Happy New Year

I can't believe it's 2010. Time is flying by, isn't it?! This will be the year of my 10 year high school reunion {I'm so old!}. And no, I will not be going.

I feel like 2009 was so much better than 2008. I am not sure what it was, but I feel like I came out of 2009 a stronger person. I am definitely not the same person that I was a few months ago.
  • In 2008, I conquered a decade long fear and got on a plane. In 2009, I boarded 6 planes. I have officially overcome my fear of flying. I rule.
  • I visited Nashville, Chicago, Indiana, and San Antonio. I hope to do some more traveling in 2010. I would absolutely love to visit New York in 2010.
  • I discovered that when done correctly, a spray tan can be a wonderful thing. As long as you don't end up looking like a dirty cave woman.
  • I finally started a digital scrapbook line. I started selling at Polka Dot Plum in September, and was picked up by Funky Playground Designs in November. I recently left Funky Playground and signed up for Scrap Matters. I just need to upload my things to the shop.
  • I made my first throw pillow with the help of Jill's mom.
  • I designed lots and lots of blogs. My business really grew this year.
  • I discovered Weeds. And Dexter. And Big Love. And Californication. I really love TV.
  • I met Kelsey, Angela, Faith, Angie, Jessica, Adrienne, Amy, and Tippa.
  • I went to the gym 11 out of 12 days during a great workout streak. I am determined to make that a regular thing in 2010. I will get some muscle tone this year.
  • I designed my first book cover.
  • I made my first {minestrone} soup.
  • My pup had knee surgery. There were lots and lots of casts, and it was very expensive.
  • We said goodbye to our sweet Mr. Bojangles. I miss her.
  • The day before my birthday, I got a sweet and wonderful kitten. He is the sweetest little nugget, and I adore him.
  • The week before Christmas my mom found a new kitten on the front lawn. He has been a wonderful addition to the family. My 2 cats have quickly become his best pals.
  • I started {and sort of gave up on} Fabulous Fridays and Tacky Tuesdays. I'll try to start those up again.
  • I took many, many trips to SB to visit Jess, Chris, and baby Logan.
  • I went to Disneyland with my sis, Jill, and Kate.
  • I had my first trip to the ER since I was a kid. Not fun.
  • I made a very beautiful apple pie {with Jessica and Jodee}.
  • I started a stationery line, although I haven't done much with it. I would love to work on that, or start something else this year. Not sure what, but I feel like I want to do something new. We'll see.
  • I discovered the maxi dress. And the cardy Ugg.
  • I bought a canon Rebel. And I took thousands of photos. Over 6000, if I am correct. I would love to take a photography class this year. And a sewing class. And a cooking class. Safe to say that I will not get around to doing all that.
  • I finally found a pair of aviator sunglasses. And I love them.
  • I became Hannah's sponsor {at New Day Foster Home}.
  • I went to Vegas!
  • I purchased an iMac.
  • I attended my first wrap party for a TV show. Very LA of me.
  • I had quite a few Sonic Route 44 Diet Cokes.
  • I went to Disneyland with my sis for Christmas. We had a fantastic time, and saw the Electrical Parade.


The Happiest Place on Earth

My sister and I visited the magic kingdom yesterday, and had a great time. The park was full of Christmas cheer, and we were finally able to see the Main Street Electrical Parade.

We got a late start, so you can imagine that we were a little worried when we drove up and saw that Disneyland tickets were sold out. Turns out, annual pass holders could still get in! After the guy at the booth gave us the good news, he said "want more good news? Free parking. Get out of here." We saved $14 on parking!

This was my first time taking my Rebel to Disney, and I have to say, it was pretty awesome having it there. Having a great camera really does make all the difference.

Love those giant Mickey head ornaments!

This feels so "LA" to me.

I love my sis. And my new scarf.

The parade was amazing!

Eating at Disneyland is always a challenge. I love churros, dole whips, etc...but for the most part, I try to avoid junk food and don't want to eat churros all day. I also can't justify spending a small fortune for mediocre pizza. They really need to kick things up a notch over there. Anyway...I really needed something during the parade, so before it started I ran off in search of a snack and came back with this.

Yes. That is a giant sourdough snowman. And no. We did not eat the whole thing. And in case you were wondering, it was ok, but definitely not worth the $7 I paid for it. I am so bringing more snacks next time.

After the parade, we walked from CA Adventure to Disneyland and were able to see the last few minutes of the Christmas fireworks show. Right as we hit Main Street, it started "snowing." The snow may have resembled soap bubbles, but it felt pretty magical. At least it felt cold outside.

Small World was completely redone. I am normally not a fan of this ride, but throw in some Christmas cheer and the song "jingle bells" and I'm in.

