Top 10

10. We had a great Thanksgiving, and now all the excitement can be on my very favorite holiday...Christmas! LA station Kost 103.5 is now playing Christmas music. You can listen live online.

9. This one is hilarious. On Thanksgiving, my mom's incredibly awkward friend walked in to the living room and started a conversation with "so I got a pap smear yesterday..." The reasoning behind that opening was to share a story about her doctor being young. Why not just say "I was at the doctor" or even "I went to the gynecologist yesterday" and..

OR {and call me crazy here} you could try "nice weather we're having lately" or "do you have any weekend plans?"... What ever happened to normal conversation.

We now like to begin sentences the same way, and also like to come up with other inappropriate conversation starters. It's fun. I think my mom is really enjoying it.

Then at dinner, she discussed someone that slept with her therapist. And one more thing. I ran an errand after dinner and heard that while I was gone she ate a piece of pie with a knife. Not a fork and knife. Just a knife.

8. I went out with the girls {from high school} Friday night. We went to dinner with Stacy's boyfriend, and then headed to a bar in Venice. One of the 5 of us is missing in this photo. We will get a photo of everyone together next month.

Stacy, me, Jodee, and Alex. I love my girls.

7. Lunch and shopping with Alex {she's pictured above} on Saturday. We had lunch at Le Pain Quotidien and shopped on 3rd Street.

I got this top at Urban Outfitters.
{I will obviously wear it with a little tank underneath}

6. The Dancing with the Stars wrap party.

5. I think I made official New Years plans, and it looks like I'll be out of town!

4. I have a new scrapbook kit available at Polka Dot Plum. I designed the papers while I was flying from Indianapolis to LA. This may be my favorite kit so far. I absolutely love it.

3. Thanksgiving desserts. This year's beautiful apple pie and my little cheesecakes made with the adorable pumpkin cheesecake pan that Angela gave me for my birthday.

A photo of the finished product. Horrible lighting, but you get the idea.

These were so cute, and so so so delicious.

2. I went to the flea market this afternoon with my sister. We saw this guy. And my sister knew who he was. Only Jess would be able to spot someone from a canceled Mi*scha Barton show.

1. Tonight's episode of Dexter was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

Hope you all have a great week. I have so much catching up to do!


San Antonio!

I will be heading to SA to visit my friend Jill this December. She wrote up a little itinerary {with commentary} so I wanted to share it with all of you.

D’s San Antonio Visit

Day 1

~I’ll pick you up from the airport.

~We’ll stop by Hobby Lobby so you can experience its delight & beauty! We’ll buy fabric and supplies for the apron project. Hobby Lobby usually has online coupons for 40% off one item. I’ll print a coupon for you. (Note- if you’re tired from the flight we can go to Hobby Lobby the next day)

~We’ll get some take out for dinner or I can make salads at home. Do you like Tomato Basil Soup?

Day 2

~Since we’re not morning people, we’ll have a late breakfast downtown. The Guenther House bakes and assembles the largest gingerbread house in Texas and displays it during the Holidays. You’ll love it!

~If we want to get in a little exercise in after breakfast, there is an awesome neighborhood next to the Guenther House called the King William District. I have a map with a walking tour, if we do the entire walk it’s about an hour. The homes are huge, unique, old, and interesting. I think you’ll like them and it’s a good way to walk off breakfast.

~We’ll pick up one of your favorite treats, churros, at Eva Longoria’s favorite Mexican Food restaurant, Mi Tierra’s. Market Square is next to Mi Tierra’s, so we should take a quick walk through Market Square. They sell authentic Mexican goods. It’s a good place to take a few photos. I can see it now… you in a sombrero.

~We can stop by Central Market to pick up groceries for making dinner and Christmas baking. Central Market is similar to Whole Foods but better and so fun!

~If we missed Hobby Lobby on Wednesday night or you’re dying to go back, we can make another trip

~Spend the evening at home watching Christmas movies, making dinner, and/or making the surprise Christmas craft I have planned for you.

Day 3

~Sleep late because we’re not morning people

~We should have a low key day. Maybe… Bake Christmas desserts, have lunch, and possibly another trip to Hobby Lobby

~Leave around 5:30 for Bracken Village

~Bracken Village for Charles Dicken’s Christmas. 6:30-10:00, ($7.00 entry fee)

Day 4

~Late morning probably around 10:30-11:00 (because we’re not morning people), we’ll go to my mom’s house for our lesson on sewing an apron.

~evening/night- Just hang around the townhouse because we’re not party girls and we’re kinda boring. However, I’m sure there will be Christmas concerts and plays in town. I’ll let you know.

Day 5

~Late afternoon/early evening- The Alamo and Riverwalk. Even though it’s anti-climatic, you have to see the Alamo. It will only take 2 minutes but you should get a photo. The Alamo will have a gigantic decorated Christmas tree in the courtyard.

~We’ll take boat ride on the Riverwalk to see the Christmas lights! I’ve never done a boat ride at Christmas, can you believe that? Have dinner (probably Mexican) and margaritas on the Riverwalk.

Day 6

~Sleep late

~We can visit La Canterra, a cute outdoor mall and possibly have lunch there.

~ Take you to the airport

*Side Notes-

Anything on the official itinerary can be adjusted. I just want to make sure you get to experience all that San Antonio has to offer.

Bring your workout shoes and workout clothes. We can walk at a nearby track. I also have a treadmill and weights. We can also do a workout video on “On Demand.”

