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The Top 10 {the Yuletide Edition}

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I love Christmas, so here is a Yuletide edition of the infamous top 10. Be sure to scroll down. I have a big first in this top 10.

10. I got back from San Antonio on Monday night, and my sis and I drove right over to the Christmas tree lot to get our tree.

I picked up that giant snowman face in Texas. He's very cute & glittery :)

You can see my beautiful cottage from Lori.

I got this peace sign ornament for Jess at a cute shop in San Antonio.

9. Monday night was a big night. We got a tree and a new Christmas kitten! He's so sweet.

He's all about the love. Comes up to me every 4 minutes all night long and just sits there staring at me. It's a little creepy. And then after staring at me, he loves to licks my face. I love all the love, but not at 3 am. He also has the roughest kitty tongue I've ever felt. It's a little painful.

8. Friday night, I had a little Christmas get together. Ally and Angela came over to J's place on Friday night, and we all had lots of fun. He {like everyone else} adored Angela. J, Ally, and I had dinner, and then Angela came by to trim the tree and bake cookies. It was a really fun night.

So for the first time ever in life, I am showing you a pic of J. I figure after all this time you probably want to know what he looks like. And if you ever questioned his existence...well...here he is.

7. While Angela and Ally were over at J's, we decorated the tree and made cookies {whilst listening to Christmas music}. PS. I have discovered that whilst is a great word. Realizing that my rolling pin was at my house, we had to improvise. I also didn't have my usual frosting. But {and Tim Gunn would be proud} we made it work.

As you can see, our cookies are pretty pathetic.
I guess we didn't make it work. But we had lots of fun trying.

Ally made this cookie for Angela.

7. Christmas cards are rolling in...

6. Christmas music has been playing. But you know me. It's been playing nonstop since November. ;)

5. The Dexter Finale. I. Have. No. Words. I was too shocked to cry, and started breathing really deep. I thought I may pass out. I was more shocked by this than by when we found out who the ice truck killer was. I still can't believe it. Dexter really is such a smart show. I knew they'd change things up but this was so unexpected {and sad}. Did anyone else watch it??

4. Saturday night, I made a delicious minestrone soup. After making one with Jill in San Antonio, I felt I could go it alone. It turned out really well :)

3. The presents are wrapped. I wrapped this gift below. Is it just me, or are you just a little impressed? I put the gift together, used a blow dryer on the cellophane wrap, and even made the bow.

2. I love Christmas lights!

1. I FINALLY found a great pair of aviators. I had some credit to K.ate Sp.ade so I didn't have to pay very much, either. Merry Christmas to me!


  1. Great 10 things! I'm just as shocked about Dexter. Seriously, I'm still thinking about it. A few of my friends, said that they saw that coming. Oh, and the new kitty, adorable.

  2. OMG, I am still thinking about Dexter! I could not believe it. My husband and I are still in shock. I have really had dreams about it every night! Best show. Ever.

    Love your packages, so cute!

  3. The new kitty is so cute! You should post your minestrone recipe!

  4. Are those pictures in Beverly Hills?, I still have yet to go, it looks so beautiful. We might check it out on Christmas day since we don't really have any thing to do in the afternoon.

    The picture with J. is super cute, and no worries, I always believed there was a J. lol

  5. Loved this..... J is how shall I say it, CUTE!!!! We don't need to know the details but glad he is still a part of your life!!!

    And I see my Christmas card!!!! :)

  6. I certainly believed there was a J. You guys are cute :) I don't think the cookies are pathetic..they are fun! yay for the new shades!!

  7. Your tree is so cute! I'm jealous...we're not getting a tree this year since we'll be out of town the entire holiday season. I absolutely LOVE the tree you and J are posing in front of. Gazillions of lights! Love it!!

  8. Best Top 10 ever! I had a great time with you, J, and Ally! Thanks so much for having me over...even if you did re-arrange all the ornaments I put on the tree! :)

    See you soon!

  9. The Christmas tree looks really pretty and I’m glad you were able to decorate with the family. I love the new kitty. He is just adorable! I must have missed something along the way, because I don’t remember hearing about J. At any rate, you two look really great together and holy gigantic tree in the background! It looks like you had a great time baking and it is so fun to do things like that with friends and people you care about.

    I need to start watching Dexter. Geof keeps saying he’s going to get each season from Blockbuster for us to have a marathon.

    Your gift wrapping skills are impressive! Much better than mine.

    Cool aviators and I usually like most things that Kate Spade has. I still can’t find a pair that looks right on me. The search continues!

  10. I love this top 10!!! I had so much fun baking cookies and hanging with you and J! I love you danielle, and thank you for everything last night.


  11. J and you look sweet together. And I loved seeing Max's face on your blog!!!!