Goodbye winter!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

...and hello spring!

My friend Heather wrote a "favorites of winter" post on her blog. I thought it was a great idea and decided to do the same. Since I experienced a real winter, this will be especially fun for me.

Favorite memory: I have so many. Here are the two that stand out the most.

1. Seeing the snow fall on my first morning in Chicago. I was so worried that I would not get to see falling snow. I was so, so wrong.

2. Before leaving Chicago for LA, I walked around the city for a few hours. My first stop was to {surprise, surprise!} the bean. It was a beautiful day {it reached the 60s!}. I watched the ice skaters and then walked up and down Michigan Avenue. It was a perfect day.

Going to the Oprah show wasn't so bad either. ;)

Favorite Song: Happy by Leona Lewis. First song I listened to after my mom left and I was all alone in Chicago. I love it.

Favorite TV show: Giuliana and Bill. You had to see that coming. For anyone that doesn't watch the show, it takes place in my two cities {LA and Chicago}.

Favorite Food {out}:
This is easy! Pesto and mozzarella sandwich at Hannah's Bretzel. Perfection in sandwich form. And yes, that is pretzel bread. In the words of Rachel Zoe...uh-mazing.

Favorite food {home made}: Vegetable soup. I first made this with Jill in San Antonio, and made it almost every week that I was in Chicago. I would make a huge pot of this and have it for almost a week. I love it.

Favorite purchase:
The paloma silk maxi dress from Gypsy05. I had my eye on this dress for a while, so when it went on sale, I had to order it. With the weather we have been experiencing in LA, it looks like I'll be able to wear it this weekend.

Favorite drink: Skinny cinnamon dolce latte from Starbucks. I learned to love lattes and Starbucks toward the end of last year. And let me tell you, this is not a good habit to have. In LA, a warm drink just doesn't mean anything. But in Chicago, it's a whole other story. When you're out walking and it's 35 degrees outside, that warm drink makes all the difference. There is something about walking down the streets of Chicago with a latte in hand. It's magical.

I couldn't live without my: Glittens {gotta have access to the iPhone}, Lululemon pants {wore them as leggings on all those cold days when skinny jeans were just too thin}, North Face coat & knit hat, Uggs, and aviator sunglasses.

{my reflection in the bean}

Here I am wearing everything mentioned above {minus the Lululemon pants}. I made the terrible mistake of wearing skinny jeans that day. I am from LA, so they just don't cut it when it's in the 30s. Maybe I'll adjust next winter. My legs were freezing!

Favorite event: Living in Chicago for 5 weeks.

What were your favorite things about this past winter? If you decide write your favorite things on your blog, please let me know so I can stop by and check it out.

Happy spring, everyone!!


  1. Please FedEx me one of those sammiches right now. ;)

    Actually, scratch that. I just need to drag my sorry self up to Chicago. There is so much there I want to see!

  2. Wonderful post! I think I will post my favorites too, so stop by.

  3. Great list - I may have to do it too.

    ...and that sandwich looks divine!

  4. I loved the big snow storms that just blanketed our area. Luckily we didn't have to go anywhere so it was a lot of fun.


  5. I love Guliana and Bill too! ps that sandwich looks amazing