I only planned 2-3 meals out. We’ll play everything else by ear. I’m open to everything cooking, take out, and eating out a few times. Lucky for you we’re not in Houston, one of my top 2 eating out cities in the U.S. (the other is Chicago).

What do you drink? Water, orange juice, pina coladas, margaritas? I always like to have drinks for my guests.

Isn't Jill the best?! {I wrote this part by the way.} It would have been really funny if she had written that at the end ;)


Thanksgiving Day.

My friend Jodee came over to help us bake a pie and some little pumpkin cheesecakes with the adorable pan that Angela gave me for my birthday. We listened to Christmas music, I wore my Christmas apron, and the pup even got in on the holiday cheer.

Jodee and Jess working on the pie.

We used my WS pie crust cutters. I love them.

Is it just me, or is this pie beautiful?!

Cheesy expression, but I had to share my lovely little pumpkin cheesecakes.
{they are not pumpkin flavored. they just look like pumpkins}

Buddy the Elf. What's your favorite color?!

My mom's home made stuffing and green bean casserole.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Thanksgiving day!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Image courtesy of BHG


Things I loved about Chicago

While I loved Nashville, I really loved Chicago. Here are some of my favorite things about Chi-town.
  • You can walk everywhere, and there is so much to see!
  • One minute you feel like you're in a big city, but you hop on the train and a few minutes later, you're in Lincoln Park {or someplace else!}.
  • Gino's east {famous Chicago pizza}.
  • Macy's at Christmas time.
  • Walking around in a coat, scarf, gloves, and Uggs.
  • Seeing Snow in the weather forecast on my iPhone.
  • The bean! Oh, how I loved the bean.
  • Lincoln Park. The most wonderful place I've ever been. I loved it.
  • Starbucks. I loved walking the streets with a caramel macchiato, although my new fave {thanks, Kels} is a nonfat peppermint latte. Too bad those are seasonal.
  • Not needing a car. You can hop on the train or take a cab.
  • Everything is right there. You can be at a clothing store one minute, and a few shops down there's a CVS. Things are a lot more spread out than in LA.
  • A cab driver told us that every summer there are movies played in the park. So charming.
  • The theater. You can walk there, too! No 45 min drive downtown and $15 parking.
  • The trees.
  • Everyone walking around in coats. It really makes the season feel so much nicer.
  • Navy Pier.
  • The lights. The buildings. The sounds. Such a beautiful city.
  • iKelsey. Not sure how I would have found my way around without her.

DWTS Wrap Party!

Last night, I attended the Dancing With the Stars wrap party with my friend Sheila {she brought me as her plus 1}. Such a good friend. We have known each other for 20 years now. I'm so old.

I actually had lots of fun even though I've never seen an episode of DWTS. I met some really nice people, had some good food, and took some ridiculously cheesy photos.

My face looks HUGE here.

One day, I will master the jumping photo.


Chicago. Day 3.

We hopped in a cab and headed to breakfast at Yolk. If you're in Chicago, I highly recommend that you stop by for a great breakfast.

After breakfast, we headed to Navy Pier.

I love how these shots turned out.

I don't like being up high.

Kels is really fun. And sweet. And adorable.

After our visit to Navy Pier, we stopped by Macy's to take in the Christmas cheer.

Yes. I almost fell over.

As my friend Jodee said, it's like my mecca. Most beautiful Christmas tree ever.

Chicago. Day 2.

On Friday {day 2} we visited Lincoln Park, which quickly became my favorite area of Chicago. Our first stop was breakfast at Toast. Lincoln park is such a charming, eclectic little place. We visited some adorable shops and walked up and down the lovely tree lined streets.

Kelsey {who will now also be known as iKelsey because she's as smart as an iPhone app} did a great job getting us from downtown to Lincoln Park. The girl has an incredible sense of direction. Unlike Kelsey, I am a little directionally challenged. By that, I mean that I have zero sense of direction and would probably have an issue finding my way out of a paper bag.

But not Kels. She can look at a map and know exactly where to go. And then she can find her way back to where she started without a map.

I was just a little impressed.

The most charming streets filled with all sorts of great shops, including two personal favorites! Paper Source and Toast {one of my fave places in LA}.

I want to move in to the one with the black door. But I'd take any of them.

That night, we headed to Sushi Samba for dinner, and then to see Jersey Boys! Such a fun night.


Chicago. Day 1, part 2. {the bean}

The Bean {aka Cloud Gate} was just as fantastic as I imagined it would be. Kels and I had lots of fun during our little photo shoot.

Did I mention that Chicago is absolutely amazing?! Because it really is.

And did I mention that the past 11 days completely changed my life? Because they did.

Our reflection in the bean.

We just couldn't get enough.

Under {inside} the bean.


Chicago. Day 1.

Kelsey and I headed to Chicago on Thursday and stayed through Saturday. It is such an incredible place and is officially my new favorite city.

The past 11 days have been amazing. This trip has changed my life and I will never be the same again. I am currently in the airport waiting to get on an airplane, and I'm not even nervous about boarding the plane. I don't want to get in the air, but I'm completely ok with it.

First look at the city!

Christmas cheer at Macy's.

The Christmas windows were all absolutely wonderful.


If you look to the left, you can see the bean. I have to dedicate an entire post to the bean. It was amazing.

A nice man offered to take our photo.


View from the John Hancock Observatory. You can see the Navy Pier. I'll be posting on that later, too.

Stunning. It doesn't even look real. Love it.

I love a Christmas tree in November.

Kelsey...not so much.