Joy to the Small World.


The Top 10 {the Yuletide Edition}

I love Christmas, so here is a Yuletide edition of the infamous top 10. Be sure to scroll down. I have a big first in this top 10.

10. I got back from San Antonio on Monday night, and my sis and I drove right over to the Christmas tree lot to get our tree.

I picked up that giant snowman face in Texas. He's very cute & glittery :)

You can see my beautiful cottage from Lori.

I got this peace sign ornament for Jess at a cute shop in San Antonio.

9. Monday night was a big night. We got a tree and a new Christmas kitten! He's so sweet.

He's all about the love. Comes up to me every 4 minutes all night long and just sits there staring at me. It's a little creepy. And then after staring at me, he loves to licks my face. I love all the love, but not at 3 am. He also has the roughest kitty tongue I've ever felt. It's a little painful.

8. Friday night, I had a little Christmas get together. Ally and Angela came over to J's place on Friday night, and we all had lots of fun. He {like everyone else} adored Angela. J, Ally, and I had dinner, and then Angela came by to trim the tree and bake cookies. It was a really fun night.

So for the first time ever in life, I am showing you a pic of J. I figure after all this time you probably want to know what he looks like. And if you ever questioned his existence...well...here he is.

7. While Angela and Ally were over at J's, we decorated the tree and made cookies {whilst listening to Christmas music}. PS. I have discovered that whilst is a great word. Realizing that my rolling pin was at my house, we had to improvise. I also didn't have my usual frosting. But {and Tim Gunn would be proud} we made it work.

As you can see, our cookies are pretty pathetic.
I guess we didn't make it work. But we had lots of fun trying.

Ally made this cookie for Angela.

7. Christmas cards are rolling in...

6. Christmas music has been playing. But you know me. It's been playing nonstop since November. ;)

5. The Dexter Finale. I. Have. No. Words. I was too shocked to cry, and started breathing really deep. I thought I may pass out. I was more shocked by this than by when we found out who the ice truck killer was. I still can't believe it. Dexter really is such a smart show. I knew they'd change things up but this was so unexpected {and sad}. Did anyone else watch it??

4. Saturday night, I made a delicious minestrone soup. After making one with Jill in San Antonio, I felt I could go it alone. It turned out really well :)

3. The presents are wrapped. I wrapped this gift below. Is it just me, or are you just a little impressed? I put the gift together, used a blow dryer on the cellophane wrap, and even made the bow.

2. I love Christmas lights!

1. I FINALLY found a great pair of aviators. I had some credit to K.ate Sp.ade so I didn't have to pay very much, either. Merry Christmas to me!


I was so sad to hear that Brittany Murphy passed away this morning. She was only 32.

Brittany starred in one of everyone's favorite films {Clueless}. And it was her role as Daisy in Girl Interrupted showed us how talented she really was.

I am in shock.

Rest in peace, Brittany.


It's a tradition.

Last year, on December 16th, I was picking some things up at a local pet shop that was holding a dog adoption. You know how I love those rescues. Anyway, I ended up with the pup.

Well, that brings us to this year. I got home from San Antonio Monday. My sis picked me up at the airport and we headed right to the Christmas tree lot. We get home, and my mom walks in and says "look what I found sitting on our front lawn?"

So there you have it. Another Christmas pet. It's a tradition.

We were sure he was a girl {sometimes it's hard to tell} and settled on Olive. Turns it should be Oliver as opposed to Olive. My sis loves Oliver and I love Gus. So, I'm going to hold a little poll. You tell me. Should we name him Oliver or Gus?

Or -- do you have a really cute Christmas name?


Things I loved about San Antonio!

Here are some of my favorite things about San Antonio {and Texas}.
  • They really love Texas in Texas. From bumper stickers to cheese and crackers. If they can make it into a boot or the shape of the Lone Star State, they have ;)
  • When I got to Jill's place, she had a cute bag waiting for me. Inside -- a cowboy boot Christmas ornament, peppermint bark {yum} and my official itinerary. Such a great hostess.
  • The Riverwalk and all its Christmas cheer.
  • The use of y'all.
  • Wearing a blanket/poncho {provided by the restaurant} on the Riverwalk while dining on a cactus margarita. Only in Texas.
  • Vanilla route 44 diet cokes at Sonic.
  • Delicious pumpkin pancakes at the Guenther House.
  • Hobby Lobby.
  • Hanging out at Jill's townhouse.
  • Bracken Village & the cute girly shop.
  • A woman at the Guenther House {where we had breakfast} saw that we were leaving and held the door open for us. So sweet!
  • Fabric shopping.
  • Meeting Lisa.
  • Making vegetable soup, cauliflower mashed potatoes, and cheesecake with Jill. { Or as Jill's grandpa calls them...cheese pies. I have to say -- his name for them actually makes a lot more sense. They are much more like a pie than a cake.}
  • The surprisingly cold weather.
  • Meeting Jill's parents & sewing a throw pillow with Jill's mom. I absolutely adore her.
  • Meeting Jill's grandparents. Sadly, Jill's grandfather passed away just 2 days after I left.
  • Boat ride on the Riverwalk.
  • The lack of traffic. Driving in SA was a pretty pleasant experience.
  • Touching a killer whale.
  • Feeding dolphins.
  • Sitting in Jill's cozy living room talking late at night {while on our computers, of course}.
  • Adventures with wood glue and masking tape. That's how us girls fix things.
  • The Alamo. Where they fought the Texas war. ;)
  • Watching Jill's friend Leslie in the Shamu Christmas show.
  • The 4D Polar Express show.
  • Riding 2 roller coasters a total of 6x, and not waiting in any lines. We practically had the entire park to ourselves.


