love it. hate it.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm going to play a little game I like to call "love it. hate it."

Love it.

Hate it. But if I join the circus I'll be all over it.

Really hate it.

Thought I loved it {not the shoes}. My sister hates it. Realized I'm not a fan either.
What do you think?

Love it. Love it. Love it. Want it. Now.

But not getting it. Don't need it. It's sold out, so I couldn't get it if I want to.
Which I do. But I don't need it. This could go on all day long...

Hate it. Sparkly pants and a conductor jacket.
Someone got dressed in the dark, and that someone looks a little angry.

Love it. Want it.

Hate it. What's with the creepy sleeves this week?

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  1. I agree with you - all except for the one you said your sister hated...well, I'm w/ her. It looks kinda "cheapy" too me - and I'm sure it's not cheap! LOL

  2. Agreed. I think I liked the idea of the bubble skirt {because I think those are cute}. When I showed her the images for this post, she said EXACTLY what you said. And now {of course} I agree.

    I feel like it was less than some of the really expensive stuff. I have no idea. I don't own it!

  3. :) I like bubble skirts - but not that one! LOL

  4. whats with those pants?
    She looked like she's wearing a diaper...

    I simply neeeeed the boots...

  5. I hate so much the 3 photo. What in her pants, as if she is carrying anything in there. What does the designer is thinking while sketching that style? - Kidsline

  6. i agree all around.
    and that watch has now caused me to want a watch again.


  7. Ooh, that third picture creeps me out. She looks like she has poop in her pants. Gross.