Happy New Year

Thursday, December 31, 2009

I can't believe it's 2010. Time is flying by, isn't it?! This will be the year of my 10 year high school reunion {I'm so old!}. And no, I will not be going.

I feel like 2009 was so much better than 2008. I am not sure what it was, but I feel like I came out of 2009 a stronger person. I am definitely not the same person that I was a few months ago.

  • In 2008, I conquered a decade long fear and got on a plane. In 2009, I boarded 6 planes. I have officially overcome my fear of flying. I rule.
  • I visited Nashville, Chicago, Indiana, and San Antonio. I hope to do some more traveling in 2010. I would absolutely love to visit New York in 2010.
  • I discovered that when done correctly, a spray tan can be a wonderful thing. As long as you don't end up looking like a dirty cave woman.
  • I finally started a digital scrapbook line. I started selling at Polka Dot Plum in September, and was picked up by Funky Playground Designs in November. I recently left Funky Playground and signed up for Scrap Matters. I just need to upload my things to the shop.
  • I made my first throw pillow with the help of Jill's mom.
  • I designed lots and lots of blogs. My business really grew this year.
  • I discovered Weeds. And Dexter. And Big Love. And Californication. I really love TV.
  • I met Kelsey, Angela, Faith, Angie, Jessica, Adrienne, Amy, and Tippa.
  • I went to the gym 11 out of 12 days during a great workout streak. I am determined to make that a regular thing in 2010. I will get some muscle tone this year.
  • I designed my first book cover.
  • I made my first {minestrone} soup.
  • My pup had knee surgery. There were lots and lots of casts, and it was very expensive.
  • We said goodbye to our sweet Mr. Bojangles. I miss her.
  • The day before my birthday, I got a sweet and wonderful kitten. He is the sweetest little nugget, and I adore him.
  • The week before Christmas my mom found a new kitten on the front lawn. He has been a wonderful addition to the family. My 2 cats have quickly become his best pals.
  • I started {and sort of gave up on} Fabulous Fridays and Tacky Tuesdays. I'll try to start those up again.
  • I took many, many trips to SB to visit Jess, Chris, and baby Logan.
  • I went to Disneyland with my sis, Jill, and Kate.
  • I had my first trip to the ER since I was a kid. Not fun.
  • I made a very beautiful apple pie {with Jessica and Jodee}.
  • I started a stationery line, although I haven't done much with it. I would love to work on that, or start something else this year. Not sure what, but I feel like I want to do something new. We'll see.
  • I discovered the maxi dress. And the cardy Ugg.
  • I bought a canon Rebel. And I took thousands of photos. Over 6000, if I am correct. I would love to take a photography class this year. And a sewing class. And a cooking class. Safe to say that I will not get around to doing all that.
  • I finally found a pair of aviator sunglasses. And I love them.
  • I became Hannah's sponsor {at New Day Foster Home}.
  • I went to Vegas!
  • I purchased an iMac.
  • I attended my first wrap party for a TV show. Very LA of me.
  • I had quite a few Sonic Route 44 Diet Cokes.
  • I went to Disneyland with my sis for Christmas. We had a fantastic time, and saw the Electrical Parade.


  1. happy new year! i'm so glad i met you in person this year! i hope we can meet up again in 2010!

  2. Happy New Year!! I hope that you get to do everything on your list (even all the classes), and more!


  3. You broke my rule that no one younger than me can call themselves old, but I'll let it slide this once because I really like your work. ;)

  4. Happy New Year!!! May 2010 even be better than 2009 and 2008 combined together. :) Yay on overcoming your fear of flying (I know how that feels like!!). :(
    Again, happy New Year!!

  5. Wow~ you've had a great year. Isn't flying amazing and fun? :)Here's to a great 2010. Happy New Year!

  6. Happy New Year! May 2010 bring you all you wish for.

  7. You've had a pretty good year my friend!!! And know 2010 is going to be wonderful for you!

  8. Wow, you've had a wonderful year!!! Cheers to 2010! :)

  9. Happy New Year!!! You've done some great and fun things this year!!! I hope your 2010 is fantastic! :)

  10. I didn’t go to my reunion either. If I don’t talk to them now, then I really don’t need to see them (not to sound rude, but you know what I mean ;). You really did take your fear of flying like a bull by the horns and got over it. You also got to go on some really great trips and I think it’s awesome! I love TV too and I can say that I’m now officially all caught up on Dexter. I totally see what you mean when you say that you love that show.

    You’ve done such a great job growing your business this year and I have to give you a ton of credit for doing what you love and making something of it. I wish you a wonderful 2010!

  11. 2009 was amazing for you! I must definitely check out Santa Barbara sometime this month.

  12. Happy New Year lady!! Big year for you!