Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I absolutely love mirrors. They are so wonderful for small spaces since they make rooms seem larger, and these days, they just keep getting more and more beautiful! I hope that I"ll have a place to put a really pretty mirror in the new apartment, but for now, these "extras" will have to wait. Here are just a few that I love.

1. Layla Grayce $155 {I don't want it but think it's pretty}
2. Pottery Barn $189
3. Ballard Designs $249. Of course the most expensive one is my favorite.
4. Ballard Designs

I have a feeling that this apartment is going to cost a lot of money {duh}, and that it will be a lesson in patience. I need to focus on the things I need. Mattress is taken care of, and I am hoping to find an iron headboard. I plan on selling my upholstered one since my cats love to climb it. So annoying.

I need a sofa & chair {I may just do a love seat since it's a smaller space, and a tufted ottoman or some upholstered cubes that I can pull out for extra seating}, TV, coffee table, desk, & bar stools. I am pretty sure I have my desk picked out. I think I mentioned that I sold my old desk because it was way too big.

I am really excited to pull it all together, and am most excited to search various shops to find bargains, pieces that I can restore {or in my case, have professionally restored}, and unique finds.

Let it be known that I would {not so secretly} love to paint a piece of furniture. I'll bet Crystal would be great at that. Fortunately, she is excited about all this designing we're going to do together. She even offered to help me paint! It's going to be fun, and very blog-worthy. Can't wait!


  1. Love the mirrors, especially #4. If you don't mind looking online overstock usually has some good furniture and cheap shipping! Good luck and have fun!

  2. You must be so excited! and those mirrors are so pretty, I was lucky when we moved to the apartment we're in now, there were tons of mirrors EVerywhere, so I we didn't have to invest in any.

  3. Um, those mirrors are BEAUTIFUL!!! :)