San Antonio. Day 5 Part 2. Sea World!!

{Day 5, Part 2. Sunday} We practically had the entire park to ourselves, so we took advantage of the situation {and our love of roller coasters} by going on two roller coasters a total of six times.

We ended up staying until 6:30 just to see Jill's friend Leslie perform in the Shamu Christmas show. It was so worth the wait. Leslie has the most interesting and unique job. Don't you think? I think it's pretty different that I design blogs. But Leslie swims with whales. Pretty incredible.

See the whale under the water?

That's Leslie!

Doesn't her job look fun?!

You know I had to squeeze in a night shot. Nothing like a giant lit up wreath to end your day.

I wrote this post a few days ago, but wanted to add that Jill's grandpa is currently in the hospital in critical condition. Please stop by her blog for more info, and if you want to send any thoughts/prayers her way, I know that she and her family would be so thankful.

Update: I am so sorry to tell you that Jill's grandpa passed away yesterday. She wrote a beautiful post about him on her blog. Please stop by her blog to read the post and offer your condolences to Jill and her family.


San Antonio. Day 5 Part 1. Sea World!!

{Day 5, Part 1. Sunday} We woke up early Sunday morning and drove through Starbucks so I could have my grande soy peppermint latte and met Jill's parents at church.

After church, we went to Sea World! Jill's friend is one of the trainers there, so we had quite the experience. We were able to meet the killer whales!!

I absolutely loved feeding the dolphins! It really is a great system they've got going on. They charge $5 for 4 fish. I may have spent $20 feeding the dolphins. Not something I'd normally spend money on, but it was so worth it.

And I just loved the Christmas cheer all over the park.

Up next...the roller coasters and the amazing Shamu show.


San Antonio. Day 3 & 4.

{Day 3, Friday} After picking up our Route 44 Diet Cokes at Sonic, we headed to Hobby Lobby. Jill was right. It's like Michael's on steroids. Because I cannot make a decision to save my life I didn't see any fabric that I liked, we had to go to Joanne's in search of fabric for my throw pillow {where we spent at least an hour}. I wasn't feeling any of the fabrics. I ended up with something very simple. Poor Jill probably wanted to kill me.

That night, we visited Bracken Village. It was full of all kinds of Christmas cheer.

We got back to Jill's place and did some cooking. We made cauliflower mashed potatoes, minestrone soup, and some delicious little cheesecakes. We may or may not have had a mini cheesecake every day since.

We started Elf after dinner. Can you believe Jill had never seen it?!

{Day 4, Saturday} Most of Saturday was spent sewing with Jill's mom. She is seriously the sweetest and most warm person I have ever met. I absolutely loved spending the day with her. And you won't believe this. She offered to keep the rest of my fabric and make a matching throw pillow for me. She actually offered to make two. I could not believe that she would do that. Actually -- I suppose I can. After all, she is the sweetest and most warm person I have ever met.

While we worked on the pillow, Jill did some work and made a crescent roll veggie "pizza." It was SO good. And then there's the fact that it was shaped like a Christmas tree. You know I love anything that has some Christmas cheer.

Isn't it cute? Jill is going to post the recipe on her blog.

We went back to the Riverwalk that night for some Mexican food & a ride on a river boat. Jill insisted that we order queso. This was my first time trying it, and I loved it!

The boat ride was great. I just wish I could have gotten more photos. If anyone has any tips on shooting at night without a flash, I'd love to hear them. I know nothing about photography. I hope to know a thing or two one day.

I actually really love this shot {even though it's a little blurry}.

I also got to see The Alamo. Jill taught me all about how the Alamo was where they fought the Texas War.

I hope you know I was just kidding about the Texas War ;)