Do your pets have nicknames?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The other day, I was thinking about all my pets {and my family's pets} and their many, many nicknames. Some are awfully strange. I got to wondering if I am crazy, or if other people have weird nicknames for their pets, too. So I sent out a tweet asking everyone what their pets nicknames were.

Turns out, the majority of pet owners are all a little crazy. And some of us our really crazy.

I thought it would be fun to write a post on my pets' nicknames. I got some hilarious responses on twitter! If you have a pet, please leave a comment sharing his or her nicknames. You know you have some.

I have to plug this at least once. All my pets are rescues, and I am an advocate of animal rescue. I won't go in to the whole rescue vs. breeder debate, but you know where I stand.

I'll start in the order that each pet came in to my life.

{she looks SO mean here, but I swear that she's the sweetest girl}

First up is Spicy. I got her name off of the SNL skit "Dog Show." Heather Graham was the guest star, had a fake English accent, and walked out with her dog Spicy. Done. I adopted Spicy from the West LA. Animal Shelter the day after I turned 18 {because you have to be 18 to do so}. No lottery tickets and cigarettes for me. I got a kitten. And you know I had to adopt the sick kitten.

Spicy's nicknames: Spicy cat, chatty, chatty cat, spicy le mouse {because everyone should have a french nickname}, spicy mouse, mousie.


Next up is Bosco. I stole his name from J, who always said he wanted to name his cat Bosco. When my mom rescued him, I asked J if I could use the name, and he {of course} said yes.

Bosco's nicknames: Bosco buttons, stuffy stuffington {he does this weird breathing thing}, stuffy stuffros, which turned into stuffros, which turned in to stavros {not sure how, but it did}, then handsome stavros, stavvy, baby boy bosco, beef, beefy, and beef stick bosco.


She starred in not one, but two Pedigree commercials. Here is one of them.

This is my mom's dog, Sophie. The Amanda Foundation named her Mary Grace, but since my grandma's name was Mary, we had to change it. There was a huge debate on what her name would be, and in the end, my mom named her Sophie. I don't like it at all.

Sophie's nicknames: My sister started calling her ruppy puppy. I turned that in to Rups. Every single person that I know calls her rups. I also like to call her Roopie.

{a little grainy, but it's my favorite photo of her}

On to my beautiful and nameless girl that we all call Baby Cat. I found her outside sitting under my neighbor's car back in May 2008. Her name was/is technically Cleo, but she just doesn't look like a Cleo, so it never stuck. I like to pretend it's Olive, but it really isn't that either. She was my first experience with a farrell cat. I trapped her, but it took weeks until she realized I wasn't trying to hurt her every time I reached for her. She is the best girl in the whole world, and is one of the loves of my life. I absolutely adore this girl.

Baby Cat's nicknames: I used to call her mamma namma noo, which turned in to nommie. Everyone calls her nommie, and my youngest sister calls her nom. I also call her babycat, beautiful lady, and norm. Yes, norm. She is the sweetest and most wonderful girl. I adore her.


On to my Buddy. I got him back in December of 2008, when I ran into a pet store during an animal adoption. I had no plans to rescue a dog, but he had a broken leg with a cast that said "rescue me", a Christmas sweater, and looked up at me. I was done.

Buddy's nicknames: Naming this guy was a nightmare. I love names like Winston and Franklin for pups, but he didn't look like either of those names. Nothing fit. He sort of ended up with buddy {truthfully, I cannot stand it and dream of changing it all the time}. He has a bazillion nicknames. Buddy bear, Peep {I refer to his thing as his peep, and constantly tell him how much I don't like it. He isn't fluffy, so you cannot help but notice it. So awkward}. Not sure how he got this one but we call him Sturfley {stir-flea}, and Sturfey.


My little Milo. I got him last September, the week of my birthday. I was at the vet with the pup, and they had these tiny little rescue kittens. I asked if they had any older cats, or cats that no one wanted and was told there was a kitten that wasn't friendly that they couldn't find a home for. Without seeing him, I said I'd take him. It took lots of love, but Milo is one of the sweetest and most loving cats I have ever known. He is amazing.

Milo's nicknames: I usually call him Smilo. My sister started calling him Nugget, which spun into Nuggey and Nuggelet {nugg-uh-lit}.

And last but definitely not least, my new little monster, Dexter. This is seriously the last time I will name a cat after a serial killer. He is insane. My mom found Dex on the front lawn the night my sis and I got our Christmas tree. He was not supposed to be my cat, but decided that I was his person. I ended up taking him to Chicago because he has this thing for sneaking out of the house, and I was worried they'd lose him while I was away.


