More Aunt Rose-isms

Friday, January 15, 2010

I was on the phone with Great Aunt Rose the other night {who turned 91 in August}. She started saying some pretty entertaining things, so I typed them out while she rambled on and on. You can see what she said in bold, with my comments below.

...the average person that looks for a job -- it's usually a sit down job for females.

Females are getting to a point where they are beginning to do a lot of jobs only men used to do.

Women are very strong now. Very powerful.
Maybe it's all those sit down jobs that helped us gain so much strength.

Look at Hilary Clinton. She's a woman. Look how far she's gone.
For a woman, she's done a great job. ;)


  1. She SO reminds me of my dear departed Aunt Dorothea Sophia...I always have to check in on her wisdom. I now feel educated...and will smile for the rest of the day...

  2. How fun :) So good to document things like this. I just can't even imagine all of the changes your grandma has seen in her life.

  3. Ha Ha! Aunt Rose is funny. She reminds me of my Aunts in Louisiana.