It's a tradition.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Last year, on December 16th, I was picking some things up at a local pet shop that was holding a dog adoption. You know how I love those rescues. Anyway, I ended up with the pup.

Well, that brings us to this year. I got home from San Antonio Monday. My sis picked me up at the airport and we headed right to the Christmas tree lot. We get home, and my mom walks in and says "look what I found sitting on our front lawn?"

So there you have it. Another Christmas pet. It's a tradition.

We were sure he was a girl {sometimes it's hard to tell} and settled on Olive. Turns it should be Oliver as opposed to Olive. My sis loves Oliver and I love Gus. So, I'm going to hold a little poll. You tell me. Should we name him Oliver or Gus?

Or -- do you have a really cute Christmas name?

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  1. Aw, he is a cutie! I kind of like both names. I think I like Oliver because you found him and it reminds me of the orphan Oliver from the musical, so that name seems fitting. Either one is really cute though!

  2. I like Oliver...but for a Christmas name how bout Jangle? Or Rudy? Or Buddy? Or Ignatius Thistledown?

  3. I love the book with Olive (all of the other reindeer!!)

    I think you should stick with Oliver! I like it!

  4. Oooh he's GORGEOUS.

    I like Oliver, personally.

    BTW, are your cats indoor only?

  5. Suburban Princess -- my dog's name is Buddy after Buddy the elf ;)

    Ashley -- Yes, my cats are indoor only. They all have their claws {of course} but are strictly indoor.

  6. Gus sounds like a turtle to me for some reason? I like Oliver! I just read that book to my students this week...they loved it :)

  7. aww, I definitely think Oliver because you did want Olive at first and I love that book! My sister actually found her cat Izzy and named his Isabelle because she thought he was a girl. She obviously just changed the name a little :)

  8. Totally not Christmas-y but how about the name


  9. My vote is for Oliver. He looks like an Oliver not a Gus.

  10. I like Oliver. Oliver is super cute.
    He also kind of looks like a Scooter.

  11. What a little cutie!!!!!! Oliver. :)