Dexter's nicknames: Dex, dexy, dexter pants, dexter pints {pin-ts. in is pronounced "in" and not like the word pint}. That turned in to pintalonius, pinty, and pints.

What are your pet's nicknames?


  1. love this post!
    :) yes Ms.Peyton Hailee has her fair share of nicknames... shamelessly i say them daily, usually in an absurd cartoon voice... to include:

    little muffin doodlepants
    hairy sausage
    sweet pea
    pey pey

    :) pets are food for our soul.

    yours are lovely :)

  2. OMG. Little muffin doodlepants is FANTASTIC. Someone tweeted that she calls her Milo "doorknob." Brilliant.

  3. My furry baby's name is Louie and he is rarely called by his actual name!!

    -Bull (he bucks like a bull)

    Ok, I'm going to stop now!!! I'm pretty sure there are more!!! Fun post!

  4. Lidja: Liddy, Lids, Liddy-girl…
    Yeah, I'm a font of creativity I know.

    Tycho: Poop-butt, Butt-pain, Stop-that, Doofus…
    Guess who gets into more trouble? ;)

  5. um, so sometimes Kona's nickname is 'slut kitty' only because she was preggo when we rescued here and her litter more than one sire.. it's rude but also funny. but i love her lots. so usually it's "baby" or "Kona Kai" which is short for Kona Kaimana

  6. Your pets are lovely you must have a big heart to take them all in. I'm the one who tweeted that one of her cat's nicknames is Doorknob. He was the brother to the kitten I was picking up but I couldn't leave him alone so I took them both. I have to explain why Milo is called that. He is a little off - extremely curious, very clumsy, very lovable, purrs like a truck, snores, eats everything including vegetables. We think he is actually a dog in a cat's body. He also gets into a whole lot of trouble. He is just a year old and has already had his stomach pumped for eating a lily, destroyed my dining room buffet display and broken countless objects in the house. His sis, Pixie however is a doll, clever, coordinated and sweet. I also have 9 yr old Mittens a sweet, shy beautiful long haired cat who is so quiet you don't know he is around. Can't imagine my life without any of them.

  7. I have 2 cats, Sadie and Chloe. Sadie is Sadie Mae, Sass, Sassafrass, Sadie Cat, and Furball. Chloe is Chlo-Bear, Gray Cat, and Chlo-Chlo.

  8. My cat Bella, a Humane Society Rescue at age 8 has many nicknames! They include Bella-Bell-Bell, Bell-lu, Bella-rina. My husband also calls here Squawkers for the late night howling.

  9. I love nicknames for pets :)

    My dog is Daisy and we call her by these names: Little Daisy, Daisy Duke, Daisy May, Munchkin, Chipmunk, Little Girl, otter, meerkat, and ewok (we call her those last three because she looks like those to us!).

  10. Haha...what a fun post! You have a lot of pets!! Great nicknames though and that's amazing that your dog was in 2 commercials.

    I have 1 small chihuahua whose name is Harley:

    Harles Barkley (my sister chose that)

    And I have a mut who is a mix between a collie and a corgi named Rider:

    Rider McGinn
    Roo Roo

    I think that's it ;)

  11. I just posted my comment about this on your other blog. ;)

  12. So many nicknames, so little time. :-)

    Carmella is Carm, Melly, Mella, Smelly, Woof, Mel-B (her middle name is Bay), Freckle-face, Freck, and Spots.

    Meadow is Mead (pronounced like head), Doe, Doe-Doe, Mimi, Peanut, Princess, Little One, Breezy (her middle name is Breeze), and Meady-B.

    Beckett is Beck, Beck-Beck, Becks, Becker, Buckett, Scooter, Buddy-Boy, Boy Scout (his middle name is Scout), and Loud Mouth. He's a barker!

  13. Great post..... And yes, I also refer to your moms dog as Rups. I actually forgot her name was Sophie...

    I love you! And your blog :)

    P.s. Lets hang soon pleassseee!

  14. Great post! Our chocolate lab Bear goes by so many nicknames. I love all of yours. So cute!


  15. Oh, how could I not comment on this post?!?!?!

    Hope - sissy (b/c she's the big sis), Hopers, Queen Mum
    Bo - BoBo, Bowraguard
    Phalin - princess, Badalin, big eyes
    Faith - little bit, spit fire, cutest pup
    Kenzie - swim swim, Kenzie May
    Ginger - Gin Gin
    Jasmine (foster girl) - Jazz, Jazzie

    I swear there is more, but that's all that my brain can come up with! It does seem that we often call them by their nickname over their 'real' name :)

    Gotta love our 4-legged kiddos and of course I'm RESCUE all the way :)