It's about time.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I {finally} got a chance to meet my blog friend Ashley. She was in town for business, and took a very long cab ride to get here {just to see me for a few hours}. I loved meeting her, but was sad that we didn't have more time. Boo.

Ashley and I became friends when I designed her blog. I'm not sure when that was but it's been over a year, for sure. Since we met, Ashley became pregnant and now has two adorable little boys {Mason and Brody}. Love those names. :) We have video chatted quite a bit, and I just love her. She has been a great friend to me, so it was really nice to finally sit down with her. She is always sending sweet little notes and gifts and is just so incredibly honest, kind, thoughtful, and funny. She sends the best text messages.

Our visit may have been short, but we did manage to find enough time to play with photo booth!



Love this one.


Sad that Ashley has to go.

Loved finally meeting in you in person! Thanks for the chap stick {that's the key to my heart} and my sweet note and peppermint tea. And thank you for taking a very long cab ride just to see me.


  1. THAT is exciting and awesome.
    I wish I had more local blog friends :)

  2. Such goobers! So amazing meeting you in person. Now you just have to meet my babies!

    You didn't post my favorite "ghost picture." HA!

    Thanks for the laughs, the conversation, the pizza, the fun! You are one cool chick!