Something's gotta get tufted.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The English roll arm sofa is not the only thing I am head over heels in love with.

I also have a minor obsession with tufted furniture. I think it started with the ottoman in Something's Gotta Give. I know that I make constant reference to that film, but there are just so many reasons to love it.

First and foremost, Erica Barry's home in the Hamptons is absolutely breathtaking. Every single detail is perfect, and I love it. Just look at the photo above! When I went to Oprah, I said that the only person that would have topped Tom Ford would have been Jack Nicholson. I love him.

On to some more tufted goodness.

1. Love the round ottoman. Image courtesy of Phoebe Howard.
2. Love, love, love this chair. Image courtesy decorpad.
3. Gorgeous tufted sofa photographed by Joanna Henderson. Almost makes me want to turn my back on an English roll arm. But why do that when you can have an English roll arm sofa and a tufted chair or ottoman? That would be perfection.
4. Beautiful tufted headboard. I'd probably go for something a bit more simple in shape, but I love it. Image courtesy decorpad.
5. Tori Spelling's living room. Love the ottoman. Not at all a fan of that fireplace, but the ottoman is fantastic. Image courtesy of decorpad.


  1. I'm a bit (okay -- very much so) obsessed with tufted furniture too....never goes out of style.