Random thoughts.

Friday, February 19, 2010

  • Oasis won the Brit award for best album of the past 30 years for (What's the Story) Morning Glory. I have loved this album for over a decade. Since jr high to be exact. Well deserved. Liam Gallagher threw the award into the audience. Love it.
  • Men should not wear skinny jeans. And no one should wear Ed Hardy. I am not referring to anyone I have seen lately. I just wanted to throw that out there.
  • Last night I had dinner with 3 bloggers. This one, this one, and this one. I had a great time. It's really nice having someone to talk to other than Dexter. He's a lovely cat, but not much for conversation.
  • This is the first weekend that I do not have plans for Friday and Saturday night. I haven't even been here 3 weeks, so I guess I can't expect to have something to do every weekend. I just don't want to waste a Friday {or Saturday} night in this city. I can't imagine going out on the town by myself. Any ideas?
  • It seems that I may have Sunday plans, and that's better than nothing. So there.
  • Not having a DVR has been a little painful.
  • I feel like my blog has no direction. Maybe it's just this post. But I really do think it's my blog. And this post. Or maybe it's me.


  1. It's just you. You are on a journey and your life as taken a new direction. I think you are figuring out where you are going. And I'm coming with you wherever it is. xxxx

  2. I love the randomness of this post.
    I can't imagine life without DVR, it helps me rewind the bs inbetween :).
    I sometimes like to have NO plans too, let's you be free spirited!
    Your dinner sounds like a blast, wish I were local!

    Happy Weekend my friend!

  3. You do have direction! I give you major props for living and experiencing a new city all by yourself. That's awesome! I love all your pictures, creativity, and randomness! :) So keep it coming!