Gossip Girl? I knew there had to be drama with Chuck's mom, but I could not believe what happened. Poor Chuck.

8. An adult film star came out as one of Tiger Woods' mistresses. Am I the only one that was sick of the Tiger Woods scandal the day this started? We get it. He's a dirty dirty man whore. Enough already.

7. Taylor Swift was nominated for four ACM awards and made this adorable video. Love her.

6. Miley Cyrus is mentoring the 11 remaining Idol contestants. They should have gotten a past idol. I'm sure Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood are just too busy, but I love them. But Miley? Really?!

5. I don't know when this news came out, but I found out this week that Weeds will return August 16th on Showtime. That's just 1 month before my birthday. Happy early birthday to me! Dexter returns on September 26th. Thank you, Showtime! If you have not started either show, I highly recommend that you sign up for Netflix and start watching now! The first two seasons of Weeds are on instant watch and each episode is only 30 min. You can easily get caught up before it starts up again, and I promise that you'll enjoy every moment. Weeds and Dexter are the two best shows on TV.

4. Rosie O'Donnell is returning to daytime TV. Not sure I like that idea very much at all.

3. Mama Gosselin didn't do a very good job on DWTS, but you have to give her props for trying. Jon is gaining weight, smoking cigarettes, and designing a line for Ed Hardy {vomit}. So someone has to try to make some money for all those kids.

Mama G supposedly underwent $35,000 to look all pretty for the show. There were some needles, lasers, and hair extensions involved. What do you think? I'm not really a fan, but only because She doesn't look like Kate anymore. The long hair just isn't working for me.

2. Rumor has it that John Corbett {aka Aidan Shaw} is going to make an appearance in the new SATC movie. I love Aidan.

1. If you haven't heard this crazy news, it's sure to shock you. Kelly Osobourne {as in the daughter of Ozzy Osbourne} is joining Dr. Phil's show. You know Dr. Phil. That therapist created and owned by Oprah.


  1. Kelly Osbourne on Dr. Phil? No...say it isn't so.

  2. Yes! Weeds & Dexter are my two favorites!! :)

  3. I think I'm the only person who doesn't watch Grey's Anatomy.

    I'm 110% over the Tiger Woods talk. Honestly, this situation is between Tiger and his wife. Why does the public care so much? I don't.

    Rosie is scary and rude.

    I love Kate G's new look. She looks great. I'm all about needles, lasers, and hair extensions. :) I agree with you, at least she's trying to earn some money for the kids. Jon is a douche bag.

    Yay! I love Aidan!!!

  4. this post made me laugh ~

    #10 ~ glad KH is leaving the show bc it's time to move on from the aweful story line.
    #9 ~ i heart chuck and feel so bad for him!
    #8 & 7 ~ ditto
    #6 ~ never watch idol, but agreed they should have brought in a past successful idol. miley has had her career handed to her by the disney packaging committee
    #5 ~ i need showtime
    #4 ~ ditto
    #3 ~ i hope her and john both go away soon...
    #2 ~ can't wait!!
    #1 ~ makes no sense, but who really watches dr.phil these days? :)

    thanks for your 10! very entertaining

  5. ahh i know gossip girl- chuck shouldn't be so trusting!

    And LOVE hearing that we will be seeing Aidan in the 2nd movie- and that SexintheCity 2 poster has to be one of the best movie posters ever!


  6. I definitely agree about Grey’s, but I was starting to forget about Katherine Heigl. Her character got on my nerves sometimes (I may be the only one that feels this way ;)

    I felt really bad for Chuck too. GG is getting good again. I’m over the Tiger Woods stuff too and never really cared in the first place. He’s a self-entitled piece of rubbish.

    Love Taylor. I’m not a Miley fan either and don’t think she is the best judge/mentor of good music. I also think she has a crappy attitude.

    Thanks for the heads up on Dexter’s return and I will be counting down the days! I still thank you for turning me onto that show.

    Kate Gosselin looks completely different and I don’t like the new look. Why am I not the least bit surprised that Jon is designing a line for cheesy Ed Hardy.

    Ahhh…I didn’t hear the SATC 2 rumor, but I would love to see Aidan. He was always my favorite.

    P.S. Read your comment about MAC and yes, I bought way too much makeup. The makeover is free and then you need to buy $55 in products. I bought $100+. I better use it all :)