San Antonio. Day 5 Part 1. Sea World!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

{Day 5, Part 1. Sunday} We woke up early Sunday morning and drove through Starbucks so I could have my grande soy peppermint latte and met Jill's parents at church.

After church, we went to Sea World! Jill's friend is one of the trainers there, so we had quite the experience. We were able to meet the killer whales!!

I absolutely loved feeding the dolphins! It really is a great system they've got going on. They charge $5 for 4 fish. I may have spent $20 feeding the dolphins. Not something I'd normally spend money on, but it was so worth it.

And I just loved the Christmas cheer all over the park.

Up next...the roller coasters and the amazing Shamu show.


  1. Yes at the Wild Animal park they have these little birds you can feed cups of nectar, it is $1 for each cup... we quickly spent a lot of dollars.

  2. Wow--such gorgeous photos! Looks like fun!! :)

  3. FINALLY checking your blog for the first time since the sewing post—what a great trip! Looks like you had so much fun!

  4. This made my heart happy because Sea World is my happy place. Love it. Love everything about it. And love it at Christmas time. Love the Shamu Believe show. Makes me cry every time.

    LOVE it, in case you didn't know!!!! ha :)

  5. Look at you! You're practially in the tank!

  6. I think that Jill’s friend has such an amazing job and I love that you were able to interact with the killer whales. That is such a great experience that not many people get to do. I would have absolutely spent the money to feed the dolphins too. I went swimming with them twice in Mexico and once in Florida. I don’t think it will ever get old. Thank goodness for your awesome camera to capture these great photos!